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<--The painter Adrien Paul Duerinckx.

Henricus Durinx ("Henri") (estimate born 1700-1710--NOT in index for Boutersem) and Catherine Leral, who were married in Boutersem on 24 February 1732. ***The marriage record has no ages or where they were born. There are 2 death records for Henricus Durinckx, one died May 31, 1763 (one index had 1761, another 1762), the other Henricus Durinckx died Sep 10, 1763. Unfortunately, the death records do not give an age or where born, or the parents of the deceased. So far they had 3 children:

Anne Durinckx, born 13 May 1733 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium.
Henricus Durinckx, born 17 April 1735 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium.
Petrus Durinckx ("Pierre") born in Boutersem on 22 Oct 1737, was a farmer (fermier/cultivateur), died and buried in Boutersem, married Maria Vranckx (buried in Boutersem). The marriage records for daughters Maria Therese and Lucie Durinckx give different ages of their father: 68 years old in 1806, 67 years old in 1808. The death record of their son, Henricus (below), stated that Petrus was born and buried in Boutersem. 10 or 11 children:
pd#1. Anne Catherine Durinckx, born 27 Dec. 1764 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium.
pd#2. Marie Barbe Durinckx, born 30 Sep 1766 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium.
pd#3. Marie Elisabeth Durinckx, born 12 Sep 1768 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium.
pd#4. Jacobus Durinckx (index has "Jacques"), born 26 July 1770 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium.
pd#5. Petrus Josephus Durinckx (index has "Pierre Joseph), born 7 Sep 1772 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium.
pd#6. Elisabeth Josephine Durinckx, born 12 June 1774 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium.
pd#7. Henricus Josephus Durinckx, born October 25, 1776 in Boutersem, died 12 dec 1829, Boutersem, overleden Leuven; married Barbara Van Den Bempt (born Neervelp). At least 9 children:
1. Jacobus Ludovicus Durinckx (also "Ludovicus Jacobus Durinckx"), born Nov 1, 1808, a soldier of the First Infantry Regiment. One record states that he was born in Neervelp, the other, in Boutersem. He married Maria Theresia Huts on November 27, 1833. "Meerderjaerigen zoon van de wylent Henricus Josephus Duerinckx, overleden te Leuven" December 12, 1829 (mother was Barbara Van den Bempt). Jacob's first wife died March 3, 1835, so he married his second wife, her sister, Joanna Catharina Huts on 26 April 1838 in Boutersem. The witnesses to this second marriage included Lambertus Buvé. This Jacobus Ludovicus was a witness at both weddings of his sister, Marie Therese, and as a witness, his name each time was given as Ludovicus Jacobus Duerinckx. Jacob's second wife Joanna Theresia Huts, also called Joanna Huts, and Joanna Catharina Huts. At least 3 children:
Henricus Durinckx, born Dec 26, 1833, baptized Dec 28, 1833, Boutersem. Witnesses included Petrus Geens, 38, veldwachter, and the father Jacobus Ludovicus Duerinckx, 26 years old.
Maria Barbara Durinckx born Nov 27, 1838, baptized Nov 28, 1838, Boutersem. Witnesses included Franciscus Adrianus Aerts and Petrus Geens.
Maria Elisabeth Durinckx born Aug 10, 1841, baptized Aug 11, 1841, Boutersem. Witnesses included Franciscus Adrianus Aerts and Petrus Geens.
2. Anne Marie Durinckx, born March 19, 1811, baptized March 20, 1811 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium
3. Marie Therese Durinckx, born September 28, 1813, baptized September 29, 1813 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium. Well, she first married Henricus Huts on April 13, 1836 in Boutersem. Witnesses included Ludovicus Jacobus Duerinckx, 29 years old, Joannes Baptiste Pardon, 23 years old, Josephus Van Parijs (Parys), 28 years old, "knegt"; and Petrus Geens, 43 years old, veldwachter. The marriage record also states: "en zijnde den eersten den broeder van den bruyd en de overige geene bloedverwanten...." Henricus Huts died, and for her second husband, Maria Therese married Joannes Franciscus Frederickx on March 14, 1840 in Boutersem.
4. Joanna Catharina Duerinckx, born September 14, 1816, baptized September 15, 1816 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium
5. Philippus Jacobus Duerinckx, born and baptized December 29, 1819 in Boutersem, Belgium. "Jacob" was a farmer (landbouwer), and sometime around 1853 he was both a farmer and an innkeeper (herbergier). Around 1856 he was listed as an innkeeper as was his wife. He married Joanna Catharina Buvé. 10 children:
1. Barbara Duerinckx, born February 2, 1846, baptized February 3, 1846 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium
2. Jacobus Ludovicus Duerinckx, born July 14, 1847, baptized July 25, 1847 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium
3. Catharina Anastasia Duerinckx, born April 27, 1849, baptized April 28, 1849 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium
4. Flora Louisa Rosina Duerinckx, born Korbeek-Lo (Corbeek Loo), Belgium on July 29, 1851, act recorded July 31, 1851. Witnesses: Joseph Vanderborght, 28 and Jacob Stroobants, 46.
5. Augustinus Julianus Honoré Duerinckx, born Korbeek-Lo (Corbeek Loo), Belgium on January 12, 1853, act recorded January 13, 1853. Witnesses: Joseph Vanderborght, 30 and Jacobus Stroobants, 47 (veldwachter).
6. Virginia Mathilda Duerinckx, born Korbeek-Lo (Corbeek Loo), Belgium on June 21, 1854. Died at the tender age of 5 months and 18 days on December 8, 1854 at 3 a.m. Witnesses of the birth: Gulielmus VanderBosch and Joannes Joseph La Croix, 46 years. Witnesses for the death record: Her dad, Philippus Jacobus Duerinckx, and her uncle (oom) Josephus Vanderborght, age 31.
7. Virginia Mathilda Duerinckx, born Korbeek-Lo (Corbeek Loo), Belgium on March 1, 1856, act recorded March 2, 1856. Witnesses: Ludovicus Dehennin (spelling?), 76 years, and Joannes Baptiste Deroye, 65 years.
8. Maria Barbara Rosalia Duerinckx, born Korbeek-Lo (Corbeek Loo), Belgium on August 29, 1860, act recorded August 30, 1860. Witnesses: Joannes Carolus Caluwaerts, age 23, and Petrus Franciscus Dejonghe, a 34 year old kleermaeker (tailor)
9. Joannes Josephus Duerinckx, born March 18, 1859 in Korbeek-Lo (Corbeek Loo), Belgium, act recorded March 19, 1859. Witnesses: Joannes Knaefien/Knaessen (spelling?), 45 years old, and Felix Verstommen (spelling?). Joannes married Marie Victorine D'haese (born ~1866 Nieuwerkerken--was 20 years old when daughter Hélène was born). Had at least 1 child:
Hélène Philomène Leonardine Duerinckx, born October 18 1886, baptized October 20, 1886, in Schaarbeek, Belgium. Witnesses to her baptism were Leonard De Klerk and Joseph Bouckmans. She died in 1971. Hélène was a first cousin to famous painter Adrien Paul Duerinckx. She was more popularly known as "Nel". In 1905 Hélène married Hendrik Emil Wouters "Rik Wouters", another famous painter *** (see bottom of page for more on Rik Wouters). 10. Petrus Franciscus Duerinckx, born September 29, 1857 in Korbeek-Lo (Corbeek Loo), Belgium, birth recorded the next day on September 30, 1857. Witnesses: Ferdinandus Mathys (molenaer=miller) and Guilielmus Robbereckts (spelling?), 32 years old. Petrus was a facteur des postes, and he married Jeanne Philippine Deroover (30 years old in 1888), born Machelen. 6 children:
1. Adrien Paul François Duerinckx, a painter, was born April 15, 1888 and baptized April 18, 1888 in Schaarbeek, a suburb of Brussels (Bruxelles), Belgium. Witnesses to the baptism were Pierre Joseph Rockmans (?), 55 years old, and Jean Vergauwen, 31 years old. Adrien Paul died in 1938. Nel (above) and Adrien Paul were first cousins. Both of their families were from Korbeek Lo, Belgium.
2. Guillaume Duerinckx
3. Rene Duerinckx, a Belgian banker/diplomat (was an official in the Congo and Hungary), was born __, married Margery Evans. 2 children from this marriage and Rene had a third child:
1. George Duerinckx, born __, moved to England and was schooled in Canterbury, England during the fifties. Married Micky. 2 children:
1. Cecile Duerinckx, born 1965 (lives in London, England)
2. Paul Duerinckx, born 1967 (lives in London, England)
2. Baudouin Duerinckx, born __, moved to England and was schooled in Canterbury, England during the fifties. Married __. 2 children:
1. Natalie Duerinckx, born 1963 (lives in London, England)
2. Michael Duerinckx, born 1966 (lives in London, England)
3. Cecile Duerinckx (lives near Paris)
4. Henriette Duerinckx
5. Antoinette Duerinckx, X ____ Sindorff. Antoinette was a piano teacher with the Academy of Brussels (Conservatoire de Bruxelles). At least 1 child:
Jeanne Sindorff, X ____ Lemaire. 1 son:
____ Lemaire
6. Alphonse Duerinckx
6. Anna Carolina Duerinckx, born and baptized June 23, 1822 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium
7. Jacobus Duerinckx, born October 26, 1823, baptized October 27, 1823 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium. Jacobus was a landbouwer, married wife Maria Elisabeth Roberechts. One child (so far): Guillielmus Josephus Hilarius Duerinckx, act number 32, born Dec. 19, 1858, baptized Dec. 20, 1858.
8. Anna Catharina Duerinckx, born December 17, 1826, baptized December 18, 1826 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium
9. Maria Theresia Duerinckx, born July 6, 1830, baptized July 7, 1830 Boutersem, Brabant, Belgium. On a sadder note, her daddy, Henricus Duerinckx, died on December 12, 1829, never seeing his newborn daughter (from Maria Theresia's christening record, although those are my words--kd).
pd#8. Catharine Durinckx, married Pierre Festraets (from Roosbeeck) on 12 vendemaire an 11.
pd#9. Marie Therese Durinckx, born 23 Oct. 1778, baptized 24 Oct. 1778 in Boutersem, married at the age of 29 years old on March 1, 1808 to Francois Philippe Joseph Huens.
pd#10. Lucie Durinckx, born February 15, 1781 Boutersem, married at the age of 25 years old to Jerome Laermans on August 20, 1806. Witnesses included Egidi Laermans, the father of the groom; Henri Durinckx, Lucie's brother, 27 years old and living in Boutersem; Jacques Durinckx, Lucie's brother, 35 years old, living in Boutersem.
pd#11. Barbara Durinckx (was this Marie Barbara?), died September 11, 1781, buried in Boutersem. No age given.

Another Duerinckx family in Boutersem records:
Parents Simon Duerinckx, born in Kerkom ~1828, 26 years old in 1855, 30 in 1858, married Anna Catharina Geens (she was related to the veldwachter Petrus Geens who was present at many of the baptisms at this time period in Boutersem, probably in an official capacity. I found 2 children of Simon and Anna: Petrus Franciscus Duerinckx, born June 3, 1855, baptized June 4, 1855: "geboren te zijn alhier, te Butzel, gisteren", which I think means that on June 3, yesterday, Petrus Frans was born in Butzel, but baptized in Boutersem.kd The other child was Ludovicus Duerinckx, born March 5, 1858 and baptized March 6, 1858 in Boutersem.

Notes on Nel Duerinckx and Rik Wouters (b. Mechelen 1882-1916 Amsterdam)
Nel, the wife of Rik, was the favorite subject for all of Rik's paintings. Rik was a soldier in World War I. He was interred as a prisoner of war in Camp Zeist, Netherlands. Rik Wouters died of cancer of the upper jawbone (kaakbeenkanker) 11 april 1916 in a sick house, and was buried at the church house Buitenveldert in Amsterdam. Eight years after his death his body was transferred to Belgium and to the cemetery by Bosvoorde.


Au Tournant du Chemin
Cimaise (1926)
Coin de Village
Chaume en Campine
Chaumes aux derniers rayons (1924) ["Wheat stacks near sunset" sold in Germany 31 January 2005] Painting shown below.
Chemin du Heysel
Croix sur la Route
Derniers rayons en Campine
Effet de Neige (1937)
Entrée de ferme
Farmhouse in the Flemish Ardennes
Impasse de la Sirène à Bruxelles
La Fin d'un Jour
Sint-Martens-Lathem in Belgium (1921 -- a building or house in this town)
Le Rayon Perdu
Le Vent
Le Vieux Moulin
Les Quais (1938)
Lumière insolite
Meules de foin (1926)(haystacks)
Montagne des Géants
Neige à Woluwe
Noël en Campine
Perle d'amour
Peupliers dans la Brume
Peupliers sous la Brume
Vieux de Batiment
Vieux Christ
Vieux Cornet
Vieux Pignon esoleillé (Malines)
Vieux Pignons, Rue de la Voirie (1936)


1. Huile sur carton "Meules de foin" (English: haystacks). Signé en bas à gauche A.P.Duerinckx et daté 1926. Ecole belge. Dim.:24x32cm. (posted on a Belgian auction web site from 1999)
2. According to "Le peintre A.P.Duerinckx" by Joseph Conrardy (1927), page 44, mentions that the Galerie Georges Petit of Paris has (or had?) a series of small pictures (when talking to his family, A.P. Duerinckx called them his "studies") representing the old corners of Belgium. These would be nice to see historically because the one regarding Brussels would show Brussels as it existed before being destroyed in the war. Page 57 and 58 also mention the "tableautins, ces petits coins perdus, tous ces vieux vestiges d'Audenarde, de Gand, de Bruges, de Bruxelles en particulier." (see also page 59 ~ Bruxelles).
3. Finally, in January 2005 a man in Germany inquired if I or others would be interested in an oil painting (tableau) of A.P. Duerinckx showing wheat stacks: oil on canvas , signed lower left A.P. Duerinckx, monogrammed and dated 1924 on the stretcher, size 68 x98 cms, good condition, scene is a harvest landscape with a distant village, "unusual" skies. Superb period frame. Price sold approximately 800 euros. Of course this is the famous painting exhibited in Antwerp in 1924, called "Chaumes aux derniers rayons":


"Le peintre A.P.Duerinckx" by Joseph Conrardy (1927) [Note: Kevin bought this book August 2003]


Duerinckx Lubbeek/Sint Pieters Rode, Belgium Clan

Duerinckx Meensel/Kerkom, Belgium Clan

Duerinckx Kiezegem, Belgium Clan




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