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Looking for Bird relatives descended from Thomas Bird, born in Ireland ~ 1820's-1830's, emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts

History of Bird: I will get you better history "down the road". Suffice it to say now, that the Bird family at one time may have been O'Bird, but it is also an anglicized name. The Gaelic name would approach something like McEneeny, MacEnanaigh, etc. Poor old man Bird was chased by Cromwell south to Kilkenny, made Bird swim the River Barrow into Wexford. Later, Cromwell landed in Wexford, so old man Bird had to swim back across the River Barrow into County Kilkenny. The Bird Family still resides in Hoodsgrove, a townsland by Rosbercon, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. The Bird family, or the Gaelic equivalent, was probably originally from up north, around Counties Longford and Cavan.

Research Tips: The Bird Family was from Hoodsgrove, a townsland consisting of 295 acres in County Kilkenny, Ida Barony, Rosbercon Parish, New Ross PLU (Poor Law Union), Leinster Province, Ireland.
The O'Keeffe Family was from Coolnahau, a townsland consisting of 522 acres in County Kilkenny, Knocktopher Barony, Jerpoint West Parish, New Ross PLU, Leinster Province.

Future research: In the baptismal book of the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Rosbercon, there are baptismal entries of another Bird family in Cooleen, a townsland consisting of 317 acres in County Kilkenny, Ida Barony, Dysartmoon Parish, New Ross PLU, Leinster Province, Ireland. For example, on 2 Jan 1836, Catherine Bird, daughter of Patrick Bird and Sally McDonald of the townsland Cooleen, was baptized. Sponsors were John Walsh and Mary Bird. On 25 April 1840, a child was baptized, parents John Hays and Mary Bird from Cooleen townsland; sponsors were Thomas Hays and Mary Foley. In the marriage register, on 18 Feb 1836 there was a Catherine Bird present at the marriage of Laurence Aylward and Ellen Grant of Ballyniel. Was this Catherine the sister of Patrick Bird (the spouse of Honora Kane)?

Patrick Bird, b. 1748-50 + _____. 3 children:

Catherine Bird
____ Bird
Patrick Bird, b. 1794, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire, d. 2 March 1877; married Honora Kane, b. 1799, d. 4 February 1852, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire. 5 children:
Margaret Bird, b~1827 Hoodsgrove, Co. Kilkenny, Eire, married Patrick Haberlin, b.~1831 Ireland. Lived in Manchester, Ontario County, NY. 1880 U.S. Federal Census > New York > Ontario > Other Townships > District 127. 7 children:
Katherine Haberlin, married Bernard Maxwell (was he born ~1863 in Brooklyn, NY, parents John and Bridget who came over from Ireland?--1880 census), 28 Nov 1883, Palmyra, New York. 6 or 8 children:
Katherine H. Maxwell, b. 1893; married John P. Dooley, age 42 born New York, a printer by trade. 6 children:
Note: 1920 census has a (C)atherine V. Dooley, b. ~Nov 1917 -- then the 1930 census has it Virginia K. Dooley.
Virginia K. Dooley, b. ~1918 New York, married John O'Connor. 4 children:
Peter O'Connor, married Alenka
Michael O'Connor
Margaret O'Connor, married ___?
Mary Kay O'Connor
Justin A. Dooley, b. ~1919 New York, married Margaret. 2 children:
James Dooley
John Dooley
Anna Marie ("Nan") Dooley, b. ~1922 New York,
Elizabeth Dooley, b. ~1923 New York,, married Robert Boucher. 3 children:
Steven Boucher
Suzanne Boucher
Paul Boucher
Bernard J. Dooley (Reverend Bernard), b. ~1925 New York
Hugh J. Dooley, b. 5 June 1927 New York, married Myrna (Ohio). 8 children:
Elizabeth Dooley
Deborah Dooley
John Dooley, b. Aug 1952, married Elizabeth
Kathleen Dooley
Joseph Dooley
Mary Dooley
Patricia Dooley
Timothy Dooley, b. Dec 1962 (living Medina, OH)
Leo B. Maxwell, b. 1889, d. 1978, he was a tailor in 1930 (census); married ~1924 Irene M. Broderick (b. 1900). Lived at 159 Genesee Street, Avon, Livingston County, NY. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > New York > Livingston > Avon > District 1. 9 children:
Robert J. Maxwell, b. 1925, married Cathy. 3 children:
John Maxwell
Ronald Maxwell
Donald Maxwell
Leo F. Maxwell, b. 30 Mar 1927, d. 1 Nov 2005 Le Roy, Genessee Co., NY, married Lorraine. 2 children:
Daniel Maxwell
Keith Maxwell
Rita J. Maxwell, b.~Dec. 1928, married Verne A. 4 children:
Karen A.
Sharon A.
Michael A.
Lorraine A.
Shirley Maxwell, b.~ Jan.1930 or Dec 1929, married Harold B.
1 child: David B.
Mary Maxwell, married Richard S. 2 children:
Deborah S.
Chris S.
Teresa Maxwell, married (1) Leonard D.; (2) Richard N. 3 children:
Dorothy Maxwell, married Richard H. 4 children:
Mary Ellen H.
Christine H.
Mark H.
William H.
Veronica Maxwell, married Thomas E. 3 children:
Melissa E.
Lynn E.
William E.
Genevieve Maxwell, b. 1884, d. 1910
Timothy Maxwell, b. 1886, d. 1967; married ~1909 Rose R. Doris (b.~1883 in Canada, immigrated 1902, was naturalized). According to the 1930 U.S. Federal Census > New York > Wayne > Macedon > District 24, Timothy was a postal clerk for the railroad while his son Bernard worked the farm on Erie Street Road. They had a lodger living with them by the name of Ralph Dixon, age 17, who was a laborer on the farm. 3 children:
Mary Catherine Maxwell ("Sis"), b. 9 May 1915 NY, d. 2 July 2002 in Macedon, Wayne Co., NY, married Robert Rushing, b. 23 Feb 1914, d. Apr 1983 in Macedon, Wayne Co., NY. 4 children:
Kathleen Rushing, married Michael ___?
Robin Rushing
Elizabeth Rushing, married ___?
Suzanne Rushing, married Dirk Stephen Winterkorn in 1978 (div. 1995). Two children:
Anna Megan Winterkorn, b. 1980
Patrick Shawn Winterkorn, b. 1982
Bernard Maxwell, b.~1914 NY, married Margaret
1 child: Margaret Maxwell
Francis Maxwell, b.~1917 NY
Mary A. Maxwell, b. 1888, d. 1963; married ~1910 to Robert Farrell, b.~1885 NY. They lived on a farm in Macedon, NY. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > New York > Wayne > Macedon > District 24. 3 children:
Irene Farrell, b.~1912 NY, married Richard Buckley
Roger Farrell
Katherine Farrell, b.~1917 NY, married Leo Tran. 2 children:
David Tran
Mary Lin Tran
Margaret Maxwell, b. 1891, d. 1911
Honora Haberlin ("Nora"), b.~1861 New York, married Francis Connelly (search census under "Frank", not Francis), b.~1858 New York, a farmer. Married when he was age 31, she 28. 11 children, although the 1930 census shows 2 children at the farm in Canandaigua, NY, one being a son Thomas Connelly, age 28, who worked at an auto repair shop, along with Charles, age 23, a section hand on the steam railroad. Frank's brother Edward Connelly (age 70) also lived with them, and he did odd jobs. 1930 U.S. Federal Census > New York > Ontario > Canandaigua > District 12. It appears that the 1920 census shows Frank as a "fireman". 12 children:
John Connelly, b.~1891 NY, was an engineer for a steam railroad, married ~1924 Evelyn Doris (b.~1893 Canada, immigrated 1924, was a naturalized citizen). 1930 U.S. Federal Census > New York > Monroe > Rochester > District 147. 4 children:
Doris M. Connelly, b.~1926 NY
Katherine R. Connelly (Sister Mary Edward), b.~1928 NY.
Joanna T. Connelly, b.~1930 NY, married ___ O'Brien
Mary Evelyn Connelly, b. after 1930, married Gerald Reed
James Connelly
Francis F. Connelly (search census under "Frank"), b.~1896 NY, married Christiane Craib (her parents emigrated from Scotland). Lived with her parents at 192 N. Pleasant Street, Canandaigua, NY. Frank was a freight handler at a freight house. Christiane's father was a farmer. 1920 U.S. Census • New York • Ontario • Canandaigua • ED# 63.
Joseph Connelly, b.~1900 NY, was a laborer on the steam railroad (1920 census). 1920 U.S. Census • New York • Ontario • Canandaigua • ED# 68.
Louis Connelly, b.~1903 NY
Elizabeth Connelly, b. 11 May 1904, d. 12 Mar 1989; married Howard Brooks. 4 children:
Howard Brooks
Betty Lee Brooks
Margaret Brooks
Patricia Brooks
Anna Connelly, b.~1869 NY
Mary Connelly
Thomas Connelly???? Age 28 in 1930 census, b.~1902 New York
Charles Connelly, b.~1907 New York
Margaret Connelly
Katherine Connelly
Peter Haberlin, b.~1867 NY
Mary Haberlin (Sister Felicity)
Elizabeth Haberlin ("Lizzie"), b.~1866 NY
Michael Haberlin, b.~1863 NY, labored on the family farm in Manchester, Ontario County, NY with his dad Patrick Haberlin, died just shy of his 100th birthday. 1880 U.S. Federal Census > New York > Ontario > Other Townships > District 127. Knew Joseph Smith who founded Mormonism re 1830's.
Anna M. Haberlin, married Bernard Maxwell, 23 June 1894. According to the 1920 U.S. Census • New York • Wayne • Macedon • ED# 148, Bernard was a farmer in Macedon, NY., with sons Joseph and Earl as farm laborers, all living on "Rochester Road". 11 children:
Joseph Maxwell, b. 1895, d. 1964
Gertrude Maxwell (Parkinson's), b. 1896, d. 1980; married Job Halloran. 5 children:
Emmett Halloran (Reverend), b. 24 Feb 1926 d. 21 Mar 2004, Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY
William Halloran, d. 2004, Ohio
Michael Halloran, b. 25 Feb 1936, d. Nov. 5, 2005 in East Bloomfield, Ontario Co., NY, m. (1)Pauline _____, (2)Jean _____, (3)Claudia _____.
Issue of first marriage:
1. Michael Halloran (d.)
2. William Halloran
3. Donna Halloran, m. Steven DeLong
4. Kenneth Halloran, m. Catherine
Issue of second marriage:
5. Margaret Meredith, m. Ernie Cruz
6. Catherine Meredith
7. Daniel Meredith
8. Ellie Meredith
9. Melissa Halloran
Issue of third marriage:
10. Lori Strassner, m. Michael Jones
11. Amy Strassner, m. Arthur Sargent
12. Jennifer Halloran
Margaret Halloran, m. Bernard Barry. One child:
David Barry Anne Halloran, m. George White. One daughter:
Gail White
Rose Maxwell, b. 23 May 1897, d. Aug 1984 in Rochester, Monroe, NY
Paul Maxwell, b. 1899, d. 1911
Earl C. Maxwell (Parkinson's), b. 1901, d. 1977; married Evelyn Tay. 8 children:
John P. Maxwell
Lorraine Maxwell, married John M. 5 children:
Linda M.
Barbara M.
Mary Anne M.
Carolyn M.
John M.
Phyllis Maxwell, married Francis ___?. 2 children:
Mary Ellen Maxwell, married Agustin Piva. 4 children:
Estoban Piva
Diego Piva
Gabriella Piva
Elizabeth Piva
Thomas Maxwell, married (1) Alice; (2) Jacqueline. 4 children:
Robert Maxwell
Ron Maxwell
Thomas Maxwell
Kathleen Maxwell
Willard Maxwell, married Kathleen
1 child: Marie Maxwell
Richard Maxwell, married Guadalupe. 3 children:
Therese Maxwell
Jeanette Maxwell
Denise Maxwell
Jane Maxwell, married Victor H. 4 children:
Laura H.
Victor H.
Mark H.
Jennifer H.
John L. Maxwell (Reverend; Parkinson's Disease), b. 1902, d. 1977
Ruth Maxwell, b. 1903, d. 1953?
Angela Maxwell, b. 1904, d. 1906, at 2 years old
Veronica Maxwell, b. 1906, d. 1984
Dorothy Maxwell, b. 1908, d. 1909, at 1 years old
Sister Teresa Maxwell, O.C.D., b. 1911
Mary Bird, b. 1828, d. 14 Sep 1845
Katherine Bird, b. ~1830. If this is "Kitty": she married (1) Neddy Keeffe of Coolnahau, (2) ___ Dooley of Hoodsgrove. Any kids?
[Just a note from Kevin Duerinck, dated Dec 8, 2002, after getting in touch with Jack Hogan, of the New Ross Hogans: It appears that Kitty married a second time probably not to a Dooley, but to Thomas Hogan. If this is the same Catherine Bird, which I believe it to be, Catherine was born around 1838, died 13 February 1893. Both Catherine and husband Thomas Hogan, are buried in St. Mary’s Church graveyard in New Ross. They had the following children: Mary Anne HOGAN and Sarah HOGAN. Of course, more research would have to be done at the church in Rosbercon to determine if Catherine/Katherine Bird is the one married to Thomas Hogan, or if Catherine Bird was from the Cooleen clan of Bird's. Oral family history agrees that this was "our" Catherine/Katherine Bird from Hoodsgrove, Co.Kilkenny.] Thomas Bird (went to Boston???)
Patrick Bird, b. 1831 or 1829, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire, d. 2 March 1920, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire; married Bridgett O'Keeffe, b. ~1835, Coolnahau (Co. Kilkenny), Eire, d. 25 February 1908, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire.
[Notes for Bridget Keeffe: Online, at RootsWeb's Kilkenny Archives, July 20, 1999, from Bob Murphy, is a listing of selected baptisms at the Rosbercon parish. Baptized on April 16, 1834 was Bridget Keefe, daughter of Richard Keefe and Bridget Watt, godparents were John Kneefe and Mary Gorey. This does not appear to be our Bridgett, although the date is close]. 11 children:
Thomas Bird, b. 15 Jan 1862, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire, d. Tuberculosis. Sponsors J. Morrissey and Catherine Roche.
Mary Bird, b. 22 Sep 1863, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire
Honora Bird, b. 15 May 1865, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire. Sponsors Edmond Keefe and Bridget Keefe
Richard Aloys Bird, b. 4 Sep 1866, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire, d. 15 February 1956 Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois; married Mary Jo Power, b. 25 April 187_, (Co. Kilkenny) Eire, d. 23 December 1933, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois. 8 children:
Richard Bird (died at 7 months), buried Rosbercon, Eire
Edward Bird (died at 5 days), buried Rosbercon, Eire
Alice Bird, had Parkinson's disease
John J. Bird married Hermine ____. 2 children:
John Bird, married Marilyn (5 kids: John, Bill, Greg, Brian, Keith)
Carol Bird, married Jack Herman (1 daughter: Kathy, who married Martin Murphy, had daughter Hannah Murphy
Patrick A. Bird, Catholic priest, pastor St. Mary's Church, Des Plaines, Illinois
Veronica Bird (born 1903) married Stephen Joseph Sexton
One child: Stephen Richard Sexton, married Margaret Nemann. 4 children:
1. Kathleen Sexton, married Howard Brandeisky. 2 children:
1. Kara Veronica Brandeisky, b. 1991
2. Paul Stephen Brandeisky, b. 1994
2. Anne Sexton, married Neil Doughty. 2 children:
Nina Kathleen Doughty
Peter Stephen Doughty
3. Julie Sexton, married Byron Stallworth. 2 children:
1. Maya Rose Stallworth
2. Jerome Byron Stallworth
4. Michael Sexton, married Colleen Wagner (div)
James P. Bird, married Margaret Lanphear. 2 children:
Michael James ("Jim") Bird, married Rita ___. 3 children:
Susan Bird, married Bernard Enright
Katie Bird, married Michael Kerinboth
Michael James Bird
Richard F. Bird IV, married Bernadette Nagorka
One child: Richard F. Bird, married Hillary Smith
Thomas Francis Bird, b. 23 May 1898, Chicago (Cook Co), Illinois, d. 8 January 1983, Brookfield (Cook Co.), Illinois; married Teresa Marie Guschke, b. 1903, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois, d.January 19, 2001 Oak Brook (DuPage Co.), Illinois. 4 children:
Patricia Ann Bird, b. July 1930, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married Louis Theophiel Duerinck, b. August 1929, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinois, d Nov 2008. 7 children:
Louis Michael Duerinck, b. April 1954, married Suzanne Pelowski. 4 children:
Kimberly Duerinck, married Nathaniel Harris. Children:
Madilyn Suzanne Harris, b. November 2002
Alexander Quinn Harris, b. March 2004
Jacob Lee Harris, b. 2007
James Duerinck
Patrick Duerinck married Andrea Cashman, Dec 2014.
Robert Duerinck
Kathleen Marie Duerinck, b. April 1955, married John Lutgen. 4 children:
John Lutgen
Megan Lutgen, m. Chris McCoy. One child:
Joshua McCoy Sarah Lutgen
Timothy Lutgen
Kevin Francis Duerinck, b. June 1956, Hinsdale (DuPage Co.), Illinois; married Terri Ann Huston Schram, b. 1954, Michigan. 3 children:
Jamie Schram, b. Sep. 1973, m.Oct 2004 to Amy Siegler. One child:
Molly Schram Jeffrey Schram, b. Nov. 1977
Douglas Schram, b. Oct. 1979, m. Laura Konnis in Las Vegas, NV. 2 childreb:
Amelia Orre Konischram, May 2006, Maricopa, Pinal County, Arizona
Imogen Hazel Konischram, b. Feb 2010, Rochester, Monroe County, NY
Mark Vincent Duerinck, b. Aug. 1957, married Jennifer Imfeld. 3 children:
Caitlin Duerinck
Courtney Duerinck
Michael Duerinck
Lynn Patricia Duerinck, b. Jan. 1959, married Glen Dressel. 3 children:
Ryan Dressel
David Dressel
Jessica Dressel
Brian Thomas Duerinck, b. Jan. 1961, married Dawn Knicely. 6 children:
Danielle Duerinck
Kelsey Duerinck
Stefanie Duerinck
Nicholas Duerinck
Melanie Duerinck
Matthew Louis Duerinck
Paul Steven Duerinck, b. Nov. 1963
Thomas F. Bird, b. 31 Oct 1931, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos; married Wanda Proetti. 6 children:
Louise Bird, b. 1956, married James Gutgsell. 2 children:
Matthew Gutgsell
Olivia Gutgsell
Thomas J. Bird and Janet Wallow
1 child:
Thomas Francis Bird, b. April 2001, Illinois
Colleen Bird
Sylvia Bird, married Brian Hasty. 2 children:
Mallory Hasty
Christopher Hasty
Diana Bird, married Gregory Steinl. 3 children:
Gabrielle Steinl
Shane Steinl
Joseph Gregory Steinl
Kathleen Bird, married Carl Gerlach. 2 children:
Rachael Gerlach
Nicole Teresa Gerlach, b. July 2002
Loretta Jean Bird, b. 25 Apr 1933, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos, d. __; married Robert Kral. 3 children: Deborah Kral, married John Winkelman
John Kral, b. 1955, married Julie. 2 children:
Warren Todd Kral
Geoffrey Kral
Stephen Kral, b. 1956, married (1)Josie ___, (2)Tracy Travis. 1 child:
Maggie Marie Kral, b. June 2002, Wisconsin
Mary Therese Bird, b. 11 Aug 1937, Chicago (Cook Co.), Illinos, d. __ Jan 1989, Brookfield, Cook Co., Illinois; married (1) Daniel Amodeo, (2) Leroy LeGros
. 1 child of first marriage:
Greg Amodeo, died early.
Margaret, b. 12 Nov 1868, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire; married Patrick Ryan. 3 children:
Bridget Ryan, married ___ Leahy. 4 children:
Sister Filomena Leahy
Elizabeth Leahy
?? Leahy
?? Leahy
Andrew Ryan
Honora Ryan
John Bird, b. 25 May 1870, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire, d. Tuberculosis. Sponsors Mary and Pat Keefe.
Mary Anne Bird, b. 4 Nov 1871, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire
Catherine Bird, b. 24 Aug 1873, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire
Bridget Bird, b. 11 Sep 1874, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire; married __ Barron (from the Rower, Carigeen) (no children>. Sponsors Anne Butler of Hoodsgrove and Galentin? Brophy
Anne Bird, b. ???, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire; married Patrick Cosgrove (no children)
Patrick Bird, b. 27 Aug 1876, Hoodsgrove (Co. Kilkenny), Eire; married Annastatia Doherty. 5 children:
Richard Bird (died as infant)
Thomas Bird, b. 1909, d. August 2002, married Mary Fitzgerald. 7 children:
James Bird
Luke Bird, married Noreen. Two children:
1. Luke Bird
2. Sarah Bird
Mary Bird, married Patrick Smyth, 3 children:
Christine Smyth, b. 1985, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Andrew Smyth (twin), b. 1990, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Daniel Smyth (twin), b. 1990, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Patrick Bird, married Mary. Two children:
David Bird
Niamh Bird
Christine Bird, married John O'Hanain (d.1984, Greece)
Bridget ("Breda") Bird
Lucianne Bird married Eamon Mongey. Two children:
Ella Mongey
Thomas Mongey
Bridget ("Bride") Bird, d. 1996 or 1997, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland
Mary Bird, married Patrick Coady. One son: Patrick Coady, married Breda Mullins, have 2 sons: Brendan Thomas Coady, and Nicholas Coady
Margaret ("Peg") Bird, married Patrick Stapleton. 5 children:
Teresa Stapleton, married Tiernan O'Rourke
Jacqueline Stapleton, married Harry Gough, 3 children: Barry Gough, Ashling Gough, Clionha Gough
Patrick Stapleton
Maura Stapleton, married Eamon Doherty, 4 children: Niamh Doherty, Michael Doherty, Edmund Doherty and Muireann Doherty
Michael Stapleton, married Ruth, 2 children: Shane Stapleton, Ross Stapleton


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Y-chromosome variation and Irish origins, E. Hill, M. Jobling, D. Bradley, 23 March 2000 Volume 404 Nature No. 6776



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