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Bridget ("Bride") Bird (rest her soul) answers my questions about all the Bird relatives in Ireland, including the O'Keefe, Keefe, Roche, Butler, Kane, Dooley, Hogan, Gorman, Byrne, Doyle, Cleary, Long, Quirk, Whelan, Tubrid, Holden, Hennessy, Aylward Some of the towns they are from: Coolnahaugh, Scorthnamore, Flemingstown, Ballyfacy, Clune, Millbanks, Clonmel, New Ross, Kilmoganny.

Notes from Bridget Bird, written Nov 12, 1985: Kitty Bird, sister of Patrick Bird (b.1829-1831), married twice. Patrick married Bridget Keeffe and Patrick's sister Kitty married Neddy Keeffe of Coolnahaugh. When Neddy Keeffe died, she then married ___ Dooley of Hoodsgrove. [Just a note from Kevin Duerinck, dated Dec 8, 2002, after getting in touch with Jack Hogan, of the New Ross Hogans: It appears that Kitty married a second time probably not to a Dooley, but to Thomas Hogan. If this is the same Catherine Bird, which I believe it to be, Catherine was born around 1838, died 13 February 1893. Both Catherine and husband Thomas Hogan, are buried in St. Mary’s Church graveyard in New Ross. They had the following children: Mary Anne HOGAN and Sarah HOGAN. Of course, more research would have to be done at the church in Rosbercon to determine if Catherine/Katherine Bird is the one married to Thomas Hogan, or if Catherine Bird was from the Cooleen clan of Bird's. Oral family history agrees that this was "our" Catherine/Katherine Bird from Hoodsgrove, Co.Kilkenny.] So 3 Keeffe's were brothers and sister: Bridget, Neddy, and Paddy Keeffe, all of Coolnahaugh.

Butler: We did not know James Butler's wife. I think that she was named Ellen Norris, from where I do not know. The children of James Butler were:

Thomas Butler, a policeman in New York
Nellie, a nurse in England
Nicholas ("Nick"), a motor mechanic
Mary, who died young
Peg, who married ___ Tubrid. She was a tailoress.
The Butler's belong to Flemingstown. Ann was the daughter of Peggie Keeffe. Her brother James became a soldier in the English Army. That is why the name Duggan is now in Flemingstown where a Butler should be.

Roche of Scorthnamore: Sal or John Roche of Scorthnamore, Ireland, was Katherine Keeffe's son. Sal or John Roche's wife was ___ Hennessy. His 2 daughters were Kate and May Roche. Sal or John Roche's sister Alice ("Ally") Roche married ___ Aylward of Ballyfacy, Ireland. The children of Alice Roche and ___ Aylward were Matthew, John, Polly. Polly Aylward married ___ Holden of Clune, Ireland.

Notes from Bridget Bird, written Sep 30, 1985: I think Sal or John Roche had another brother who became a Christian Brother in the USA. Anyhow, the present man living in Flemingstown is Richard Duggan. Mick ___ lives at the garage over Glenmore. Mary Keeffe, Tom's wife, from "The Bush" (near Hoodsgrove), said that I can visit any time. Tom's sister was home recently from the USA making inquiries about the Keeffe family, to no avail.

Boyle: The Boyle family was no help to Father Patrick Bird when he came over from the USA. As of 1985 they lived in Dunbell, Thomastown, County Kilkenny.

I will go to Mullinarigle later when I am in the mood, also to Tullogher and Mullinakiele. I will also pay a visit to St. Stephen's Cemetery in Irishtown, New Ross.

Hogan of New Ross: A Hogan married a female Bird. There were 4 children. James Hogan married ___, and had a large family. James' brother was a doctor, and their 2 sisters, Sarah, who did not "have" family, and ___, who married ___ Grangel.

From Kathleen Nolan O'Malley: There is a book on the cemetery at what was St. Mary's Church of New Ross called "A Little History of St. Mary's & its Memorials" by Joe Doran, printed and bound by Courtney and Hogan Print Ltd., Enniscorthy. Anyway, Kathleen Nolan O'Malley, a good Yank, visited New Ross in 2001 and found a copy of the book. The author recorded all of the headstones in the cemetery. The following is from this book:
Hogan reads as follows:
Hogan 1893 Erected by Thomas Hogan in memory of his beloved wife Catherine who died 13th Feb 1893 aged 55 yrs. Also above Thomas died 29th April 1913 aged 78 yrs. Also Sarah died 24th Jan 1927 aged 64 yrs. Mary Ann Grangel died 23rd Dec. 1931 aged 74 years. Sons Thomas died 10th April 1937 James died 21st April 1945. His grandson Dan died in London 17th April 1941. And daughter in law Catherine T. Hogan Died 29th May 1946.

Kevin: I was checking the Ellis Island records. I found the following Hogan's from New Ross that emigrated from New Ross, Ireland to the USA: Thomas Hogan, from New Ross, arrived in New York 14 October 1906 at the age of 34 years. He was single. He travelled on the ship Cedric from Queenstown, County Cork, Munster Province, Ireland. On 2 August 1900, Mary Hogan from New Ross, single and 23 years old, travelled on the Cymric (Cedric?) from the same port to New York. I am sure these 2 are related to all of the above Hogan's.

Back to notes from Bridget Bird: Kane's and Griffin's: Kane's and Griffin's as far as I know belonged to New Ross. Peggie Griffin used to visit my grandfather, Patrick Bird (b. 1829-1831). I don't know what relation she was to him.

The Byrnes (Doyles and Clearys): not sure how related, but probably from Keeffes.

Gormans: originally from Thomastown, not relations but friends?


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Bird Clan
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There is a book on the cemetery at what was St. Mary's Church of New Ross called "A Little History of St. Mary's & its Memorials" by Joe Doran, printed and bound by Courtney and Hogan Print Ltd., Enniscorthy. The author recorded all of the headstones in the cemetery.

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