LAST REVISED: January 19, 2003 (formatting). Thank you to Jean-Pierre Coucke of Belgium for the information on Joos Durinck and his wife, Judoca De Westelinck, of Tielrode, Belgium, in the 1600's.

Descendants of Joos Durinck

Generation No. 1
1. Joos Durinck was born c 1611, and died 05.10.1676 in Tielrode (BE). He married Judoca De Westelinck 06.06.1638 in Tielrode (BE), daughter of Michael De Westelinck and Barbara Van Laere. She was born 15.04.1615 in Tielrode (BE), and died 10.09.1684 in Temse (BE). Children of Joos Durinck and Judoca De Westelinck are:

i. Michael Duerinck, born 11.12.1639 in Tielrode (BE); died 07.04.1675 in Tielrode (BE).
ii. Paulus Duerinck, born 20.02.1642 in Tielrode (BE); died 20.12.1646 in Tielrode (BE).
iii. Amelberga Duerinck, born 13.08.1643 in Tielrode (BE); died 17.06.1644 in Tielrode (BE).
iv. Elisabeth Duerinck, born 24.11.1645 in Tielrode (BE); died 20.04.1647 in Tielrode (BE).
v. Joanna Duerinck, born 28.04.1648 in Tielrode (BE); died 27.11.1731 in Tielrode (BE).
vi. Barbara Duerinck, born 09.02.1650 in Tielrode (BE); died Unknown.
vii. Christianus Duerinck, born 25.12.1652 in Tielrode (BE); died 09.09.1693 in Tielrode (BE).
viii. Cornelius Duerinck, born 28.01.1657 in Tielrode (BE); died Unknown.
ix. Adrianus Duerinck, born 09.04.1659 in Tielrode (BE); died 20.06.1659 in Tielrode (BE).

Generation No. 2
2. Michael Duerinck (Joos Durinck) was born 11.12.1639 in Tielrode (BE), and died 07.04.1675 in Tielrode (BE). He married Amelberga Schelfhout 11.07.1672 in Tielrode (BE). She was born c 1630, and died 14.07.1714 in Tielrode (BE). Child of Michael Duerinck and Amelberga Schelfhout is:

i. Judoca Duerinck, born 17.10.1675 in Tielrode (BE); died 20.04.1758 in Tielrode (BE). She married Daneel Verbraecken 03.06.1698 in Tielrode (BE); born c 1677 in Sint-Niklaas (BE); died 23.02.1774 in Tielrode (BE).

6. Joanna Duerinck (Joos Durinck) was born 28.04.1648 in Tielrode (BE), and died 27.11.1731 in Tielrode (BE). She married Franciscus Smet 16.09.1667 in Tielrode (BE). He was born c 1642 in Temse (BE), and died 04.11.1730 in Temse (BE). Children of Joanna Duerinck and Franciscus Smet are:

i. Judoca Smet, born 02.09.1669 in Temse (BE); died 11.04.1751 in Temse (BE).
ii. Catharina Smet, born 12.03.1672 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.
iii. Jaspar Smet, born 06.01.1675 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.
iv. Christianus Smet, born 16.11.1677; died Unknown.
v. Barbara Smet, born 31.01.1681 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.
vi. Cornelia Joanna Smet, born 17.03.1684 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.
vii. Joannes Francis Smet, born 30.12.1686 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.
viii. Anna Smet, born 11.12.1689 in Temse (BE); died Unknown.

8. Christianus Duerinck (Joos Durinck) was born 25.12.1652 in Tielrode (BE), and died 09.09.1693 in Tielrode (BE). He married Elisabeth Smet 31.12.1679 in Tielrode (BE). She was born Bef. 1663, and died Unknown. Children of Christianus Duerinck and Elisabeth Smet are:

i. Michael Durinck, born 17.11.1683 in Tielrode (BE); died 04.08.1693 in Tielrode (BE).
ii. Judoca Durinck, born 31.03.1686 in Tielrode (BE); died 11.01.1704 in Tielrode (BE).
iii. Barbara Durinck, born 29.09.1688 in Tielrode (BE); died 16.09.1693 in Tielrode (BE).
iv. Joannes Franciscus Durinck, born 29.08.1691 in Tielrode (BE); died 19.09.1693 in Tielrode (BE).

Generation No. 3
12. Judoca Smet (Joanna Duerinck, Joos Durinck) was born 02.09.1669 in Temse (BE), and died 11.04.1751 in Temse (BE). She married Judocus Soetinck 16.05.1705 in Temse (BE). He was born 20.01.1678 in Temse (BE), and died 21.04.1751 in Temse (BE). Children of Judoca Smet and Judocus Soetinck are:

i. x Soetinck, born 23.11.1707 in Temse (BE); died 23.11.1707 in Temse (BE).
ii. Joanna Catharina Soetinck, born 17.07.1709 in Temse (BE); died 28.01.1720 in Temse (BE).
iii. Franciscus Soetinck, born 21.08.1712 in Temse (BE); died 14.01.1785 in Tielrode (BE). He married (1) Maria Seghers Aft. 1730 in Temse (BE); born c 1679; died 13.09.1735 in Temse (BE). He married (2) Elisabeth Seghers 01.10.1735 in Temse (BE); born c 1706; died 13.09.1762 in Temse (BE).


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