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NEED YOUR HELP: Need information on the following people. What family tree (stamboom) are they from? Any further information?:

Mathilde Wauters daughter of Victor Wauters and Clementine Dierickx; born MOORSEL 13 Sept 1888, died 17 Nov 1960. Mathilde married Louis De Meyst 15 nov 1911. See also Camile (Camiel) Duerinck below [info needed by Omer De Meyst]

Camile Duerinck, b. 1879 Nieuwkerken, BEL, left 19 April 1902 on S.S. Friesland (presumably port of Antwerp, Belgium on board the Red Star Line ship) to New York--destination Norway, Dickinson County, Michigan. In 1898, his brother Louis Duerinck left Belgium, destination Norway, Michigan. Found in: "17.200 Belges Devenus Americains 1620-1920" by Marcel LaCourt (2001). [Rue de la Bruyere 5, 5070 Vitrival, Belgium]. Update: Omer De Meyst writes that Camiel Duerinck was born around 1900 and was a miller at the water mill ("molenaar op de watermolen") in Moorsel-Waver. Camiel was a bachelor and evidently came back to Belgium from the USA. I know what you are thinking--what about his brother Louis???

Franciscus Duerinck, born 1872, Vracene, Belgium, died 06/November/1896, Norway, Dickinson County, Michigan, USA. Son of Josephus Duerinckx and Pelasi Van Stertegen. (Printer: Volksstem Druk, De Pere, Wis.). Interestingly enough, I found Franz Duerinck in the Ellis Island records. He was listed as Franz Duerincky, from Belgium, arrived at Ellis Island, New York, on the ship Pennland out of Antwerp on 24 May 1892 at the age of 20 years.

Maria Duerinck (Maria Deurinck): more information has surfaced in October 2004. As we already know, Maria was born 8 december 1903, ___, Belgium, died 31 may 1990 in Jackson Heights, Queens County, New York USA. Her maiden surname was Stessens. Her dad was Joannes F. Stessens, her mother Maria Virginia Loots. Buried Pinelawn Memorial Park, Pinelawn or Farmingdale (Suffolk County), NY. Her husband predeceased her so he was not listed on Maria's death certificate. There were no children of the marriage. We know that Maria Stessens had at least one brother. New information: Her husband was Eduard Deurinck, born 1890-1891 in Belgium. Ellis Island records spell it both Eduard Deurincks and Edward Deurinckse (Deurinckx on the actual manifest). He came to USA twice in 1923 (May 25 and August 17) out of Antwerp Belgium on the ship Lapland, and was 32 and then 33 (manifest says 32) years old. Eduard had signed onto the voyage on August 4, 1923 and upon arriving in New York, he deserted the ship on August 17, 1923. We need more ancestry information for Eduard.
Eduard Deurinck worked as a steward on board the ships of the Red Star Line. The May 25, 1923 manifest lists Edward's position with the company as a "plateman" and the August 17, 1923 manifest lists him as an assistant pantryman. On the May 25 voyage he was 5'5" and weighed 130 pounds, and on the August 17 voyage he was 5'6" and weighed 143 pounds. Maria Stessens (b.1903) joined him when she was 19 or 20 years old (~1922 or 1923--maybe later? No Ellis Island record.). They found a place to stay with some friends they met, the Kratochwils. One of the daughters of this family, Joan Mosteler, later became the executrix of Maria Deurinck's estate. Another family of close friends were the De Rudders. On several shiplists from the Red Star Line from the early 1900īs you can find the name Edward Deurinck. In the beginning he also spent several years working as a concierge in the French Institute in New York.
Regarding Edward's history, Edward was married once before and had a daughter, Maria Deurinck (Maria Duerinck), with his first wife __(?). The daughter Maria Deurinck (Maria Duerinck) was married and lived in Kessel-Lo, Belgium. She had two children, one son and one daughter, Amandine.
Edward was born in Temse, East-Flanders, Belgium. I donīt know if he had any brothers or sisters. I am sure that he had 1 daughter, Maria, married to Francois, mentioned before.
Maria Stessens was born in Kasterlee, in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. She had three sisters and one brother:
-Anna Stessens married to Henri van Wijns - no kids
-Elisabeth Stessens married to Josephus Leyssens - no kids
-Catharina Stessens married to Josephus Luyckx - two sons Willy and Aloysius
-Matheus Stessens married to Maria Janssens - one son Jean and one daughter Liliane


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