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To increase the knowledge of my wife's maternal Joachim and Byrus families, emigrating from Poland. Anyone know what towns in Poland???
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Albert George Joachim (I have also been told it is George Albert Joachim. His World War II 1942 draft registration card had Albert Geo Joachim), born in Poland 6 March 1888, died April 1979 South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana. At the age of 26, which would be in 1914, he married Sophia Byrus ("Sophie"), age 19, born in Poland 1894. I have been told that she died the same year that her son Matthew Andrew Joachim got married to Elsie, so approximately 1939. At some point Albert George Joachim (aka George Albert Joachim) remarried to Mary ____, but no kids. 8 children of the first marriage, all born in Indiana:

1. Joseph Joachim, born April 28, 1913 in Indiana, died October 1983 Walkerton, St Joseph County, Indiana, married Leota ____, b. 7 Jan 1920, d. June 1985, Mishawaka, St. Joseph's County, Indiana. 2 girls, Juanita and Roberta.
2. Cecelia Joachim born in Indiana 1915, died late 1950's, married Lucien Niedosik, died late 1950's. 2 boys:
Lucien Niedosik, Jr., married Joan Segety. Have 3 daughters:
Christy Niedosik married Doug Lowman. 3 children:
Lauren Lowman
Kyle Lowman
Jacob Lowman
Carrie Niedosik married ___ Hansen, 2 daughters: Valerie Hansen and Carly
Laurie Niedosik
Jerry Niedosik, died late 1950's
3. Matthew Andrew Joachim ("Jake") born in Indiana April 10, 1916, died November 27, 1995 South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana, married Elsie around 1939 (?), born January 11, 1921, died April 7, 2004, South Bend, Indiana. 2 children: Bobby Joachim, born November 26, 1941, married Janice. Four children:
Robert A. Joachim, Jr. ("Bobby"), born July 20, 1970, passed away April 22, 2002 South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana.
Tracie Joachim, born March 1972, married Keith Nowicki. Have 4 children:
Ashley Nowicki
Austin Nowicki
Matthew Nowicki
Nathan Nowicki
Patty Joachim, born August 1966, married Harry Chabera Sr. Have 2 boys:
Harry Chabera aka Tony Chabera
Jeff Chabera
Brenda Joachim, born March 1969, married John Gaffigan. Have 1 boy: Johnny Gaffigan
Jeanette Joachim, born December 1939, Indiana, married Ronald F. Banasiewicz, born June 15, 1934, died June 11, 2002. 4 children:
Steven Banasiewicz, born December 1963, married Laurie __, 2 children:
Steve Banasiewicz, Jr.
Brian Banasiewicz
Michael Banasiewicz, born December 1961, married (1) Julie ___, (2) Cathy ___, (3) Deb ___ (4) Penny ___. Children:
Tim Welch, born 1982, Indiana.
Jaime Banasiewicz (of first marriage), born January 1985, South Bend, Indiana, m. Jason Kreider on September 8 2007
Cindy Banasiewicz, born March 1977, married Damien Cruz. 1 child:
Emilee Cruz, born Oct. 2006 Peggy Banasiewicz, born June 1966, married Brian Olmstead (div.2006)
4. William C. Joachim ("Bill") born in Indiana May 28, 1918, passed away December 30, 2005 in Mishawaka, St. Joseph County, Indiana, married Edna Mae Sowers; one daughter:
information removed upon request 5. Casimer T. Joachim ("Cash") born in Indiana November 27, 1920, died February 26, 1989, married Mary ____, b. 23 May 1918, d. Nov 1983 South Bend, St. Joseph's County, Indiana. 2 children:
Thomas W. Joachim, b. Sep 1946, South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana
Debbie Joachim
6. Lorraine Mary Joachim, born December 1927 (living) at South Bend, Indiana. She married Donald J. Huston. They had 3 children:
1. Dennis Huston, born February 1950, Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan
2. Terri Huston, born July 1954 Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan. Married (1)Roland Michael Schram and (2)Kevin Duerinck. Children of the first marriage:
Jamie Schram, b. Sep 1973 in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan, m. Oct. 2004 to Amy Seigler in Geneva, Kane Co., IL. One child:
Molly Schram Jeffrey Schram, b. Nov. 1977 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.
Douglas Schram, b. Oct. 1979 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan; married Laura Konnis September 2003, Las Vegas, NV. Two children:
Amelia Orre Konischram, May 2006, Maricopa, Pinal County, Arizona
Imogen Hazel Konishcram, b. Feb 2010, Rochester, Monroe County, NY
3. Gail Huston, born March 1959, Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan
7. George Albert Joachim ("Junior") born in Indiana April? 1930, married Betty __, d. October 3, 2007. 3 boys:
David A. Joachim, b. 1949. Three children:
Damon A. Joachim, b. 1970, d. July 2008; m. ____? Three children:
Trevor Joachim
Tyler Joachim
Morgan Joachim
Justin S. Joachim, b. 1978, m. Mitzy ____? Three children:
Sommer Joachim
Braedyn Joachim
Kylie Joachim
David A. Joachim Jr., b. 1981, m. ____? Two children:
Gavin Joachim
Brady Joachim
Mark Joseph Joachim, b. Sep 1959, Walkerton, St. Joseph County, Indiana; m. Janet ____? One child:
Craig Joachim, m. ____? One child:
Lilly Joachim, b. 2006
Michael E. Joachim, b. 1955, Indiana, married to Gloria
8. Eugene S. Joachim ("Butch") born in Indiana Mar 1931, married Myra E. Kochanowski (b. 6 July 1931, d. 1 Feb 2006 South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana) on 28 May 1955. 3 children:
Jill A. Joachim, b. Sep 1956, South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana
James M. Joachim, b. 1959 or 1960, South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, married Nancy Roytek in 1983. 2 children:
Jimmy Joachim, b. 1986
Caitlin Joachim, b. 1988.
Jerome J. Joachim, b. Nov 1962, South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, married Jennifer ____.


Thomas Joachim of this family is an accomplished screenwriter with more than 20 years of experience. His credits include the classic television shows "WKRP In Cincinnati," "Charlie's Angels," and Paramount Pictures' "Fraternity Row".


1930 U.S. Federal Census > Indiana > St Joseph > South Bend > District 19, sheet 22B shows: Albert Joachim's family living at 206 Kentucky Street, South Bend, Indiana. Albert was 42, wife Sophia was 36, both from Poland. Albert immigrated to the United States in 1908, being naturalized, while Sophia immigrated in 1912. Albert was a moulder at a sewing machine factory. Joseph, age 17, was a butcher at a meat market.


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