LAST REVISED: January 19, 2003. Thank you to Jean-Pierre Coucke of Belgium for the information on Frans Duerinck and his descendants, of Temse, Belgium, in the late 1500's and first half of 1600's.

Descendants of Frans Duerinck

Generation No. 1
1. Frans Duerinck was born Bef. 1623, and died Bef. 1657. He married Amelberga Polfliet 23.06.1641 in Temse (BE), daughter of Ambrosius Polfliet and Barbara Boogaert. She was born 01.07.1618 in Temse (BE), and died 26.11.1673 in Temse (BE). Child of Frans Duerinck and Amelberga Polfliet is:

i. Catharina Durinckx, born 02.10.1652 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.

Generation No. 2
2. Catharina Durinckx (Frans Duerinck) was born 02.10.1652 in Temse (BE), and died Unknown. She married Joannes Verelst 30.05.1673 in Temse (BE), son of Jan Verelst and Catharina Keppens. He was born 07.03.1647 in Temse (BE), and died Unknown. Children of Catharina Durinckx and Joannes Verelst are:

i. Maria Verelst, born 15.05.1675 in Temse (BE); died 05.10.1676 in Temse (BE).
ii. Elisabeth Verelst, born 08.10.1676 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.
iii. Magdalena Verelst, born 30.07.1678 in Temse (BE); died 20.09.1678 in Temse (BE).
iv. Joannes Verelst, born 17.09.1680 in Temse (BE); died 17.09.1680 in Temse (BE).
v. Petrus Verelst, born 24.08.1681 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.


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