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OPEN to any clan on my pages. Please submit your stories, telling me what clan you are from.

German Weichbrodt Clan:Rudolph or Rudolf Weichbrodt, this message is for you. My earliest ancestor was John Weichbrodt, born and died Danzig, West Prussia, Germany. He must have been born around 1805. His son, Karl Weichbrod, born 1 Jun 1831, Danzig, West Prussia, Germany, died 7 Sep 1898, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois; married (1)___??? -- the first 3 kids by this marriage stayed in Germany; (2) Amalia Monica Wiersbitzki, born 4 May 1834, Braunsburg, Germany, died 5 May 1909, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois [Amalia's parents were Michael Wiersbitzki and Anna Plath]. 9 children known (other than 3 from first wife): Rudolf Weichbrod, born and stayed in Germany; rest of siblings came to USA. We are looking for descendants of Rudolf (Rudolph) Weichbrodt in Germany. Please see my Weichbrod(t) page at WEICHBRODT

Duerinck Belsele/St. Gillis-Dendermonde Clan: My story is about my paternal grandfather, Aloys Duerinck. Aloys lived in a small hamlet named Puivelde, part of Belsele, Belgium. During World War I in Belgium, relatives remember the sound of machineguns and then seeing Aloys dashing into the family home. Aloys was out smuggling again. Luckily he was not shot or caught. Aloys routinely smuggled eggs, butter and cheese from the Netherlands. There was even one time where Aloys and his cronies stole a German horse. It never tasted soooo good!
Another story involved his daughter Lea. When she was a baby, around the age of 2, she was sitting in a highchair out in the backyard in Puivelde. She was crying and carrying on, so Thais her mother brought her into the family home. When they went out into the yard a few hours later, there were bullet holes in the back of the highchair. Now there is timing for you, maybe even a miracle!

German Weichbrod Clan: Did you hear that Aunt ("Hedwig") Hattie Foreman, a German relative who, at the age of 55, fell off a streetcar and died in 1922 in Chicago, Illinois?

Bird Irish Clan: Did you hear that Richard Aloys Bird, my great-grandfather, was a trolley conductor in Chicago, Illinois at the time?



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