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Scope: To bring the families of Duerinck and Doering, Deerinck, Durinck, Duerink, Duerinckx, Dierick, Dierickx, Doehring, Duericx, Dieringer, Dueringer, During, Duering, Von Duering and other relatives together. The material below is courtesy of Claudia Doering Paul, as supplemented by Betty Weaver Doering.

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John Doering, born 1861 in Germany, died 1940 USA; married Madeline Fey, born 1867, died 1929. Two children:
--Aloysius Doering, born in Iowa in December 1886.
--Charles Felix Doering born 2-25-1889, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; died 6-17-1959; married Catherine "Gertrude" McAdams, born 10-11-1890, died 4-16-1970. 6 children:

Catherine Doering, born on August 22, 1917
Charles John Doering born 1915 died 1933; married to ??. Children:
Robert Doering Sr. born October 26, 1930, died on September 3, 1992; married Shirley Daylida. Children:
Robert Doering Jr. born July 12, 1966, died June 15, 1990.
Leslie Doering (twin)
Lynn Doering (twin), married ___ Philips
Madeline Doering, born approx. 1915
John James Doering, born in New Kensington, PA, in June 1914, died 1982; married Margarie Gabrielson in 1943. Had two sons:
John James Doering, Jr., born ??; married Betty Weaver. Children (Illinois):
2 daughters, and 1 son and 1 daughter from a previous marriage.

Charles R. Doering, married ____. One son:
____ Doering, married ____. Had 2 twin daughters.
Robert Doering
Vincent Richard Doering Sr., born 10-11-27 died 1-26-67; married Ruth Dunmore on June 9, 1951; she died on January 9, 2000. Children:
Vincent Richard Doering Jr., born Nov. 9, 1956, died Nov. 3, 1977.
Claudia Doering, born ??, married twice: to (1) John Rich on 9-11-71. 3 children:
Paul Thomas Rich, born Oct. 1972, married Carleen Ann Buccardo on 9-27-97. They have one son, Robert John Rich born August 1996.
Diane Marie Rich, born January 1975, married Gregory Emminger 11-22-97. 2 children:
Josie Sueann Emminger, born Nov 1998
Abigail Ruth Emminger, born January 2001
Vincent Richard Rich, born August 1978
(2) Gregory F. Paul, we were married on 2-14-87

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