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LAST UPDATED: 27 October 2010 thanks to Terri Croft (previously thanks to Carolyn Bahling; Kim McCain; Tabitha Emily (nee Hellman); Joseph Dyer for info on Josepha Bothe and her 4 missing children!!!; to Berenda Werner McCord Burns; Matthew Horsnell; BJ Busch; Rick Fanning on the Fanning families; Sheila Proctor on the Proctor and Fanning families; and Kim McCain on the Castle Garden, NY immigration of Joseph and Carl August Aloys Guschke ("Aloys"); Barbara Sausser; Charlotte Landers Seay--Charlotte says she knows of some of the present day Guschke relatives in Germany (waiting for further investigation and discovery))[former updates: Betty Jean Mosher Busch; Megan Eicher Fanning; the passing of Thomas Edward Guschke in Dec 2005; added more to the Duerinck/Schram family; other updates thanks to John Werner; also thanks to Dave Fanning and Jenny Allen!]

Joseph Guschke, laborer, age 53, and Alois Guschke, age 8 (we actually have Alois' birth year as 1871--cheaper passage if they said he was "8" rather than age 13?), arrived at Castle Garden, New York on the ship Bohemia, from Prussia, on 29 May 1884. According to the 1892 Chicago (Cook County, Illinois) Voter Registration, Joseph Guschke and Alois Guschke lived at 46 Ambrose Street, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Both were born in Germany. Alois stated he had been in the country for 8 years, Joseph only 7 years. Both became naturalized citizens on October 22, 1890. According to the 1930 federal census, Alois Guschke and Theresa Weichbrod lived at 220 McCormick Avenue, Brookfield, Cook County, Illinois. Alois Senior was a mason with the railroad. Children at home were Veronica ("Verne") 28 years old who was a stenographer with the railroad, Alois 20 years old who was a sheet metal worker with Federal Elections, and Dorothy 17 years old who was an office clerk with the railroad. Gertrude was already out of the nest.

Joseph Guschke (sharecropper), born~1831 in Prussia (Castle Garden, NY immigration record) married Josepha Bothe. Joseph Guschke, laborer, 53 years old, immigrated from Prussia with his son Carl August Aloys Guschke ("Aloys"), age 8 (we actually have the son's birth year as 1871----cheaper passage if they said he was "8" rather than age 13?), arriving at Castle Garden, New York on the ship Bohemia out of the port of Hamburg, on 29 May 1884. Of course we now know that Josepha Bothe, the wife of Joseph Guschke, died in Germany the prior year, in 1883. Josepha Bothe was the daughter of Franz Bothe, master miller, and Johanna Nerger, who last resided at Illnisch, Kreis Neumarket, Schlesien. She was born 4 November 1829, Viehau, Schlesien, and died 22 January 1883, Bockau, Schlesien. (thanks Joseph Dyer!)

7 children (3 of them died within 1 or 2 years old, no further information on Maria Theresia Guschke, born 17 October 1868):
1. Anna Maria Dorothea Guschke, born 31 May 1857, Bockau, Germany, d. Kentucky, married Paul Werner, Hamburg?, Germany. Both Anna and Paul, in the 1930 U.S. federal census, show their ages as 70, so born ~1860. They emigrated from Germany in 1884, never became naturalized citizens, remaining on alien status. Paul was a butcher in a "meat shop". Both were married at 25 years old. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Kentucky > Jefferson > Louisville > District 157. Upon searching for Anna Werner in Kentucky ( subscription to census information), I received 8 hits for the full name in: Wuerttemberg, Germany Emigration Index. "The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index is an eight volume work that represents the thousands of German and Prussian immigrants to the United States that made application to emigrate at Wuerttemberg, Germany. This collection, filmed at Ludwigsburg, contains the names of approximately 60,000 persons who made application to leave Germany from the late eighteenth century to 1900. The information supplied on each person includes: name, date and place of birth, residence at time of application and application date, and microfilm number." 4 children:
1. Paul A. Werner, b.~1893 Illinois, was a foreman at an electric shop (1930 U.S. Federal Census), married Agnes Bennett (b. 10 Nov 1898 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, d. 5 Sep 1980 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky). 8 children:
Paul A. Werner, b. 1917 Kentucky
Marcella Werner, b. 1918 Kentucky, married (1) Frank Hertlandy; (2) Charles Langdon
1 child:
Doris Jean
John Herman Werner, b. 2 Mar 1919 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky and d. 19 Jul 2004 - Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, married Sarah "Chris" Watson. 2 children:
1. John L. Werner, married Linda Fisher. 2 children:
1. John Reed Werner
2. Laura L. S. Werner
2. Berenda Werner, b. June 1947, m. (1) John Michael McCord, (2) Jack W. Burns
. Two children:
Christy Beth McCord Burns (born a McCord, adopted by Jack Burns), b. March 1972, m. (1) Steven Wise, (2) Kevin Wise. Two children from first marriage:
Madeline Parker Wise ("Maddie"), b. August 1998
Piper McKenna Wise, b. July 2003
Jason Werner Burns, b. July 1975 (single)
Anna Werner, b. 1920 Kentucky, married ___ Simon. 2 children:
Paul Simon, b. __, m. __, two children:
1. Tabitha Renee Hellman, b.January 1974. Married David Michael Emily, born 1974. Living in Lanesville, Indiana. One son named George Michael Emily, born December 23, 1994.
2. Jennifer Dawn Hellman, b. November 1971 of Plano, Texas, now Jennifer Dawn Shannon. She has 5 children:
Sara Elizabeth Newman
David Alexander Bright
Charles Edward Bright
Cassandra Fochtman
Audrey Rose Shannon
Jennifer Dawn Hellman (now Shannon) has one grand child named Ethan Newman.
Carol Simon
William Werner, b. 1923 Kentucky, married Louise. 2 children:
Robert Werner
Sissy Werner
Theresa Werner, b. 1926 Kentucky, married Joseph Kipp. 2 children:
Patricia Kipp
JoNell Kipp
Mary Werner, married Robert Temple. Mary Temple passed away Sunday, March 22, 2009. 2 children:
Robert Temple
Brean Temple
Rachel Werner, married ___ Nevin. 4 children:
Deborah Nevin
Robert Nevin
William Nevin
Michael Nevin
2. Herman G. Werner(Langdon-Downs), b.~1896 in Illinois according to the 1930 federal census, d. 11 Nov 1956 - Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.
3. Gertrude H. Werner, b.~1891 (1920 census has her age scribbled, appears as 36, so born 1884, parents married approx 1885) in Illinois, d. 30 Dec 1954 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky (had death year as 1940), married in 1907 at the age of 16 to (1) William A. Crader (49 years old in 1920 census); (2) Lucien Benjamin Bigelow (b. 30 Jan 1891 in Astor Park, FL, d. 7 Apr 1979 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky). 2 children:
Lucien Benjamin Bigelow, Jr., b. July 1929 in Jefferson County, Kentucky, married (1) Marianne Ruffra; (2) Betty Lynn Edrington on 4 Aug 1984 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. 2 children:
Lu Ann Bigelow, married (1) Dennis Grannon; (2) John Dean. 1 child:
Ben ____
David Bigelow
Rosella Crader, b. 6 June 1910 in Kentucky, d. 14 Apr 1983 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. At the age of 19 she was a stenographer with a mail order house.
4. John C. Werner, b.~1902 in Indiana according to the 1930 federal census, d. 16 Dec 1966 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. He was a proprietor of a shoe store. He later married Irene.
2. Johanna Josepha Augusta, born 19 April 1859; died 10 July 1859
3. August Joseph Stanislaus Guschke ("Joseph Guschke"), born 2 July 1860 (1860 from J. Dyer, from Civil Records), b. 2 July 1859 (1859 wrong apparently?), Bockau, Germany, d. 8 Feb. 1933, Decatur, Alabama; married Johanna Pierzak ("Anna Pierzak")(also have seen Pierzuk) on Nov 3, 1886 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, she was b. 1867, d. 26 June 1936, Decatur, Alabama. Joseph emigrated from Germany in 1885, Anna in 1886 according to the 1930 U.S. federal census. The naturalization column shows "Na", so he was a naturalized citizen. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Alabama > Morgan > Decatur > District 9, page 7B.
Notes from Joseph Dyer re Johanna Pierzak (Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists, Germans To America 1875-1888):
Passenger’s Name: Joh. Pierzak, Age: 20, Gender: Female, Occupation: Unknown, Last Residence: Germany
Date of Arrival: Oct. 21, 1886
Final Destination: Chicago
Ship’s Name; Westernland
Manifest ID Number: 80916
Port of Embarkation: Antwerp
Notes from Betty Kilmon: We also found the marriage license for Joseph Guschke and Johanna Pierzuk (spelling on license) in Cook Co, ILL. It states that Marriage may be celebrated between Mr. Joseph Guschke of Chicago, in the County of Cook and the State of Illinois, of the age of 26 years, and Miss Johanna Pierzuk of Chicago, in the County of Cook and the State of Illinois, of the age of 20 years. Witness: M.W. Ryan, Clerk of the County Court of said Cook County, and the Seal therof, at my office in Chicago, this 29th day of October A.D. 1886. M.W. Ryan
(On the bottom of the same certificate it states:)
State of Illinois, county of Cook E. Weber a Cath Priest hereby certify that Mr. Joseph Guschke and Miss Johanna Pierzuk were united in marriage by me at Chicago in the County of Cook and State of Illinois the 3rd day of Nov 1886 E. Weber
Their gravestones read Joseph Guschke 1859-1933, Anna Guschke 1867-1936
9 children:
1. Joseph Guschke, b. 1894, married Helen ____ (born Missouri). They lived in a roominghouse at 2122 Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. According to the 1930 federal census (enumeration district 1662, 44th Ward), Joseph was a millwright with McLean or McLaren Manufacturing. 3 children:
Mary Guschke, 8 years old, born (approx. 1922) in Ohio as noted on the 1930 federal census, daughter of Joseph and Helen.
Josephine Guschke, m. ____ Stewart. 2 children:
Diane Stewart
Mary Stewart
Harold Guschke, m. ____, changed his name to Howard Wilson, moved to Tokyo, Japan. Had 1 daughter.
2. Charles Michael Guschke, b. 3 Nov 1901, d. 6 Dec 1994 in Madison, Madison County, Alabama, married Cecilia Evangeline Brosemer (b. 15 Mar 1914, d. 11 Oct 2004 - Harvest, Madison County, Alabama,). 2 children:
Dorothy Ann Guschke, m. (1) Lawrence Thomas Wade (2) Russell Winn (3) Marshall Bruce Spinner. Children of Dorothy and Lawrence:
Karen Elizabeth Wade, m. Roger Morse
Stephen Thomas Wade, m. Terri Ruth Wesley
Robert Eric Wade, m. Sandra Francis. 1 child:
Eric Thomas Wade
Child of Dorothy and Russell Winn:
Kristina Winn
Charles Morris Guschke, m. Nancy Ruth Watkins. 2 children:
Debra Sue Guschke
Ashley Nicole Guschke
3. Henry Edward Guschke, b. 23 Jan. 1900 in Athens, Alabama, d. 1990, Pulaski, Tennessee, married (1) Lillie Mae Solomon, b. Nov. 8, 1897 (4 kids incl. twins), she died in 1936; (2) Cassie Reyer (had 2 sons, Henry Michael Guschke and James Merlin Guschke)
Marjorie Guschke(twin), b. 1921 in Decatur, Alabama, married Aubyn Davis Dyer, 3 children:
[Family information for this line removed at the request of Betty Sue Dyer Kilmon 15 Feb 2009:]
Margaret Guschke, (twin), b. 1921 in Decatur, Alabama
Thomas Edward Guschke, born in Decatur, Alabama, died December 2005; m. Constance Beasley. 4 children:
Constance Marie Guschke, m. Thomas Baletti. 1 child:
Dawn Baletti, m. Wayne Martin. Three children:
Travis Martin
Grant Martin
Amber Martin
Thomas Edward Guschke, Jr., m. Mary Anne Lockridge. 1 child:
Gretchen Virginia Guschke Margaret Nelle Guschke, b. May 1951, married (1)Christian Alan Horsnell, (2)Leigh Masimore. 2 children:
Matthew Bergk Horsnell, b. May 1981, m. Jennifer Holly Mitchell (b. July 1981) in June 2001. Two children:
Makayla Constance Horsnell, b. January 2005
Rachel Ann Horsnell, b. July 2006
Alan Edward Horsnell, b. June 1984
Jean Ann Guschke, m. Julious Van Sumner. 2 children:
Vanessa Lei Sumner
Krista Ann Sumner
Joseph Earl Guschke, born Decatur, Alabama, m. Patricia Daugherty. 4 children:
Joseph Earl Guschke, Jr., m. Sandy Zeigenhein. 2 children:
Joseph Earl Guschke III
Mary Johanna Guschke
James Bradford Guschke m. Pam Beckner. 1 child:
James Bradford Guschke, Jr.
Stephen Thomas Guschke
Sean Patrick Guschke, m. Holley Tyler
Henry Michael Guschke, m. Lois Ann Hinson. 3 children:
Jane Elizabeth Guschke
Sarah Margaret Guschke
Emily Catherine
James Merlin Guschke
4. Katie Guschke, b. 1885 Illinois
5. Mary Guschke, b. 1887 Illinois; m. (1) Lee Daniel Traxler (8 kids) and (2) ___ Cerk
Marie Harriet Traxler, m. Glen Newell. 1 child:
Mariglyn Newell (adopted from Native American tribe), m. Leonard Thompson. 2 children:
Kelly Thompson
Kathy Thompson
Lillian Florence Traxler, d. 197_, Fresno, California, m. Raymond William Bahling, d. 197_, Fresno, California. 8 children:
Shirley Bahling, m. ___ Greene (Fresno, Calif.)
Raymond Bahling (Fresno, Calif.)
Beverly Bahling (deceased), m. ___ Soriano (Fresno, Calif.)
Donald Bahling (deceased)
Robert Bahling (Los Angeles, Calif. area)
Patricia Bahling (deceased, Fresno, Calif.), m. (1) ___ LaDean; (2) ___ (3) ___ Hudson
Robert LaDean Kenneth A. Bahling (deceased, Kenosha, Wisconsin), m. Sheri L. Ehlers. Two children:
1. Lawana Marie Bahling (birth name), (adopted name Carolyn Reed) born July 1963, married ____ Withem.
2. Kenneth Allan Bahling (birth name), (adopted name Allan ____) born March 1962.
Note: Lawana and Kenneth were separated by adoption. Lawana is now Carolyn (adopted name), and Kenneth is now Allan (adopted name).
Leo Bahling (deceased, Fresno, Calif.)
Lee Evert Traxler, m. Muriel ____
Bertha Elizabeth Traxler ("Aunt Boo"), m. Jack Hinton later in life.
Bertha had two to three children.
1. unknown name of first child.
2. Elizabeth Johnson, b. Jan. 1932; in her adoption and original birth certificate papers we learned that Bertha had had one child previously to my mother. No knowledge of this child. Elizabeth married Daniel Allison Mc Cain on June 09, 1962, divorced in 1968. Elizabeth had three children:
1. Louisa Marie, b. June 1959, who was given up for adoption and renamed Perry Elizabeth McCabe by the adoptive parents
2. Caryl Anne Mc Cain, b. March 1963; married (Sept. 9, 1999) and soon divorced Richard LaFever. One son:
Adam Elton Monaire Mc Cain, b. July 1993. 3. Kim Alice Mc Cain, b. May 1964
3. Jimmy ____?. Jimmy died in an industrial accident.
Floyd Raymond Traxler (deceased)
Leona Mae Traxler, m. (1) ____? and m. (2)Gerald Vernon Croft (had a son David Croft from his first marriage).
Children of first marriage:
1. Anita ____
2. Fred ____
One child of second marriage:
Jerry Lee Croft, m. ____. From this marriage:
Terri Croft
Marion Raymond Traxler ("Bud")
Charlotte Bernice Traxler, m. ____ Pouliot
6. Louis Alvis Guschke, b. 1889 Illinois, married Velma Mae Sylvester, b. 1896 Alabama. The 1920 U.S. Census • Alabama • Limestone • Athens • ED# 98 shows Louis and Velma, his age 30, her age 24. He told the census taker that his parents were from Switzerland, but it also states "German". He was a farmer. 9 children, incl. twins:
1. Mary R. Guschke, b. 1914 Alabama(Mary "R." verified by 1920 census)
2. Lily Pauline Guschke, b. 1916 Alabama, m. Fred Wray. 6 children:
Paul Wray, m. Hilda Tippett. 2 children:
Brian Wray
Angie Wray
Josephine Wray, m. Raymond Fuller
Donald Wray, m. Betty ____. 1 child:
Tamatha Wray
Johnny Wray
Dorothy Wray, m. (1) Johnny Britnell. 1 child:
Amanda Britnell
Dorothy m. (2) Tommy Hill. 1 child:
Sylenna Hill
Ronnie Wray, m. ____ Franks (2 sons)
3. Walter S. Guschke, b. 14 Feb 1917 Alabama, d. 1 Nov 1988 Decatur, Morgan County, Alabama, m. Bernice Wray. 4 children:
Patricia Guschke, m. Jimmy Landers. 2 children:
Charlotte Landers, b. June 1969, m. Michael Seay (b. Jan 1967). 2 children:
Brittany Seay. b. April 1995
Cody Seay, b. Sep 2003
Pamela Landers, b. Feb 1964, m. (4) ____ Hamm. 3 children:
Jason Welborn
Randy Welborn
Brandon Seay
Billy H. Guschke, b. 6 Sep 1940, d. July 1971 in Melrose Park, Cook County, Illinois. The Alabama Marriage Collection on shows these marriage dates for Billy H. Guschke: Jun 1959 - Colbert County, Alabama; Sep 1962 - Colbert County, Alabama; Nov 1964 - Lauderdale County, Alabama. We know Billy married Jeanette ____ (div, then she married Paul Newman). 1 son:
Gary Guschke
Nancy Guschke, m. Eugene Powell. 2 children:
Linda Powell
Donald Powell
Ricky Guschke, m. ____?. 2 children:
Misty Guschke
Cindy Guschke
4. John Guschke, b. 1919 Alabama, living Muscle Shoals, Colbert County, AL, m. (1) Ruby James, 3 kids. (2) Ida Kimbrough. 3 children:
Joan Guschke, m. ____ Staggs. 3 children:
John Staggs
Tim Staggs
Karen Staggs
Larry Guschke, m. Rhona ____. 1 child:
Lisha Marie Guschke
Helen J. Guschke, m. June 1965 Colbert County, Alabama to Andy Hatcher. 2 children:
Stephen Hatcher
Jason Hatcher
5. Nellie Mae Guschke, d. Jun 1930 Madison County, Alabama
6. Lily Bell Guschke, m. Harvey Johnson. 2 children:
Jerry Johnson, m. ____. 2 children:
Allen Johnson
April Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
7. Joe Guschke (twin)
8. Josephine Guschke (twin)
9. Mary Louise Guschke, m. Andrew Rhoden. 1 child:
Joe Andrew Rhoden, m. Katherine ____. 1 child:
Richard Rhoden
7. John W. Guschke, b. 23 February 1891 Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, married Mary Halter (4 children, TN, GA):
Betty Jane Guschke, died from scarlet fever in 1936
Mary Sue Guschke (spinster, nurse, Nashville, TN)
Virginia Ann Guschke (spinster, nurse, Nashville, TN)
John Thomas Guschke, d. 8 August 1960, Lawrenceburg, TN; m. (1) Norma Jean Ellenbow (2) Phyllis Cynthia Jordan. 4 children of John and Norma:
Patricia Ann Guschke
Susan Leigh Guschke
James Andrew Guschke
Michael Lawrence Guschke
8. Annie L. Guschke, b. 1896 Illinois, married Robert T. Yarbrough, Alabama. They lived on a farm near Town Creek, Lawrence County, Alabama. They had 12 children:
Frances L. Yarbrough, b. 1916, m. Wilvin Burden. 1 child:
Billy Wayne Yarbrough, m. Mary Ann Loosier. 2 children:
Linda Yarbrough, m. David Proctor
Gordon Yarbrough, m. Beth Powell. 1 child:
Blake Powell (or Yarbrough???)
Bertie Mae Yarbrough, b. 1917 Alabama [1930 federal census Precinct 2 1/2 for Town Creek, Lawrence County, Alabama]
James F. Yarbrough, b. 1920 Alabama
Mable E. Yarbrough, b. 1921 Alabama
Joseph B. Yarbrough, b. 1924 Alabama
Annie C. Yarbrough, b. 1928 Alabama
Clara Yarbrough
Thomas H. Yarbrough, b. Mar? 1930 Alabama
Hazel Yarbrough
Buddy Yarbrough
Hilda Fay Yarbrough
infant Yarbrough died?
infant Yarbrough died?
9. Theodore Aloys Guschke, b. 1904 Alabama,, d. 1967 (car crash), married/divorced Helen Yost (she died approx. 1996). Later he changed his name to Ted Busch. 3 children:
Robert Busch, married Betty Jean Mosher in 1963. They have 3 children:
Lorraine Busch, married Dylan Vance in 1997. Two children:
Amadeus Alex Vance
Scheherazade (Zadie) Vance
Allison Busch, who married (1)Ramu Pandit (2)Sheldon Pollock in NYC in 2007.
Jennifer Busch (not married).
Bette Busch was married to Mahlon Murphy, now divorced.
Beverly Busch, married (1)Tom Craig, (2)Robert Crandall, who was an editor on the N.Y.Times. They had one child, Jeremy Crandall. Beverly divorced Robert Crandall.
4. Maria Josepha Mathilda Guschke, born 7 January 1864; died 26 December 1866
5. Franz Johann Aloys Guschke, born 23 March 1867; died 15 July 1867
6. Maria Theresia Guschke, born 17 October 1868 (no further information)
7. Carl August Aloys Guschke ("Aloys Guschke"), b. 4 November 1871, Bockau (Silesia) Germany, now Bukow, Poland, d. 11 April 1952, Brookfield (Cook Co.), Illinois; married Theresa Weichbrod, b. 5 March 1869, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany, now Gdansk, Poland, d. 10 Nov 1933, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois. Aloys was a stonemason. He was baptized Carl August Aloysius Guschke. He was confirmed in a nearby town called Ossig, Upper Silesia, Germany, now called Ossiek, Poland. Aloys immigrated at the age of 8 years (in 1884--doesn't stack up--we know Alois' birth year was 1871--cheaper passage if they said he was "8" rather than age 13?) from Prussia with his father, Joseph Guschke, laborer, age 53, arriving at Castle Garden, New York on the ship Bohemia out of the port of Hamburg, on 29 May 1884. Aloys' mother, Josepha Bothe, the wife of Joseph Guschke, died the year before back in Germany, in 1883.
8 children:
1. Lucille R. Guschke, b. 1897, Illinois, married Fred Winkler, b. 8 February 1891, d. 18 December 1963
5 children:
Helen Winkler, married Herb Grugel
6 children:
Jeanne Grugel, married (1) ___?; (2) Larry Corbett
Paul Grugel, married Shirley
Fred Grugel, married Cynthia
Craig Grugel, married Marianna
Gary Grugel, married Connie
Kirk Grugel
Robert Winkler, married (1) Marie; (2) Humi
Marianne Winkler, married Ralph Sewall
5 children:
Marilu Sewall, married David Gill
Elizabeth Sewall, married Steven Serenda
David Sewall
Daniel Sewall, married Joan
Luke Sewall, married Holly
Fred Winkler, married Pat Ziegler
8 children:
Peter Winkler, married Darlene
Curt Winkler
Christine Winkler, married Joseph Porada
Julie Winkler
Fred Winkler
Tom Winkler
John Winkler
Joseph Winkler
Lucille Winkler, married Eugene Mason
4 children:
Robert Mason, married ___?
Linda Mason
Laura Mason
Jeffrey Mason
2. Anna A. Guschke, b. 1898, Illinois, married August Schreiber
8 children:
Marge Schreiber, married James Vocek
Rosemary Schreiber, married George Slouka
9 children:
Arthur Slouka, married (1) Jean, (2) Melanie. 3 children with Melanie:
1. Matthew Slouka
2. Elizabeth Slouka
3. Alyssa Slouka
Mary Jane Slouka, married (1) Charles Guidry, had 1 child Michael Guidry; (2) Richard Pohlmann, 1 child with Richard: Weston Pohlmann; (3) Carl Kymla
Patricia Slouka
Sue Slouka, married (1) Thomas Copeland, (2) Rudy Hazboun. 8 children from 1st marriage:
1. Teresa Copeland
2. Rosemary Copeland
3. Francis Copeland
4. Maria Copeland
5. Dominique Copeland
6. Joseph Copeland
7. Jacob Copeland
8. Veronica Copeland
Christine Slouka, married Bruce Prince, 3 children:
1. Anna Prince
2. Catherine Prince
3. Bernadette Prince
Barbara Slouka, married (1) Charles Smith, 1 child Joseph Smith; (2) Lance Sausser. 5 children from 2nd marriage:
1. Randy Sausser
2. Sandy Joeseph Sausser married Dec. 4th, 2005 to Stacy Winn. Birth of first son in Dec. 2006 - Daniel Ryan Sausser.
3. Amanda Rosemary Sausser - birth of first son in Feb. 2006 - Marcus Alan Sausser
4. Joyce Sausser
5. James Sausser
George Slouka, married Mary, 2 children:
1. Sean Slouka
2. Timothy Slouka
John Slouka married (1) Tiffany, 1 child, Kameron Slouka (2) Lynne, 1 child, Taylor Slouka.
Joseph Slouka married Raquel, 2 children:
1. Ashley Slouka
2. Haley Slouka
Thomas Schreiber, married Helen
7 children:
Thomas Schreiber, married ___?
Lawrence Schreiber, married (1) ___?; (2) ___?
Kathy Schreiber, married ___?
Michael Schreiber
Barbara Schreiber
William Schreiber
James Schreiber
Virginia Schreiber, married (1)Al Schroeder; (2) ____
3 children from 1st marriage:
Cynthia Schroeder, married Scott ___
Kelly Schroeder, married ___?
Tina Schroeder, married ___
Robert Schreiber, married ___? (3 kids)
James Schreiber, married Ruth (5 kids)
John Schreiber, married Dianne
4 children:
Dawn Schreiber, married ___?
Timothy Schreiber
John Schreiber, married Teresa
Judy Schreiber, married Timothy Martin
William Schreiber, married (1) ___?; (2) ___?; (3) ___?
3. Veronica ("Verne") Guschke, b. 28 Aug 1901, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, spinster
4. Teresa Marie Guschke, b. 1903, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois; d. 19 January 2001; married Thomas F. Bird, 10 Aug 1929
4 children:
Patricia Ann Bird, b. 1930, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married Louis Theophiel Duerinck, b. 1929, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois
7 children:
Louis Michael Duerinck, b. 1954, married Suzanne Pelowski
4 children:
Kimberly Duerinck, married Nathaniel Harris. Children:
Madilyn Suzanne Harris, b. November 2002
Alexander Quinn Harris, b. March 2004
Jacob Lee Harris, b. 2007
James Duerinck
Patrick Duerinck
Robert Duerinck
Kathleen Marie Duerinck, b. 1955, married John Lutgen
4 children:
John Lutgen
Megan Lutgen
Sarah Lutgen
Timothy Lutgen
Kevin Francis Duerinck, b. 1956, Hinsdale (DuPage Co.), Illinois; married Aug 6, 1994 (Des Plaines, Cook Co., IL) Terri Ann Huston Schram, b. 1954, Michigan
3 children:
Jamie Schram, b. Sep 1973 Niles, MI; m. Amy Siegler 10-2004.
Jeffrey Schram, b. Nov 1977 Kalamazoo, MI.
Douglas Schram, b. Oct. 1979 Kalamazoo, MI; m. Laura Konnis Sep 2003. One child:
Amelia Orre Konnis-Shram, b. 2006
Mark Vincent Duerinck, b. 1957, married Jennifer Imfeld
3 children:
Caitlin Duerinck
Courtney Duerinck
Michael Duerinck
Lynn Patricia Duerinck, b. 1959, married Glen Dressel
3 children:
Ryan Dressel
David Dressel
Jessica Dressel
Brian Thomas Duerinck, b. 1961, married Dawn Knicely
6 children:
Danielle Duerinck
Kelsey Duerinck
Stefanie Duerinck, b. 1996
Nicholas Duerinck, b. 1998
Melanie Teresa Duerinck, b. 2000
Matthew Louis Duerinck, b. January 2002
Paul Steven Duerinck, b. 1963
Thomas F. Bird, b. 31 Oct 1931, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married Wanda Proetti
6 children:
Louise Bird, b. 1956, married James Gutgsell
2 children:
Matthew Gutgsell
Olivia Gutgsell
Thomas J. Bird and Janet Wallow. 1 child:
Thomas F. Bird, b. April 2001, Illinois Colleen Bird
Sylvia Bird, married Brian Hasty
2 children:
Mallory Hasty
Christopher Hasty
Diana Bird, married Gregory Steinl. 3 children:
Gabrielle Steinl
Shane Steinl
Joseph Gregory Steinl
Kathleen Bird, married Carl Gerlach
2 children:
Rachael Gerlach
Nicole Teresa Gerlach, b. July 2002
Loretta Jean Bird, b. 25 Apr 1933, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married Robert Kral
3 children:
Deborah Kral, married John Winkelman
John Kral, b. 1955, married Julie
2 children:
Warren Todd Kral
Geoffrey Kral
Stephen Kral, b. 1956, married (1) Josie, (2)Tracy Travis
1 child, Maggie Marie Kral, b. June 2002 Wisconsin
Mary Therese Bird, b. 11 Aug 1937, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; d. __ Jan 1989, Brookfield, Cook Co., Illinois, married (1) Daniel Amodeo, (2) Leroy LeGros
Child of first marriage: Gregg Amodeo, b. 2 April 1959, d. 28 June 1959
5. Gertrude Guschke, married Donald Joseph Gardner, b. 19 October 1905, d. 30 March 1962
3 children:
Joseph Gardner, married Irene
4 children:
Martin Gardner, married Nancy Recjek
3 children:
Shannon Gardner, b. 1980, d. 27 January 2001
Megan Gardner
Eric Gardner
Judy Gardner, married Scott Davis
2 children:
Karen Gardner, married Robert Roy
Kevin Gardner
Donald Gardner, married Lois
3 children:
Donald Gardner, married Mary
1 child:
Sarah Gardner
Mary Gardner
Susan Gardner
Joan Gardner
6. Albert T. Guschke, b. 19 November 1909, d. 27 July 1992, married Lorraine Holland
4 children:
Donna Guschke, married Raymond Janota
4 children:
Neil Janota
Ken Janota
James Janota
Richard Janota
Carol Guschke, married Dale Blue
6 children:
Dale Blue
Thomas Blue, married Mariann Sullivan
Timothy Blue
Gary Blue, married ___?
Keith Blue
Matthew Blue
Joyce Guschke, married Robert Whalen
5 children:
Robert Whalen, married ___?
Terry Whalen
Joyce Whalen
Geralyn Whalen
Mary Whalen
Janet Guschke
7. Dorothy Guschke, d. 1996, married Neuville Fanning (d. 1964)
13 children:
1. Geraldine Fanning, d. 2006
2. Dorothy Fanning, d. 1994, married Patrick O'Connell
5 children:
Patrick O'Connell
Michael O'Connell
??? O'Connell
?? O'Connell
?? O'Connell
3. James Fanning
4. Robert Fanning (Bob), married Linda. Six children:
Jimmy Fanning
Matthew Fanning
Mark Fanning
Danny Fanning
Pat Fanning
Cindy Fanning
5. Nancy Fanning, married Cliff Abbot. 5 children, 3 of which are:
Sue Abbot - married with 2 kids
Adam Abbot married Patti Smith, 2 kids
Clifford Abbot
6. Annabelle Fanning, married (1) Elmer McGill (2) Paul Weismann; (3) Ted Green; (4) Bill Wright. 2 children of first marriage:
Alan McGill
Jeffrey McGill
One child of second marriage:
Greg Weismann
7. Frank Fanning, married Vera. They have 3 children:
Toni Fanning, married Anna, they have 2 children.
Casey Fanning
Cody Fanning
8. Jeannette Fanning, d. 1995, married ___ (1) Szczypkowski; (2) ___ Anderson. Five children of first marriage:
1. Sheila Szczypkowski b 1964, married Lee Proctor (b 1964 English citizen) in 1993 (Illinois). 3 children:
Nathan Proctor. b. 3/1994
Cory Proctor, b. 9/1995
Jason Proctor, b. 6/1997
2. Richard Szczypkowski b 1966, Married Roxanne ? in 1996 IL
3. Steven Szczypkowski b 1967, Married Connie ? in 1989 IL. 2 children:
Nicholas Szczypkowski b 1999
Stephanie Szczypkowski b 2002
4. Brenda Szczypkowski b 1971 IL. 1 child:
Victoria Szczypkowski b 7/1992 5. Bobby Szczypkowski – b 1972, died approx 1 yr of age.
9. Helen Fanning, b. 1943, married James Hill (Indiana)
4 children:
James "David" Hill, b. 1964, married Norma Dianna Fernandez, b. 1968 (Indiana)
3 children:
David Noah Hill, b. 1985
Christopher "Ryan" Hill, b. 1990
Joshua Eric Hill, b. 1994
Daniel Robert Hill, b. 1965, married Kathy Sue Jones, b. 1966 (Indiana)
2 children:
Daniel Jerrod ("DJ") Hill, b. 1994
Brianna Marie Hill, b. 1997
Darryl Thomas Hill, b. 1969, m. Jessica ? 1992 IN, have one child.
Deborah Anne Hill, b. 1974 married Glen Brandle 2002 (Illinois). 1 child:
Jack Brandle, b. 2003
10. Lawrence A. ("Larry") Fanning, married (1) Elsie; (2) Sandi
7 children:
1. Leanne Fanning married Ray Pankuch (Illinois), and have 3 children.
2. Laura Fanning, married Tom, 1 child.
3. Paul Fanning
4. Rachel Elise Throne
5. Amanda Kathleen Throne
6. Shannon Fanning, b. 1994, IL
7. Megan Fanning, b. 1994, IL
11. Richard E. Fanning, married (1) Susan Bills of Gansevoort, NY. One child, Michelle Fanning. Also married (2) Nancy Miles of Knoxville, TN. Two children, Joseph Fanning and Jada Fanning.
12. John Fanning, married Christine England. 4 sons:
1. Jason Fanning, married Amy Flood. They have three children:
1. Kaylie Fanning
2. Madison Fanning
3. Nicholas Fanning
2. Ian Fanning, married Megan Eicher. They have two children:
Andrew Fanning, b. Feb 2005
Michael Robert Fanning, b. January 2007
3. Ryan Fanning
4. David Fanning.
13. Lucy Fanning, married Craig Faulstich (Illinois)
3 children:
Alex Faulstich
Cole Faulstich
Ethan Faulstich

8. Dominick Guschke(died young)


Cyndi's List Germany

Prussia Roots and Schlesien Roots Mailing Lists


"Separated Angels: Shannon and Megan, the Fanning Twins", by Larry A. Fanning (1995, Storybook Press, Naperville, IL)

"Die Kartei Quassowski" (KQ), Hans-Wolfgang Quassowski, Hamburg Germany. The Original "Die Kartei Quassowski" was authored by Hans-Wolfgang Quassowski of Hamburg Germany. It was published and copyrighted 1977 by Verein für Familienforschung in Ost und Westpreußen. "Die Kartei Quassowski" is an extensive collection of genealogy of east German families. It is a part of the "Quellen, Materialien und Sammlungen zur altpreußischen Familienforschung (QMS) ; Nr. 1" series. "The index volume of (385) pages is one of about 20 volumes of this collection and contains the genealogy of an estimated 350,000 persons. While it best known as an important source of East and West Preuessen genealogy, it is known to contain Pommern genealogy and appears to have Posen and Silesien genealogy as well." Guschke is a name that is included in this reference work. See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA). Search the CEFHA Web Site Index at Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA)

"The "Ostdeutsche Familienkunde: Zeitschrift für Familiengeschichtsforschung im deutschen Osten" is a periodical publication started about 1952 concerning genealogical research ... in the former "Soviet Block" (eastern territories of Germany; once called "East Germany", Poland and the former U.S.S.R. (Including the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). This is a Finding Aid for surnames listed in the index to a portion of this publication for 3 bands (volumes = years) 16-18 covering the years 1958-1960. I know of no general index to this. Other indexes are available for other bands (1977-1979 and 1983-1985). Finding Aids will be posted for these as soon as volunteer assistance permits their being digitized into finding aids. The DDS (Dewey Decimal System) call number at the FHL is 943.8 D250. There are 42 volumes through 1994, although this FHL collection appears incomplete. This collection is not available on FHL microfilm." Quote by John Movius of CEFHA, from his former website. The new website does not have the quoted language. The general URL for CEFHA's web site index is at Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA). Yes, Guschke is listed in the above periodical.

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