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Be sure to see some of the new ideas in labs as far as sequencing more than just the y-chromosome or mtDNA -- that is, testing for SNPs over all your chromosomes; also your entire genome.

Labs for genetic genealogy, the testing of the y chromosome for paternal line testing, and testing mtDNA for maternal line, are as follows (from my viewpoint):

1) Family Tree DNA
Bennett Greenspan, President
1445 North Loop West, Suite 820
Houston, Texas 77008, USA
Phone: (713) 868-1438
European office contact information: Family Tree DNA (Europe)
Notes: Family Tree DNA performs both y-chromosome and mtDNA analyses. Our University of Arizona designed 12, 37 and 67 marker tests offer exceptional high Confidence Intervals for the benefit of people attempting to connect with relatives when the conventional paper trail ends. Further, FTDNA has been integrating a large number of 12-Marker and 25-Marker Y Chromosome African test samples to the Haplogroup database. These include those from Zaire, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. In many cases, tribal references are included. Also, Family Tree DNA can perform a test for Haplogroup determination utilizing specific SNP Markers. The Y-DNA SNP test will determine if the estimated Haplogroup is your Haplogroup. FTDNA will store your samples in case additional tests might be ordered. Customer service is their motto--check out their FTDNA Forum (message board), public DNA markers database, newsletter and extensive documentation!

2) Relative Genetics [Sorenson owns Relative Genetics and GeneTree]
2495 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115-3034
Phone: 801-461-9760
Fax: 801-461-9761
Notes: Relative Genetics offers 18, 26 and 43 marker y-chromosome tests, an mtDNA test, and Native American test. Relative Genetics does not appear to store your samples for future DNA testing. Brett at says that "DNA storage is available if people sign the consent form that comes with the test kit. The consent form is for the Foundation project (BYU Study)." Further, if you order the y-chromosome or mtDNA test, you get a year of database matching on your personal genetic home page. This, however, would have to be renewed for an additional cost in the future.

3) DNA Heritage
40 Preston Road
United Kingdom
- From the UK: (01305) 834936 or 0845 226 1901 (local rate)
- International: +44 1305 834936
- From the UK: (01305) 835925 or 0845 226 1902 (local rate)
- International: +44 1305 835925
Notes: Offers a 21 marker y-DNA (paternal line) testing; no mtDNA tests. Offers a 43 and 58 marker test. For their testing laboratory they use Sorenson Genomics in Utah. They have a new office in Rochester, New York:
DNA Heritage - North America
15 Furman Crescent
Rochester, New York 14620
United States

More good labs to consider:

4) Oxford Ancestors
Institute of Molecular Medicine
Oxford OX3 9YN
Notes: strong on mtDNA analysis (Matriline™), y-polymorphism DNA PCR testing (Y-Line™). Regarding storage of your sample for future testing, they do not do it.

5) African Ancestry
Notes: Patriclan, Matriclan services. The PatriClan service analyzes the genetic sequence of the y-chromosome and compares it against the African Lineage Database which contains over 9,000 y-chromosome (also mtDNA) samples from west and central Africa. The following 9 markers are analyzed: DYS388, DYS389I, DYS389II, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393, DYS394, YAP.
African Ancestry
5505 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 297
Washington, DC, 20015
Phone: 202.439.0641
Fax: 202.318.3088
Dr. Rick Kittles, CSO

6) Trace Genetics, Inc.
1490 Drew Avenue, Suite 170
Davis, California 95616
Phone: 866-731-2312
FAX: 530-297-5039
Notes: A company now owned by DNAPrint genomics, Inc (deep ancestry testing). (June 2005). Trace Genetics offers mtDNA (maternal line) and y-DNA (paternal line) testing, advertise that they specialize in Native American ancestry testing. Also experts in ancient mtDNA analyses [using PTB (N-phenacylthiazolium bromide)].

7) GeoGene
Notes: GeoGene offers the GeoFather y-DNA test and GeoMother mtDNA test. The Royal Holloway College, University of London, does the analyses. GeoGene is the trading name of Greendale Services Ltd.
In the USA:
GeoGene Inc.
425 Market Street
Suite 2200
San Francisco
CA 94105
Ph +1 415 955 0522
Fax +1 415 651 8898
In the UK:
Thornton House
Thornton Road
SW19 4NG
Ph +44 20 8405 6425
Fax +44 870 7620711

8) DNA Consultants
26438 N. 42nd Way
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Toll free (888) 806-2588
Main number (480) 292-9820
We are a commercial genetic genealogy company founded in 2003 formerly known as DNA Consulting. Provider of more than 20 different DNA tests for ancestry and ethnicity. Supporter of OmniPop forensic database and developer of DNA Fingerprint Test. For more information, e-mail

9) GEN by GEN
Alte Dorfstr. 18
37124 Göttingen-Rosdorf
Tel 05502 - 910 93 83
Fax 01212 - 520 972 540
Notes: This is a lab in Germany whose site is in German. You can use AltaVista's Babelfish translator to translate from German to English by entering the URL of the page. Gen by Gen does y-DNA and mtDNA analyses for genealogical purposes. Dr. Tobias Schmidt speaks English and believes in customer service. They analyze 11 y-DNA markers (about US$156 by credit card) at the time of this writing, with plans to add more markers. I see no information on whether they analyze mtDNA in both Hypervariable regions I and II. y-DNA results are sent to you via a color, size A4 color certificate which includes the ladder of Genelocus, Known Alleles and Haplotype numbers. Is their a certificate for the mtDNA results? For y-DNA, do they figure out the most recent common ancestor between 2 or more people? Do they tell you what haplogroup you are in?

10) Family Genetics Limited
PO BOX 552
Stockport SK2 6WN
United Kingdom
+44 161 355 9320
(no fax)
Notes: Family Genetics is a laboratory in the United Kingdom that offers DNA testing for mtDNA, Y-SNPs, and Y-STR family history markers along with mtDNA and Y chromosome deep history testing. They offer 17, 29, 40, and 52 marker tests. They offer a lot of support and other things you may be interested in, such as a family crest, a messageboard and chatroom, interesting facts relating to each surname, a quarterly newsletter, a private area of the Family Genetics website, updated with the latest news and research about their haplogroup and markers. You would also get free access to a surname website of your choice, or the option to start your own study.

11) Roots for Real (owned by Genetic Ancestor Limited--founded by Dr Peter Forster and Dr Arne Roehl)
PO BOX 43708, London W14 8WG
United Kingdom
Tel 0845 450 0180 or, if calling from outside the UK, +44 845 450 0180
Notes: Performs YDNA ("fatherline") and mitochondrial DNA testing ("motherline") as well as an autosomal test ("admixture test").

12) Cambridge DNA Services (owned by Genetic Ancestor Limited--founded by Dr. Peter Forster and Dr. Arne Roehl)
PO BOX 503
Cambridge CB1 0AN
Tel.: call us on 077 656 43 666 or, if calling from outside the UK, +44 77 656 43 666
Fax.: 0870 330 5886 or, if from outside the UK, +44 870 330 5886
Notes: Cambridge DNA Services offers mtDNA (maternal lineage), Y-DNA (paternal lineage) and autosomal DNA (admixture) testing for use in personal ancestry research. The test results are matched to a global geographic database estimating the location of the ancestral origins. In most cases the tests will provide detailed population or tribal information.


13) Brigham Young University (BYU)
Notes: All special cases, meaning those involving single surname DNA testing, are being farmed out to Relative Genetics.

14) University of Leicester, England
Dr. Mark Jobling (0116) 252 3427/3377
Univ. of Leicester--Dr. Jobling
Univ. of Leicester--Dr. Jobling's Surname Project
Email for Surname Project:

15) Forensic Laboratory for DNA Research, Leiden University, NL
MGC-Dept. of Human and Clinical Genetics
Leiden University Medical Center
PO Box 9503
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 71 527 4318
FAX: +31 71 527 4517
Notes: Does y chromosome and mtDNA testing; also heavily into DNA research. Tell them Peter de Knijff sent you.

16) University College London Galton Laboratory
Department of Biology
University College London
Wolfson House
4 Stephenson Way
London NW1 2HE
UK Prof. David Goldstein

17) Trinity College Dublin Smurfit Institute
Department of Genetics
Trinity College
Dublin 2
Ireland Prof. Dan Bradley

18) Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Group Biomedical Sciences->Department of Human Genetics->Human Mutations and Polymorphisms Section
Campus Gasthuisberg
B-3000 Leuven, Belgium
Phone: +32-16-34.58.60
FAX: +32-16-34.59.97
Notes: Does y chromosome polymorphisms.

19) Dr. rer. medic. Monika Hidding
Institut fuer Rechtsmedizin der Universitaet zu Koeln
Melatenguertel 60-62
50823 Koeln
Phone: 0221\478-4288
FAX: 0221\478-4261
Y-STR Haplotype Reference Database
Notes: Y chromosome STR analysis; have a database of haplotypes.


New DNA product out called Ancestry by DNA, by DNAPrint genomics, Inc. (CEO is Dr. Tony Frudakis): AncestrybyDNA, which examines hundreds of SNP markers on all the chromosomes. DNAPrint's new ancestry kit (ANCESTRY) is projected to be the first for forensic scientists to infer the individual ancestry proportions, called admixture ratios, from nuclear DNA. ANCESTRY is expected to be the first test capable of plotting where an individual resides along a multi-dimensional continuum of ancestry (for example, 60% African and 40% Caucasian ancestry or 90% African, 5% Caucasian and 5% Asian ancestry, etc.). So far, they are only reporting on broad categories of ancestry: African, Asian, European, and Native American. Just a note: Family Tree DNA by agreement with DNA Print genomics, Inc., is also selling these tests.


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