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Scope: To list my German Bothe family and to request assistance from other families in completing my German Bothe family tree.

Page New 29 March 2008 (thanks to Joseph Dyer for info on Josepha Bothe and her 4 missing children)

Franz Bothe, master miller, married Johanna Nerger, who last resided at Illnisch, Kreis Neumarket, Schlesien. They had at least 1 child:

Josepha Bothe, born 4 November 1829, Viehau, Schlesien, and died 22 January 1883, Bockau, Schlesien. Josepha married Joseph Guschke. They had at least the following 7 children born in Bockau, Schlesien (Source: Civil Death Record):
1. Anna Maria Dorothea Guschke, born 31 May 1857
2. Johanna Josepha Augusta Guschke, born 19 April 1859; died 10 July 1859
3. August Joseph Stanislaus Guschke, born 2 July 1860
4. Maria Josepha Mathilda Guschke, born 7 January 1864; died 26 December 1866
5. Franz Johann Aloys Guschke, born 23 March 1867; died 15 July 1867
6. Maria Theresia Guschke, born 17 October 1868
7. Carl August Aloys Guschke, born 4 November 1871
***For more on the descendants of these children, see the Guschke Genealogy Page


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