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Courtesy of Yvan Duerinckx (and Chantal) of Australia, and Roger Duerinckx of Spain.

Joannes married to Vanhove Theresia (Joannes was a member of the city council in Meensel). 3 children:

Joannes Franciscus Duerinckx born Meensel 12/9/1772
Paulus Carolus Duerinckx born Meensel 20/4/1780
Petrus Duerinckx born Meensel 30/4/1775

Joannes Franciscus Duerinckx married 22/3/1804 to Trompet Maria Theresia. 3 children:

Susanna Duerinckx born Kiezegem 22/8/1808
Joannes Josephus Duerinckx born Kiezegem 8/7/1813
Joannes Baptista Duerinckx born Kiezegem 4/12/1822

Joannes Baptista Duerinckx married 13/9/1854 Trompet Maria Lucia(with dispensation). 8 children:

Edmundus Duerinckx born k(iezegem) 14/11/1854
Maria Ermelindis Duerinckx b(orn) k 22/10/1856
Theofilus Duerinckx b k 4/7/1858
Maria Coleta Duerinckx b k 5/3/1860
Philomena Duerinckx b k 5/3/1862
Maria Theresia Duerinckx b k 8/4/1864
Maria Ursula Duerinckx b k 25/2/1866
Dionysius Duerinckx b k 27/10/1868 died 28/6/1957

Dionysius Duerinckx (verger Kiezegem) married 7/2/1891 De Ruyter Maria Celina. 12 children, most of which are:

Hieroniemus(Jerome) Theofilus Duerinckx b k 10/11/1891
Maria Bertha Duerinckx 9/2/1893 x married Victor Craps. One child:
Albert Craps, died in Germany 1942.
Franciscus Josephus Petrus Duerinckx (known as Joseph Duerinckx) b k 30/11/1894, married ___??. One child:
Roger Duerinckx, born 12 Dec 1925, married 15 June 1951 to Huguette Wanson. Two children:
Katherine Duerinckx, born 9/03/1953, married/divorced __?? Two children:
Manuel __, b. 20/05/1980
Sophie __, b. 6/05/1982

François Duerinckx, b 16/09/1958, married Mercedes Troyano in 2006.

Maria Alfonsina Duerinckx (known as Alfonsina Duerinckx), b k 17/3/1896, married to __ Thielens. Two children:
Rene Thielens
Poldine Thielens

Julis Jacobus Duerinckx (known as Jules Duerinckx) b k 14/2/1899 died 30/9/1937
Antoon Duerinckx (known as Tist Duerinckx), married __?? No children.
Hermina Duerinckx, married Eugene __??. No children.
Anna Duerinckx, married __??. One son, Jan.
Karel Duerinckx, married __??. One daughter.

Hieroniemus Duerinckx (Jerome) married Madelaine __ (from Coxyde). 3 children:

Emmy Duerinckx, b. BE 1921, d. 1962
Yvan Duerinckx, b. 22 Sep 1944 Brussels, BE, m. (1) 1965 Kathy Conder, Australia; m. (2) Maree Le Page
4 children from first marriage:
John Duerinckx b. 1965 Australia, m. (1) Chantal Suzanne Thomas, 1989, Australia
2 children: Kieran Duerinckx b. 1991 Australia
Amy Duerinckx b. 1993 Australia
Note: Remy Jean Duerinckx was born September 2002 to Chantal. Remy is a half-sibling to Kieran and Amy.
m. Nov. 1999 (2) Lisa Gai Scahill
Strider Duerinckx, b. ~1970 Australia, m. (1)Clair Mahatir, 1997, and (2)Vera Albretch
Emmy Duerinckx, b. ~1972 Australia, m. Matthew Holland
3 children: Natasha Holland, b 1995 Australia
Mia Holland, b. 1999 Australia
Alicia Holland, b. 2001 Australia
Muni Duerinckx, b. ~1974 Australia, m. Bec Leorke
Joseph Duerinckx b. BE 14/09/1920 and d. 20/02/1983 , BE; m. Denise Mirland (b. 27/12/1920)
4 children: Philippe Claude Henri Duerinckx, born 1941, Paris, France; m. (1)Josee Herteleer (2)____?
Jean-Philippe Duerinckx, b. 7 dec 1962 (from 1st marriage), m. 28 june 1991, Sandra Van Cutsem (b. Ninove, Belgium 01 april 1966). Children:
Shana Debacker, b. 28 april 1988, Aalst (stepdaughter)
Laura Duerinckx, b. 30 dec 1994, Aalst
Carine Duerinckx, b. 22 feb 1971 (from 2nd marriage), m. Loeuil Vincent (b. 20 april 1966). Children:
Quentin Vincent, b. 3 march 1994, Charleroi
Anasthasia Vincent, b. 22 june 1999
Veronique Duerinckx, b. 15/07/1954. m. Eddy Etienne
Pascal Duerinckx, b. 01/02/1958, m. Isabelle Marçai (b. France 29/09/1970). 4 children:
Cédric Duerinckx, b. Saint Josse ten node 01/10/1993
Océane Duerinckx, b. Saint Josse ten node 25/06/1995
Aymerick Duerinckx, b. Berchem Sainte Agathe 20/10/1997
Mélina Duerinckx, b. Berchem Sainte Agathe 25/06/2002
Cristof Duerinckx, b. 10/07/1959

Dennis Duerinckx b. BE 1920's, deceased, married twice; m. Alphonsine ____. 8 children:
Joseph Duerinckx, b. 1950, m. Christiane Hanssens, born in 1952. 1 child:
Fabienne Duerinckx, b. _1970 Chantal Duerinckx
Claudine Duerinckx
Cathy Duerinckx
Jean-Pierre Duerinckx
Jean-Paul Duerinckx
Philippe Duerinckx
Dany ____
Dionysius Duerinckx, the organ player (verger) of the church at Kiezegem and wife Maria Celina De Ruyter. Dionysius loved to play cards and sure enjoyed a good cigar!.

Duerinckx Lubbeek/Sint Pieters Rode, Belgium Clan

Duerinckx Meensel/Kerkom, Belgium Clan

Duerinckx Clan of Adrienne-Paul Duerinckx




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