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Scope: To list my German WEICHBROD(T) family and to request assistance from other German families in completing my German family tree. Looking for any Catholic Weichbrod(t) families from the Danzig, Germany area in the early 1800's, late 1700's. There were 27 people living in Gdansk, Poland (formerly Danzig, Germany) in 1990 with the surname of WEICHBRODT. We miss our Rudolf Weichbrodt, who was left behind when the family emigrated to Chicago, Illinois USA and always wonder if we have relatives back in Germany.

Last Revised 6 February 2024 (thank you to Corrine Bass, and previously to Nancy Breuss Weiler, Zoey Smith, Albert Fatla III, Dave Breuss, Nancy Breuss Weiler, Paul Himes, Cary Micheau; Barbara Sausser; Tammy Fatla; Laura Tierney-Walkenhorst)(see notes toward bottom on 1772 LAND REGISTRY IN WEST PRUSSIA). Also, the Weichbrod family, or Weichbrodt family as they were logged on the Baltimore Passenger Lists, 1820-1948, all departed from Bremen, Germany and arrived on 26 May 1882 in Baltimore, Maryland. The S.S. Strassburg ship list includes Amalie (b.~1835), Amalie (b.~1877), Carl (b.~1832), Carl (b.~1879), Gertrud, Hedwig, Paul, Rosalie, Therese (my great grandma). The S.S. Strassburg left Bremen, Germany on 1882-05-10. (previous contributors: Paul Weichbrod, Jr.; Staff Sergeant Fatla; Gail Ann Hodges Levis re more Zirkel info; Mary Louise Weichbrod Thompson Fatla.)

John Weichbrodt, born and died Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), married ___?

2 children:

1. Marie Weichbrodt, b. 7 May 1836, (Soundex says May 1835) Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), d. 15 Mar 1924, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois; married August Dein. 4 children:

1. Marie Dein, b. 9 May 1866 or 20 Feb 1868, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), d. 31 Dec 1942, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois, immigrated 1887, was naturalized in 1886(year hard to read, and she immigrated 1887--something is not right); married on 27 Feb 1892, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois to Joseph Alois Breuss, b. June 25, 1857 in Switzerland (Joseph's parents: Joseph Johann Alois Breuss b.June 15, 1809 Austria, d. 1883, married in 1847 to Anna Katherina Knunz b. 1822 "Germany", d. 1862); Joseph immigrated in 1880, was naturalized 1886, was a carpenter for the railroad. In the 1920 U.S. federal census Joseph states that he was born in Austria, his wife "Mary" born in Germany. Mother-in-law "Mary", or Marie Weichbrodt Dein, was still alive in the 1920 census, and living with them at the ripe old age of 86. Says she immigrated in 1889 (year difficult to read) and was never naturalized.
7 children:
1. Reverend Joseph P. Dominic Breuss, O.S.B., b. 23 Dec 1892, d. 6 Dec 1975; interred St. Vincent's Cemetery, (Section A), Latrobe, Unity Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
2. George Aloysius Breuss, b. 13 August 1898 (NBW has 18 Aug 1897), Cook, Illinois, USA, d. 29 May 1968 - Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona; m. 11 Jan 1922 to Catherine Mary Berg (b. 6 May 1901, d. 28 Dec 1988). 5 children:
1. George Joseph Breuss, b. 11/23/1922, d. 2/25/2009, on 31 Aug. 1946 married Dorothy Isabelle Popp b. 10/13/1925 d. 7/31/1962. On 9/26/1964 remarried, Elsie Tatje, b. 9/14/1919, d. 8/06/2000. On 10/20/2001 remarried, Eleanor Bunce, b._____, d. 4/2006. 5 children with Dorothy:
1. Thomas Joseph Breuss b. 1947, on 9/6/1969 married Diana Aason b. 1949. 2 children:
1. Kimberly Breuss b. 1971, married on 12/13/? to Darrell Johnson b. 1971. 3 children:
1. Nick Johnson b. 1993
2. Kristina Johnson b. 2001
3. Joshua Johnson b. 2002
2. Stephen Breuss b. 1974, married on 7/3/2003 to Janean ___, b. 1976. 1 child:
Jacob Breuss, b. 2001
2. Nancy Ann Breuss b. 1948, on 8/06/1977 married Daniel Weiler b. 1947, div. 2 children:
1. Danielle Weiler b. 1979
2. Gretchen Weiler b. 1981
3. Patricia Jane Breuss b. 1953, on 7/15/1978 married William Travis b. 1954. 1 child:
Ryan Travis b. 1987 4. Jack David Breuss b. 1957, on __ married Sandy ___ b. 1962, 2 children:
1. James Breuss b. 1990
2. Morgan Breuss b. 2001
5. Sharon Diane Breuss b. 9/23/1961, d. 11/12/2001
2. Richard William Breuss b. 3/08/1925, d. 10/03/1974 on 5/1/1947 married Elizabeth Mather b. 12/14/1928, d. 12/24/1990. 5 children:
1. Barbara Jean Breuss b. 1948, on 11/18/1968 married Terry Christensen b. ___, No Children. Remarried Warren Daniels.
2. Richard William Breuss Jr. b. 1951, on 9/02/1972 married Rose Robinson, b. 1951. 2 children:
1. Richard William Breuss III b. 1979
Katelyn Breuss b. 1986
3. Susan Elizabeth Breuss b. 10/27/1954, d. 1/30/1997, on ___ married Brent Cooper b. 1954. 2 children:
1. Emily Cooper b. 1984
2. Matthew Cooper b. 1987
4. David Alan Breuss b. 1957, on 8/16/1980 married Christine Callan b. 1955. 4 children:
1. Michelle Breuss b. 1982, on 3/17/2007 married Kurt Doyle (b. 1984). 1 child:
Daniel Doyle, b. 2009
2. Allison Breuss b. 1985
3. Ryan Breuss b. 1988
4. Gregory Breuss b. 1993
5. Michelle Louise Breuss b. 10/04/1958, d. 12/04/1958
3. Mary Catherine Breuss, b. 7 Nov 1934 - Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA, d. 28 May 1991 - Naperville, Du Page, Illinois, USA, m. 28 May 1955 - La Grange, Cook, Illinois, USA to Richard Joseph Himes b. 11/28/1931, d. 8/16/1991. 5 children:
Paul Richard Himes b. 1956, on 4/4/1987 married Kim _____ b. 1952. 2 children:
Jo Himes b. 1996
Jessie Himes b. 1999
Linda Marie Himes b. 1956, on 5/19/1979 married Ralph Ovitt b. 1940, no children.
Michael Joseph Himes b. 1959, on 10/06/1990 married Susan ____ b. 1960. 2 children:
Jennifer Himes b. 1994
Katherine Himes b. 1998
Richard Joseph Himes b. 1962, on 06/27/1987 married Colleen Watson b. 1960. Richard remarried on 5/26//2007 to Jan ____ b. 1963. 1 child with Colleen:
Nicholas Himes b. 1992 Robert James Himes b. 1963, on 11/03/1994 married Sydney Serio b. 1966. 2 children:
Adam Himes b. 1999
Samantha Himes, b. 2003
4. Ralph Peter Breuss, b. 29 Aug 1930, d. 8 Jul 1982 - Hinsdale, Du Page County, Illinois, USA; on 4/14/1956 married Kathleen B. Weinberger (b. 1935). 4 children:
1. Laura Kay Breuss b. 1957, on 9/18/1982 married Robert Brown b. 1954. 3 children:
Aaron Brown b. 1985
Sara Brown b. 1987
Patrick Brown b. 1995
2. Debra Ann Breuss b. 1958, on 10/13/1984 married Joseph Pomering 1954. 3 children:
Kyle Pomering b. 1986
Jenna Pomering b. 1987
Connor Pomering b. 1996
3. Gerald Peter Breuss b. 1961, on 5/17/2003 married Kathy Koumarek b. 1966. 1 Child:
Jenna Breuss b. 2006 4. Diane Marie Breuss b. 1964, on 9/02/1989 married Michael Flynn b. 1963. Diane remarried on 1/15/10 to Scott Brake (b. ?). 2 children with Mike:
Matthew Flynn b. 1992
Daniel Flynn b. 1995
5. James Jude Breuss b. 1938, on 11/27/1965 married Loretto Bales b. 1941. James remarried in 2001, Sheila _____, b. ____, d. 2001. 2 children with Loretto:
1. Kristin Lynn Breuss b. 1968, on 12/19/1992 married Geoff Burgess b. 1968. 3 children:
Noah Breuss-Burgess b. 1999
Asa Breuss-Burgess b. 2000
Anna Claire Breuss-Burgess b. 2005
2. Katherine Mary Breuss b. 1973, on 5/20/2005 married Nick Croom b. 1972. 2 children:
Zachary Croom b. 2007
William Croom b. 2009
3. Charles Frank Breuss, b. 4 Nov 1899, d. 15 Aug 1967. At the time of his World War I Draft Registration Cards during 1917-1918, he had worked as a clerk for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. The 1930 U.S. federal census has a Charles F. Breuss listed as age 30, born approx. 1899 in Illinois, parents both born Germany. In 1930 he was a Bell Telephone bill collector. He married Margaret K. __,. They lived in an apartment at 7915 S. Hermitage Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago (Districts 501-750) > District 674. They had one son age 5 at the time of the 1930 census:
Robert C. Breuss, born 7 Sep 1924 (from Soc.Sec. Death Index) Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, died 24 May 2004 Fresno, Fresno County, California. For his U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, enlisting on 20 Jul 1942, he fudged his birth date as "1923", he was single, occupation as an actor. 4. Leo J. Breuss b. 12/18/1901, d. 10/03/1952, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, was a bookkeeper in the "grains" business (1920 federal census).
5. Frances M. Breuss b. 11/17/1895, d. 3/20/1931, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, married William Berg. 1920 federal census has her age as 24. In the 1930 U.S. federal census, there is a Frances M. Berg, age 34 born Illinois, wife of William Berg (age 36 born Illinois). The father of Frances was from Austria, mother from Germany. One daughter named Leona Berg, age 9, born Illinois. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago (Districts 751-1000) > District 851
6. Theresa Breuss
7. Francis Breuss ("Frank Breuss"), b. 12/23/1903, d. 1/11/1913.

2. Mathilda Dein, b. __ Dec 1867 Germany (from Soundex), d. 20 June 1958, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois; married Johann Zirkel (d.24 Jan 1916) on 17 July 1902, his second marriage (no issue of this second marriage). Both are buried in St. Boniface Cemetery in Cook County, IL, section 92-P. In the 1930 U.S. federal census, there is a Mathilda Zirkel, widow, age 57, born in Prussia, Germany, emigrated 1895. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago (Districts 1751-1976) > District 1754

Zirkel Notes: My grandma Bird (nee Guschke, mother was a Weichbrod) used to talk about the Zirkel's, but I have been in contact with Zirkel/Zirkle clans and originally found no relation--that has changed. According to the 1930 Census, an Elizabeth Zirkel married a George Becker, and they lived at 2227 West Irving Avenue, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Living with them was "mother" Matilda Zirkel. From other information supplied by the Zirkel researchers, Elizabeth's father was Johann Zirkel, from Ampferbach, Bavaria, Germany. His first wife, and Elizabeth's mother, was Caroline Pluckebaum (known as "Carrie"). Elizabeth's siblings were Johanna Caroline (Sr. Caroline Zirkel, O.S.F.) and Barbara (married Frank Sans). Anyway, Johann's first wife "Carrie" died in Oct 1900. Johann then married in 17 July 1902 his second wife, Mathilda Dein, daughter of August Dein (my relatives in the Weichbrodt family). This second marriage had no issue. My (Kevin Duerinck's) relatives, the Paul Dein and Joseph Breuss families, were neighbors of the Becker's and Zirkel's according to the 1920 federal census, all at the 2227 address (Ward 11, enumeration district 671). The Weichbrod's were cousins of the Dein and Breuss families.

3. Paul Dein, b. __ Jan 1872 (Soundex), Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), immigrated 1891, d. Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois; married Barbara Engelhart, b.~1882 Illinois (her parents were from Germany). According to the 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Berwyn > District 1991 , the family lived at 2322 Ridgeland Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois.

8 children:
Rose Dein, b.~1906 Illinois, (???d. Feb. 1981 Naperville, Du Page County, Illinois???); married ___ Roth
Peter Dein, b.~1907 Illinois
John Dein, b.~1910 Illinois
Leo Dein, b.~1915 Illinois
Dorothy Dein, b.~1920 Illinois, married ___ Becker
Lucille Dein, b.~1922 Illinois, married ___ Kremer
George Dein (not listed in 1930 census).
William Dein (not listed in 1930 census).

4. John Dein, b. Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), d. Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois. 1930 U.S. federal census shows a John Dein, age 56 born Austria, emigrated from Austria in 1905, was a laborer in a lumber yard; m. Bertha __, age 53 born Poland, emigrated 1910. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago (Districts 501-750) > District 617

2. Karl Weichbrodt, b. 1 Jun 1831, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), emigrated from Germany and arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on 26 May 1882; d. 7 Sep 1898, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois; married (1)___??? -- the first 3 kids by this marriage stayed in Germany; (2) Amalia Monica Wiersbitzki, b. 4 May 1834, Braunsburg, Germany, d. 5 May 1909, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois [Amalia's parents were Michael Wiersbitzki and Anna Plath]

9 children known (other than 3 from first wife):

Rudolf Weichbrodt, born and stayed in Germany; rest of siblings came to USA
August Weichbrodt, b. 1859, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), interred 27 Mar 1934 USA; married Anna

7 children:
Sr. Antonine Weichbrod, S.S.N.D.
Erma Weichbrod, b. circa 1892, married Clarence Lindberg. One child:
Margaret Lindberg, b. 1922, Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois Note: living with Erma, Clarence, and their daughter Margaret, was August Weichbrod, Erma's father, so says the 1930 U.S. Federal Census.
Anna Weichbrod, married ____ Herweg. No children (?).
Francis J. Weichbrod, b. 19 Oct 1885, d. 4 Mar 1948, married Anna Weiland. The 1920 federal census for Chicago, Cook County, Illinois (enumeration district 710, sheet 3A, 12th Ward), shows Frank Weichbrod, a clerk, as having 2 children, Gertrude Weichbrod, age 10 and Anna Weichbrod, age 8. Living with them was his mother-in-law Catherine Weiland and brother-in-law William Weiland (a factory electrician).
Gertrude Weichbrod, b. approx. 1910
Anna Weichbrod, b. approx. 1912.
Leo Weichbrod: pure speculation, but a Leo W. in the 1920 federal census for Cook County, Township of Cicero, Illinois (enumeration district 43, sheet 3A) shows a Leo, age 31 (thus born 1889 in Illinois), as marrying Adelaide Aroinke (mother Fanny Aroinke), children Clarence age 6 (thus born 1914) and Leona appears to be age 2 or 3, so born about 1918 or 1917. This Leo was a machinist for farm implements. Not sure if related.
Rudolph Paul Weichbrod, b. 27 Jan 1894, d. 24-2-1975, married Irene Waymel, b. 3-1-1897 d. 14-4-1969 m. on 15 June 1921. Had 4 children:
1.Marie Mercedes Weichbrod b.2-5-1922 d.29-5-1998, married George Lasser, b.10-4-1922 d.20-1-1961. Had 4 children:
2.Thomas George Lasser (single) b. 1952
3.Joseph Paul Lasser, married w/ couple of kids, b. 1953
4.Lawrence Edward Lasser b. 7 June 1956 d. 5 Dec 1956
2.Rudolph Paul Weichbrod Jr. b. 23-4-1923, d. 21-8-1993, married Dolores Schafer b. 1927. Had 8 children:
1. Mary Paulette Gerada b. 1951 married Louis Kitchenakow 1974. Had 3 children:
1.Brandie Marie Kitchenakow b. 1974 Married Anthony Schlader 1998. Have 1 child:
Autumn Schlader b. 1999
2. Jodie Kitchenakow b. 1975
3. Andrew Kitchenakow b. 1980
2.Luanne Therese Weichbrod b. 1952 (engaged to Jeff Ross)
3.Diane Lorraine Weichbrod b. 1953 married Joseph Dale Angst 1980, b. 1955. Had 2 children:
Krista Angst b. 1983
Amanda Jo Angst b. 1985
4.Therese (Terry) Jean Weichbrod b. 1955 married Keith Kumpfer 1977, b. 1955. Had 2 children:
Justin Richard Kumpfer b. 1983
Jacob Tyler Kumpfer b. 1986
5.Joseph Girard Weichbrod b., d. 3 April 1957 (stillborn)
6.Susan Marie Weichbrod b. 1958 Married John Seif 1997, b. 1954
7.Paul John Weichbrod b. 1960 (single)
8.Annette Geralyn Weichbrod b. 1964 Married Alan Desotell 1985, b. 1962. Had 2 children:
Benjamin Desotell b. 1987
Brooke Desotell b. 1989
3.Lorraine Weichbrod (single) b. 1925
4. Thomas Barton Weichbrod (aka Lance Moran) b.1927 Married 1st wife Marie b. 1932 Had one child:
Stacy Moran b. 1958
Married 2nd wife Marty
Bernard Weichbrod, b. ~1896, interred 2 Nov 1970 Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois; married Beatrice Jacobson
2 children:
Geraldine Weichbrod, married Del Loseau
Joanne Weichbrod, married Albert Anderson

Rosalia Weichbrodt, b. 31 Dec 1861, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), d. 24 Oct 1914, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois; married Paul Nagel

9 children:
Theresa Nagel
Frances Nagel
Clara Nagel
Charles Nagel
Gertrude Nagel
Leo Nagel, b. 21 Oct 1905, d. 8 June 1978, burial St. Mary's Cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL. Married Wanda Szews, b. 23 Feb 1911, Chicago, Cook Co. IL, d. 10 Oct 1955 (1 child Wanda Marie Nagel, b. 1945)
Paul Nagel. Paul C. Nagel, if this is him, was born ~1901 in Germany, as was his wife Mollie, b. ~1905, m. ~1927, emigrated 1923 through Pennsylvania. He was an advertising salesman. No children.
George Nagel
Barbara Nagel, b. 4 December 1902, d. 21 December 1966; married Richard Martin
3 children:
Robert Martin, married Lorraine
6 children:
Mary Martin
Susan Martin
Barbara Ann Martin
Robert Martin
Richard Martin, b. 1928, d. 1930
Frances Martin, married ___?, 2 kids

Hedwig ("Hattie") Weichbrodt, b. 1867, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), emigrated 1882, d. 16 Oct 1922, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois (fell off streetcar); married Theodore Foreman, b. ~1868 in Germany, immigrated in 1890, died Dec 1953. Both are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Evergreen Park, Worth Township, Cook County, Illinois.

9 children:
Theresa Foreman, married ___ Gelhouse
Mona Foreman, b. 1896, married Charles Berglund in ~1915. They had 5 children:
Eugene Berglund, b. ~1916
Richard Berglund, b. ~1917
Robert Berglund, b. 1922
Dolores Berglund, b. May 1926
Laverne Berglund, b. Feb 1928
Cecilia Foreman, married ___ Teare
Leo C. Foreman, married Kathryn Smalley
6 children:
Dale J. Foreman, born April 1931.
Darlene Foreman, married ___ Tirva
Robert Foreman
Kathryn Foreman
Leo C. Foreman
Donald Foreman
Albert Foreman, b. ~1906 Illinois. The 1930 U.S. Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago (Districts 251-500) > District 479 shows Albert Foreman living at 2844 W. 36th Place in Chicago, with his sister Mona Foreman Berglund, her husband Charles Berglund (b.~1894 Illinois, parents from Sweden), and family. Also living there were Mona's sister Marie and Mona's father Theodore Foreman (ethnicity listed as "Canada/English". Theodore was widowed, as was his daughter Marie.
George T. Foreman, married Elizabeth Smalley
3 children:
George H. Foreman
Elizabeth Ann Foreman, married Knobeloch
Jean Foreman, married ___ Escobeda
Marie Foreman, b. 29 Aug 1908 Illinois, d. 18 Apr 1996 Glenview, Cook County, IL; married ___ Dettenmaier
Paul L. Foreman
Lawrence Foreman, married Edna Gardner

Theresa Weichbrodt, b. 5 March 1869, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), d. 10 Nov 1933, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois. Married Aloys A. Guschke, b. 4 November 1871, Bockau (Silesia) Germany, now Bukow, Poland, d. 11 April 1952, Brookfield (Cook Co.), Illinois. Aloys was a stonemason. He was baptized Carl August Aloysius Guschke. He was confirmed in a nearby town called Ossig, Upper Silesia, Germany, now called Ossiek, Poland

8 children:
Lucille R. Guschke, b. 1897, Illinois, married Fred Winkler
5 children:
Helen Winkler, b. 20 Oct 1918, d. 20 Jun 1989 Orange County, California; married Herb Grugel
6 children:
Jean Grugel, married (1) __ Corbett, (2) __?
Paul Grugel, married __?
Fred Grugel, married __?
Craig Grugel, married Marianna
Gary Grugel
Kirk Grugel
Robert Winkler, married (1) Marie, son Christopher Winkler; (2) Humi
Marianne Winkler, married Ralph Sewall
5 children:
Marilu Sewall, married David Gill
Elizabeth Sewall, married Steven Serenda
David Sewall
Daniel Sewall, married Joan
Luke Sewall, married Holly
Fred Winkler, married Pat Ziegler
8 children:
Peter Winkler, married Darlene
Curt Winkler
Christine Winkler
Julie Winkler
Fred Winkler
Thomas Winkler
John Winkler
Joseph Winkler
Lucille Winkler, married Gene Mason
4 children:
Robert Mason
Linda Mason
Laura Mason
Jeff Mason
Anna A. Guschke, b. 1898, Illinois, married August Schreiber
8 children:
Marge Schreiber, married James Vocek
Rosemary Schreiber, married George Slouka
9 children:
Arthur Slouka, married (1) Jean, (2) Melanie. 3 children with Melanie:
1. Matthew Slouka
2. Elizabeth Slouka
3. Alyssa Slouka
Mary Jane Slouka, married (1) Charles Guidry, had 1 child Michael Guidry; (2) Richard Pohlmann, 1 child with Richard: Weston Pohlmann; (3) Carl Kymla
Patricia Slouka
Sue Slouka, married (1) Thomas Copeland, (2) Rudy Hazboun. 8 children from 1st marriage:
1. Teresa Copeland
2. Rosemary Copeland
3. Francis Copeland
4. Maria Copeland
5. Dominique Copeland
6. Joseph Copeland
7. Jacob Copeland
8. Veronica Copeland
Christine Slouka, married Bruce Prince, 3 children:
1. Anna Prince
2. Catherine Prince
3. Bernadette Prince
Barbara Slouka, married (1) Charles Smith, 1 child Joseph Smith; (2) Lance Sausser. 5 children from 2nd marriage:
1. Randy Sausser
2. Sandy Joeseph Sausser married Dec. 4th, 2005 to Stacy Winn. Birth of first son in Dec. 2006 - Daniel Ryan Sausser.
3. Amanda Rosemary Sausser - birth of first son in Feb. 2006 - Marcus Alan Sausser
4. Joyce Sausser
5. James Sausser
George Slouka, married Mary, 2 children:
1. Sean Slouka
2. Timothy Slouka
John Slouka married (1) Tiffany, 1 child, Kameron Slouka (2) Lynne, 1 child, Taylor Slouka.
Joseph Slouka married Raquel, 2 children:
1. Ashley Slouka
2. Haley Slouka
Thomas Schreiber, married Helen
7 children:
Thomas Schreiber, married __
Lawrence Schreiber, married (1) __, (2) __
Kathy Schreiber, married __
Michael Schreiber
Barbara Schreiber
William Schreiber
James Schreiber
Virginia Schreiber, married (1)Al Schroeder; (2)___
3 children:
Cynthia Schreiber, married __ Scott
Kelly Schreiber, married __
Tina Schreiber, married __
Robert Schreiber, married __? (3 children)
James Schreiber, married Ruth (5 children)
John Schreiber, married Dianne
Dawn Schreiber, married __
Timothy Schreiber
John Schreiber, married Teresa
1 child, Tiffany Schreiber
Judy Schreiber married Timothy Martin
William Schreiber, married ___?
Veronica ("Verne") Guschke, b. 28 Aug 1901, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
Teresa Marie Guschke, b. 1903, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois; d. 19 January 2001; married Thomas F. Bird on 10 Aug 1929, St. Barbara's Church, Brookfield, Cook Co., Illinois
4 children:
Patricia Ann Bird, b. 1930, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married Louis Theophiel Duerinck, b. 1929, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois
7 children:
Louis Michael Duerinck, b. 1954, married Suzanne Pelowski
4 children:
Kimberly Duerinck, married Nathaniel Harris. Children:
Madilyn Suzanne Harris, b. November 2002
Alexander Quinn Harris, b. March 2004
Jacob Harris
James Duerinck
Patrick Duerinck, married Andrea Cashman. Children:
Thomas Duerinck
June Duerinck
Robert Duerinck
Kathleen Marie Duerinck, b. 1955, married John Lutgen
4 children:
John Lutgen, m. Jennifer Finkel
Megan Lutgen m. Chris McCoy. Children:
Joshua McCoy
Caleb McCoy
Isaiah McCoy, b. 2019
Sarah Lutgen
Timothy Lutgen, m. Nylah Lummer. Child(ren):
Connor Lutgen, b. 2023
Kevin Francis Duerinck, b. 1956, Hinsdale (DuPage Co.), Illinois; married Terri Ann Huston Schram, b. 1954, Michigan. 3 children:
Jamie Schram, b. Sep 1973 in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan, m. Oct. 2004 to Amy Seigler in Geneva, Kane Co., IL.
Jeffrey Schram, b. Nov. 1977 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.
Douglas Schram, b. Oct. 1979 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan; married (1)Laura Konnis September 2003, Las Vegas, NV. Two children:
Amelia Orre Konischram, b. May 2006, AZ
Imogen Hazel Konishcram, b. Feb. 2010, Rochester, NY
Douglas married (2)Michala Bobb Johnson. Children:
Norah Jean Bobb, b. Sep 2011 (from Michala's first marriage)
Oliver Whitley Schram, b. Jan 2015
Mark Vincent Duerinck, b. 1957, married Jennifer Imfeld
3 children:
Caitlin Joan Duerinck, m. Jeremy Lange. Child(ren):
Elaina Lange, b. 2023 Courtney Duerinck, m. Amethyst Flores Oct 2021
Michael Duerinck, m. Jessica Rokosz Oct 2023
Lynn Patricia Duerinck, b. 1959, married Glen Dressel
3 children:
Ryan Dressel, m. Christine Bormet. Children:
Adrienne Dressel b. 2019
Juliette Dressel b. 2023
David Dressel, m. Amy Bytof. Children:
Louis Dressel Jessica Dressel
Brian Thomas Duerinck, b. 1961, married (1)Dawn Knicely
6 children:
Danielle Duerinck, m. (1)Barry Bowers, (2)Dave Eikleberry (Feb 2024)
Kelsey Duerinck, m. Benjamin Janis
Stefanie Duerinck, b. 1996
Nicholas Duerinck, b. 1998
Melanie Teresa Duerinck, b. 2000
Matthew Louis Duerinck, b. January 2002
Paul Steven Duerinck, b. 1963
Brian married (2)Catalina Psenica Heinz ("Katy")
Thomas F. Bird, b. 31 Oct 1931, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married Wanda Proetti
6 children:
Louise Bird, b. 1956, married James Gutgsell
2 children:
Matthew James Gutgsell, m. Rachel
William Gutgsell Olivia Gutgsell
Thomas J. Bird, m. Janet Wallow. 1 child:
Thomas F. Bird, b. April 2001, Illinois Colleen Bird
Sylvia Bird, married Brian Hasty
2 children:
Mallory Hasty
Christopher Hasty
Diana Bird, married Gregory Steinl. 3 children:
Gabrielle Steinl
Shane Steinl
Joseph Gregory Steinl
Kathleen Bird, married Carl Gerlach
2 children:
Rachael Gerlach
Nicole Teresa Gerlach, b. July 2002
Loretta Jean Bird, b. 25 Apr 1933, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married Robert Kral
3 children:
Deborah Kral, married John Winkleman
John Kral, b. 1955, married (1)Julie
2 children:
Warren Todd Kral
Geoffrey Kral
John married (2)Cathy Kennedy
Stephen Kral, b. 1956, married (1)Josie, (2)Tracy Travis
1 child, Maggie Marie Kral, b. June 2002 Wisconsin
Mary Therese Bird, b. 11 Aug 1937, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married (1) Daniel Amodeo, (2) Leroy LeGros; d. __ Jan 1989, Brookfield, Cook Co., Illinois
Gertrude Guschke, married Donald Gardner
3 children:
Joseph Gardner, married Irene
4 children:
Martin Gardner, married Nancy Recjek
3 children:
Shannon Gardner
Megan Gardner
Eric Gardner
Judy Gardner, married Scott Davis
Karen Gardner, married Robert Roy
Kevin Gardner
Donald Gardner, married Lois
3 children:
Donald Gardner, married Mary
1 child:
Sarah Gardner
Mary Gardner
Susan Gardner
Joan Gardner

Aloys Guschke, married Lorraine Holland
4 children:
Donna Guschke, married Raymond Janota
4 children:
Neil Janota
Ken Janota
James Janota
Richard Janota
Carol Guschke, married Dale Blue
6 children:
Dale Blue
Thomas Blue, married Mariann Sullivan
Timothy Blue
Gary Blue, married ___?
Keith Blue
Matthew Blue
Joyce Guschke, married Robert Whalen
5 children:
Robert Whalen, married ___?
Terry Whalen
Joyce Whalen
Geralyn Whalen
Mary Whalen

Janet Guschke

Dorothy Guschke, d. 1996, married Neuville Fanning (d. 1964)
13 children:
1. Geraldine Fanning, d. 2006
2. Dorothy Fanning, d. 1994, married Patrick O'Connell
5 children:
Patrick O'Connell
Michael O'Connell
??? O'Connell
?? O'Connell
?? O'Connell
3. James Fanning
4. Robert Fanning, married Christine (5 kids)
5. Nancy Fanning, married Cliff Abbott. 5 children, among of which are:
Sue Abbot - married with 2 kids
Adam Abbot married Patti Smith 2 kids
6. Annabelle Fanning, married (1) ___ McGill (2) ___ Weismann; (3) ___ Green; (4) ___ Wright. 3 children of first marriage:
Alan McGill
Christine McGill
Greg McGill
7. Frank Fanning, married Vera
8. Jeannette Fanning, d. 1995, married ___ (1) Szczypkowski; (2) ___ Anderson. Five children of first marriage:
1. Sheila Szczypkowski b 1964, married Lee Proctor (b 1964 English citizen) in 1993 (Illinois). 3 children:
Nathan Proctor. b. 3/1994
Cory Proctor, b. 9/1995
Jason Proctor, b. 6/1997
2. Richard Szczypkowski b 1966, Married Roxanne ? in 1996 IL
3. Steven Szczypkowski b 1967, Married Connie ? in 1989 IL. 2 children:
Nicholas Szczypkowski b 1999
Stephanie Szczypkowski b 2002
4. Brenda Szczypkowski b 1971 IL. 1 child:
Victoria Szczypkowski b 7/1992 5. Bobby Szczypkowski b 1972, died approx 1 yr of age.
9. Helen Fanning, b. 1943, married James Hill (Indiana)
4 children:
James "David" Hill, b. 1964, married Norma Dianna Fernandez, b. 1968 (Indiana)
3 children:
David Noah Hill, b. 1985
Christopher "Ryan" Hill, b. 1990
Joshua Eric Hill, b. 1994
Daniel Robert Hill, b. 1965, married Kathy Sue Jones, b. 1966 (Indiana)
2 children:
Daniel Jerrod ("DJ") Hill, b. 1994
Brianna Marie Hill, b. 1997
Darryl Thomas Hill, b. 1969, m. Jessica ? 1992 IN, have one child.
Deborah Anne Hill, b. 1974 married Glen Brandle 2002 (Illinois). 1 child:
Jack Brandle, b. 2003
10. Lawrence A. ("Larry") Fanning, married (1) Elsie; (2) Sandi
7 children:
1. Leanne Fanning married Ray Pankuch (Illinois), and have 3 children.
2. Laura Fanning, married Tom, 1 child.
3. Paul Fanning
4. Rachel Elise Throne
5. Amanda Kathleen Throne
6. Shannon Fanning, b. 1994, IL
7. Megan Fanning, b. 1994, IL
11. Richard Fanning, married ___?
12. John Fanning, married Christine England. 4 sons:
1. Jason Fanning, married Amy Flood. They have three children:
1. Kaylie Fanning
2. Madison Fanning
3. Nicholas Fanning
2. Ian Fanning, married Megan Eicher. They have two children:
Andrew Fanning, b. Feb 2005
Michael Robert Fanning, b. January 2007
3. Ryan Fanning
4. David Fanning.
13. Lucy Fanning, married Craig Faulstich (Illinois)
3 children:
Alex Faulstich
Cole Faulstich
Ethan Faulstich

Dominick Guschke (died young)

Gertrude Weichbrodt, b. 1872, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), interred 13 Jul 1936 USA; married George Bates

12 children:
George B. Bates, married Marie Weise
1 child:
George R. Bates, married Dorothy Kane
2 children:
Keith Bates
Mary Bates
Marie Bates, married Peter Jax
5 children:
Lawrence Jax, aka Fr. Richard, O.S.B.
Edwin Jax, married Barbara (California)
Marian Jax(Alabama)
Francis Jax
Rosa Jax, died 3 days old
Amelia ("Mollie") Bates, married Joseph Ludwig
5 children:
Leona Ludwig, married Julius Scholsen
Virginia Ludwig, married Rolin Miller
Dolores Ludwig, married Edward O'Connor
2 children:
Maureen O'Connor, married James Berscheid
James O'Connor, married Mary Ann
5 children:
Beth O'Connor
James O'Connor
Christopher O'Connor
Michael O'Connor
Ann O'Connor
Joseph Ludwig, married Beryl D'Arcy
4 children:
Susan Ludwig
David Ludwig, married Judy
3 children:
Amelia Ludwig
Sarah Ludwig
David Ludwig
Angela Ludwig, married James Burke
Lisa Ludwig, married Ken Staub
One child:
Samantha Staub
James Ludwig, married Janet Ninn
4 children:
James Ludwig, married Margaret Flavin
1 child:
James Ludwig
Cynthia Ludwig, married Kirk Beissmann
2 children:
Kirk Beissmann
Adam Beissmann
Amy Ludwig
Laura Ludwig
Esther Bates, married Leo Bauerschmidt (Ohio)
3 children:
Quintin Bauerschmidt, married Dolores
Leo Bauerschmidt, married ____
1 child:
Stacy Bauerschmidt
Vitalis Bauerschmidt, married Robert Warren
Francis Paul Bates, married Catherine Jordan
3 children:
Francis Bates
Marie Bates
James Bates
Gertrude, married Edward Durliate (Ohio)
2 children:
Norma Jean Durliate, married Walter Wells
Connie Durliate, married Leonard Wilhelm
Joseph Bates, married Mary Konrad (Ohio)
3 children:
Robert Bates
Rita Bates
Bernard Bates
John Bates, married Eleanor Walerius; upon his death, she married ___ Treece
Margaret Bates, married Omer Dagenais (Chicago, Illinois area)
4 children:
Roberta Dagenais, married Eugene Vinson
1 child:
Gennye Marie Vinson
Loretta Dagenais, married Philip Vincek
3 children:
Phillip Vincek
Timothy Vincek
Craig Vincek
Jerry Dagenais
Charles Dagenais, married Beverly Brown
3 children:
Charles Dagenais
James Dagenais
Dawn Dagenais
Louis Bates, died 10 years old
Charles ("Whitie") Bates, d. 3 Mar 1957; married Susan Konrad
6 children:
Kate Bates, married Ron Leyman (4 kids)
Marilyn Bates, married James Keogh (3 kids)
Rosemary Bates, married Francis Tokar (4 kids)
Judith Bates, married John Zeiler (5 kids)
Karl Bates, married Patricia Bobak (3 kids)
Bernadette Bates
Thomas Bates, married Lena Johann (Ohio)
Charles Weichbrodt, b. March 1875, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), d. 8 Oct 1918 USA; married Rose
5 children:
Paulette ("Pollie") Weichbrod, b. Jan 1898, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
Rose Weichbrod, b. Mar 1899, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, died Tuberculosis
Martha Weichbrod, married James Fucik
Charlotte Weichbrod
Leona Weichbrod, married ___ Collins (1 child Francis, who married ___ Slateon)
Paul Weichbrodt, b. 1875, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), emigrated to USA at the age of 6 (previously had 12--see Hattie Weichbrod emigre 1882) years, d. 12 Jan 1938 USA; married Josephine Seifert (from Wisconsin). The 1920 federal census shows them living in the state of Wisconsin, County of Richland, Arion Township. 7 children:
Margaret Weichbrod, b. 19 Sep 1897 Illinois, d. 13 Feb 1941 Illinois; m. to Charles Robertson. Two daughters:
1. Margaretha Laura Robertson, b. July 1918 in Muscoda, Grant County, Wisconsin, died in Arizona January 10th, 2007 (pancreatic cancer); m. Harold McGrath, and had one daughter:
Margaret Mary McGrath, b. Oct. 1942 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, d. April 27th, 2006 in Gilbert, Arizona (lymphoma). She married in 1967 to (1) Dennis Tierney and (2) William Wojtalik 1974. Two children:
First marriage: Laura Lynn Tierney, b. September 1968 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; m. on March 4th, 1992 to Kevin Walkenhorst. Two children:
1. Angela Lee Herron, b. March 1987 in Escanaba, Delta County, Michigan.
Angela has one son, Cornell Michael Lee Gillis, b. January 2006 in Coldwater, Mercer County, Ohio. 2. Jonathon Walter Walkenhorst b. January 1993 Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona.
Second marriage: William Max Wojtalik ("Max"), b. February 1976 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; m. March 18th, 2000 to Amanda Edwards. They have 2 daughters:
1. Bryanne Nicole Wojtalik, b. May 2002 Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona
2. Katelyn Marie Wojtalik, b. August 2005 Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona.
2. Delores J. Robertson ("Lolly"), b. 19 Jul 1920, SSDI record states d. 3 Jul 1998 - Aransas Pass, San Patricio, Texas (but Aransas Pass is in Aransas County, Texas) (stomach cancer). She married Melton R. Viau (b. 15 Jun 1915, d. 11 Mar 1992 San Patricio County, Texas) and they had the following children (all live in TX):
1. Marvin C. Viau, b. July 1941, m. Donna M. (?), b. 1948, at least 5 children:
Melony Viau, resides in Texas. 3 children
Nicky ____ born 3/87
Nicky has a child born in 2005 Shawna(?)
A boy born in Jan '93 I think
Michael Viau, last known residence was Wisconsin
Chrissy Viau
Ronald M. Viau, b. March 1973, Texas, m. Miriam(?)
Jeremy Viau, b. 1983
and others unknown
2. Charles Viau, has a number of children. One is Charlie Viau Jr., may live in California
3. Roberta L. Viau, b. 1947, m. Gary Micheau (deceased). They have 3 children:
1. Cary Lee Micheau, b. Jan 1970 - Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina; m. (1)Donna Michelle Murphy, born June 1972 Riverside CA; m. (2)Shannon Lee Kotowski, born May 1968 Milwaukee, WI; live in Hendersen, Nevada. Have 4 children (1st 3 from first marriage):
Kristi Lynn Micheau born September 1990 Hinesville, Georgia
Alexandrea Nicole Micheau born February 1995 Lowville, New York
Cody Montanna Paul Micheau born February 1998 Las Vegas, Nevada
Cassidy Lee Micheau, born Feb 2006 Henderson NV
2. Terrell Konrad Micheau born August 1972 Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina; m. Sandra Castro in Texas (b. Aug 1972 Escanaba, Delta County, Michigan). One child:
Micheala Micheau born 1995 Texas. 3. Rhonda Lynn Micheau born Sep 1977 Escanaba, Delta County, Michigan; m. married Dean Lahaleih (b. 1969 Jordan, Texas?) in Texas, no children.
4. Melton R. Viau Jr., b. 28 June 1960, d. 4 December 2006 Woodsboro, Refugio County, Texas (stomach and liver cancer); m. Teresa Castro (b.~1972) in Aransas, Texas on 14 Mar 1992.
Rose Weichbrod, b. 20 July 1899 Illinois, d. 30 Jan. 1950. In the 1920 federal census for Chicago (13th Ward), Cook County, Illinois, enumeration district 750 (sheet 5B), there is a Rose whose age is 20, whose parents were born in Germany. She was a telephone operator.
Dorothy Hattie Weichbrod ("Dora"), b. 16 April 1903, d. 5 July 1982; m. John ____. One child:
Marlene R. ____, b. Feb 1938, resides Denver, Jefferson County, Colorado, m. John Sbarbaro (b. 1936). Have 2 children:
Anne Marie Sbarbaro, b. July 1970 Denver, Denver(?) County, Colorado
Tony Sbarbaro
Fredrick Joseph Weichbrod, b. 18 April 1905, d. 22 Oct 1985
2 children:
____ Weichbrod
____ Weichbrod
Paul Weichbrod, died at 1 year of age
Paul Michael Weichbrod, b. 29 June 1910, d. 9 January 1981; married Berniece Long
6 children:
Carol Weichbrod, b. May 1939, married on 27 April 1964 to Lawrence Crary
2 children:
One stillborn son b. 3 September 1967
Debra Lorraine Crary, born April 1971; married to Jeffrey Klade, 12 December 2000.
1 child: Cameron Lawrence Klade, born February 1995
Fred Weichbrod, b. 1944. Living in Muscoda, WI. No children.
Lorraine Annette Weichbrod, b. 1945, d. 28 July 1963
Ralph Weichbrod, b. ____, married ____. 3 children:
Michael Weichbrod, married ____, have 2 girls.
Ralph Weichbrod, Jr.
Julie Weichbrod, married ____, have 1 boy.
Paul Joseph Weichbrod, b. ____, married ____. 2 children:
Paul Joseph Weichbrod, Jr., b. ____, married ____. Paulette Marie Weichbrod, b. ____, married ____. 2 children (boy and girl). Donald Weichbrod, b. ____, married ____. 3 children:
Donald Weichbrod, Jr.
Chris Weichbrod (Christin(e)(a)?)
Wendy Weichbrod
Josephine Amelia Weichbrod, b. 2 June 1918, d. 24 January 1997 (previously was 1994); m. John Thompson on Nov 23, 1939. Five(or six?) children:
1. John Paul Thompson, b. 21 September 1940, d. 14 January 1992; married Linda Eads on 8-25-1965. Three children:
1. Teresa Thompson, born 9-?-?, married on ? to ____. Two children:
a. Justin ____
b. Britton ____
2. William Paul Thompson, born ?, married ? to ___. No children.
3. Jennifer Thompson, born ?, married Bruce Nordlof on 11-13-2004. Has 1 daughter and 2 step children:
a. Maya Justine Nordlof 5-2004
2. Dolores Josephine Thompson born 10-1941. Married ___. 4 Children:
1. Joseph Petrow born married __.
2. Paula Petrow b 5-1964 married Bruce LaVasser on __. Two children:
a. Brice Petrow
b. __Petrow
3. __ Petrow
4. __ Petrow
3. Mary Louise Thompson, born 9-1942, married Albert Joseph Fatla on 5-9-1964. Five children (3 boys and 2 girls)
1. Robert Fatla born 3-1965 married Tammy Garner on 7-14-1990. 4 children:
a. Gwendolyn N. Fatla born 9-1992
b. Jonah S. Fatla born 12-1994
c. Angela Fatla died 5-1997
d. Anastacia K. Fatla born 2-1998
2. Thomas M. Fatla born 5-1966
3. Mary M. Fatla born 7-1969 married Michael Brasch on 8-__-?
a. Alexendra N. Brash born 10-1996
b. Louise I. Brash born 9-1999
4. Kristine A. Fatla born 8-1970 died 3-7-2003
5. Albert J. Fatla III born 8-1972 married Shannon Huffman on 10-31-2001
a. Courtney Fatla born 11-1995
b. Orion Fatla born 2-2000
c. Zoe B. Fatla born 9-2005
d. Addison Elizabeth Fatla born May 2008
4. James Thompson born 11-1943, married Feng Tsu Ting on 6-10-1973. Three children:
1. James Thompson born ?, married __. One child:
A. __ Thompson
2. Charlene Thompson born 11-27-1967 died 11-27-1967 buried in Turkey.
3. Anthony Thompson born Feb. 1977
5. Donna Rose Thompson, born 4-1954.
Amelia Weichbrodt, b. 1875, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), d. DeMotte, Indiana, interred 25 Jan 1943 USA; married John Bates
3 children:
Helen Bates, d. 23 Nov 1977 Montana?; married ___ Ball
Matthew Bates, b. ~1903, interred 12 Oct 1956
Charles Bates, married Mildred


West Prussian Land Register 1772/73 (called Kontributionskataster)
Weichbrod, Ernst, town of Tupadel, governing office at Amt Putzig, in County Neustadt, in section number 18011051 film 6038, page 40 and reg# 135.
Weichbrod, Ernst, town of Tupadel, governing office at Putzig, in section number 18011051, film 6036, page 856, reg# 149.
Weichbrodt, Jacob, town of Schinwaldesche Huette, governing office at Oliva, in County Kreis Neustadt, in section number 18011046, film 6037, page 741, and reg# 3412; comments -- also Schoenwalde; mit Schimwaldsche Huette
Weichbrodt, Jacob, town of Schinwaldosche Hutte, governing office at Oliva, in section 18011046, film 6036, page 375, reg #3412
Weichbrodt, Martin, town of Konarsein, governing office at Amt Kyschau, in section 18011031, film 6035, page 622, reg #105.


William Schultz from the state of Texas states: My great grandmother was Celia M. Weichbrodt b. 10 Nov 1887 Chicago, m. bef 1917, d. 28 Aug 1935 Chicago. Her parents were John Weichbrodt and Minnie Scheuer both b. in Germany. John & Minnie were m. 4 Aug 1887 in Cook County. I do not have any info beyond this, but there were not many Weichbrodt's in Chicago during the late 1880s.
"I also found a Julius Weichbrodt in the 1880 Cook County census, ED 216 Lake View Township, page 251, all family members born in Prussia."
Per William Schultz: We have a total of 72 Illinois Weichbrodts in our database so far. I have no doubt that they tie into your line, I am just not sure where yet. We found 27 Weichbrodts buried in the Concordia Cemetery, 7900 Madison Street, Forest Park, Illinois 60130 in the Chicago area. I only have the names of 14 of them: Albert, Anna, Carl, Edna, Elsa, Emil, Emil, Geo., George, Helen L., Inf. of Edw., Inf. of Theo., Johanna, and Julius. Also checked the U.S. Census, Illinois, Cook County, for the years 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920. Here is the link to William and Alexis Schultz website on their Chicago WEICHBRODT's:
Schultz on Chicago Weichbrodt's

Kevin notes: In the 1920 federal census for Chicago, Cook County, Illinois (enumeration district 1642, 27th Ward), there is an Emil Weichbrod, age 53 and a house painter, hailing from Prussia, Germany. His wife is Anna, age 46. 7 children: George 19, Clara 18, William 17, Hattie 15, Edward 13, Marie 11, Anna, age 9.


Cyndi's List Germany

Prussia Roots and Schlesien Roots Mailing Lists

Lulu's traditional-german-clothing-german-heritage site (provided by Corrine Bass, thank you!)


"Separated Angels: Shannon and Megan, the Fanning Twins", by Larry A. Fanning (1995, Storybook Press, Naperville, IL).

"Die Kartei Quassowski" (KQ), Hans-Wolfgang Quassowski, Hamburg Germany. The Original "Die Kartei Quassowski" was authored by Hans-Wolfgang Quassowski of Hamburg Germany. It was published and copyrighted 1977 by Verein für Familienforschung in Ost und Westpreu en. "Die Kartei Quassowski" is an extensive collection of genealogy of east German families. It is a part of the "Quellen, Materialien und Sammlungen zur altpreu ischen Familienforschung (QMS) ; Nr. 1" series. "The index volume of (385) pages is one of about 20 volumes of this collection and contains the genealogy of an estimated 350,000 persons. While it best known as an important source of East and West Preuessen genealogy, it is known to contain Pommern genealogy and appears to have Posen and Silesien genealogy as well." Weichbrodt is a name that is included in this reference work. See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA). Search the CEFHA Web Site Index at Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA)

"General Index zu den Siebmacher'schen Wappenbüchern 1605-1957 (GISW)", General Index authored by Hanns Jäger-Sunstenau, published and copyrighted 1984 by Akademische Druck und Verlagsanstalt, Graz - Austria. This work is "known to be an excellent index to the large multi-volume set of Siebmacher's works concerning what is now Germany, plus Austria, Switzerland and much of Eastern Europe. It contains 586 pages and an estimated 10,000 surnames with wappens recorded by Siebmacher. It includes parts of Siebmacher volumes 3, 15 and 31 that were omitted from the preceding index volume (1967?)". This work has the name Weichbrodt! See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA)

"The GLB (German Lineage Books) collection at the FHL (Family History Library) is a major primary collection used by researchers. The first volume was published in 1889. It now includes individual volumes for separate regions within the former German Empire. This is the first of about 30 files serving as finding aids for this collection. A gray binder near the reference desk on the B-1 Level of the FHL contains a 67 page listing of all family names, coupled with the Volume number and page number for each family history. We only know of one volume missing from this collection - Volume 112 (Schlesien)." Quote from John Movius, CEFHA, at Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA). This book contains the family Weichbrodt from Schiave, Pommern.

The "Pommersche Familiennamen" by Dr. Hans Bahlow, published by Verlag Detgner, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1982 (99 pages, ISBN 3-7686-4099-X). "This book mainly consists of German family names from the Preussen Province of Pommern. The former Prussian province of Pommern (Pomerania) is split by the present day German-Polish border (generally speaking, the Oder River) as a result of the Yalta Treaty since the end of World War II (1945). Eastern Pommern (Hinterpommern) is now called Pomorze, Poland. Western Pommern (Vorpommern) is now part of the German province of Mecklenburg -Vorpommern." Quote from John Movius, CEFHA, at Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA). This book has Weichbrodt! Caution: "While the book appears to be an alphabetical listing of Pommern surnames in Bold, many of the Pommern surnames in it are NOT alphabetized and do NOT appear in Bold."

"Landwirtschaftliches Addre buch der Provinz Pommern", is found in the open stacks on level B1 of the Family History Library at Salt Lake City, Utah (Dewey Decimal System call number 948.81 R24L 1938. It also was microfilmed in 1989 and can be found on FHL microfilm #1573108. It lists Pommeranian farmers living there in 1939, such as these Weichbrodt names: Erich, Karl, Paul, Richard, Rudolf, Wilhelm, Willy. Information from John Movius, CEFHA, at Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA).

"Teil II - Revision", Ahnentafeln (AL) Numbers 10001 through 11000 vs. Microfilm number and Primary Family name. Based on "Every AL Number" list by John Movius, Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes. See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA). In this work is Weichbrodt!, as follows: Ahnentafeln (AL) Number 10341, FHL Microfilm Number 1809562, item 4, 56 (meaning the number of microfilmed pages).

For the German surname Plath, order microfilm number 1183739, and look at items 2 and 3 on the microfilm. You would order this microfilm from the closest Mormon Family History Center. Actually, if you want all publications that have Plath in it, go to CEFHA's site and type in Plath: Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA) Web Site Index



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