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--Huston Family of Pennsylvania (1799)>Ohio>Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana

Created: 19 July 2003, last revised 31 May 2011 thanks to Jason Bell (thanks previously to Robin Huston-Wesley, Rylla Huston and Pam Huston Cunningham; also Jan Streiff, Nancy "Pf", Vickie Van Blarcom, Terri Nelson Scott and Verbsky family) and January 8, 2006 (added a link for Alexander Huston's family and a web page with this information). Thank you to Chris McCollough, Renae Huston Rosscup, Betty Eastman, and Christopher Lye for research done. Thank you also to Jim Houston of Forth Worth, Texas, for his vision and research into the medieval Houston family in Scotland, whether or not we are related.

Scope: To increase the knowledge of my wife's paternal family, Huston. I have added federal census information at the bottom of this page, as well as tons of books on Huston/Houston, and don't forget to check out other tools, such as the CDs links at the bottom. For rumors linking these families to Clan Donald, please see "Links". Apparently the Huston/Houston family was Scotch-Irish, and one family from Dublin, Ireland (goes back to 1450), with 2 brothers (Alfred Houseson "Houston" and Abner Houseson "Huston"), came over from Scotland to Jamestown, Virginia in 1612 and 1616, respectively. This Houseson family moved to Kentucky. There was also the family from Cotreoch Manor, Whithorn Parish, Wigtownshire, Scotland, tracing its lineage back to 1500 in Scotland. The 2 immigrant brothers emigrated to the USA about 1710 (Anthony Houston and brother William Houston), to Delaware (Kent or New Castle County). Another family, the Kilbarchan, Scotland Houston family, was from a small settlement near the Cotreoch families, connection still being researched. Another wave of families from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, came over in 1850 and settled in Pittsburgh, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania (see "Links" below). There certainly were other Houston families coming to America, such as the Kilbarchan, Scotland Houston families; the County Tyrone, Ireland Houston family arriving in South Carolina, movement into Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, etc.

NOTE: could 1799 John Huston be from Dickinson Township (or another township), Cumberland County, Pennsylvania? If yes, then the book "History of the Huston families and their descendants 1450-1912; with an genealogical record", by E. Rankin Huston might have some information. On David Beckwith's web site, where he extracted information from the book, there is an index of all the Huston names in his GEDCOM in the 1700's and 1800's: Huston's by David Beckwith . See also: Huston's by Gail Barham


ALEXANDER HUSTON: See the Alexander Huston family (courtesy of ancestral files at, on this web site, at this link: Alexander Huston Family of Pennsylvania. You will see that Alexander Huston or Alexander Houston was NOT the father of John Huston, but possibly the grandfather of John (b.1799). The below Alexander Huston did marry Mary Ann Johnson. The theory has it that Alexander and Mary Ann had 16 children, one of which was John Huston (b.1799, Pennsylvania). That theory is wrong as we see John (b.1799) would possibly have been a grandchild of Alexander and Mary Ann. The theory also says that Alexander Huston's parents were Andrew Huston Jr and Rachel Huston; and the father of Andrew Huston Jr was Andrew Houston, and mom was Elizabeth ___. We still need to verify this information that some kind soul put up on family trees [Note that 17 individuals put up trees re a John Huston of Ohio, born 1787--they are all a jumble. One individual combined children of 2 different families from the 1850 census of 2 different counties, Richland Co. and Columbiana Co. Abigail Huston is not from the same family as Hiram and Levi Huston. Abigail's dad is Thomas b.1811 Ohio, mom Mary b.1810 Penn., and Hiram and Levi's dad is John b.1799 Penn., mother Mary b.1804 Penn.]. In the 1873 Plat Book for Bloomingrove Twp., Richland Co. Ohio, there is an Alex Huston in the farm index. He owned what appears to have been 133 acres of land in sections 4 and 5. 1873 Plat Book Bloomingrove Twp. Source: ATLAS MAP OF RICHLAND COUNTY, OHIO. Compiled, Drawn & Published from Personal Graminations & Surveys by A.T. Andreas. Chicago, Ill., 1873, p. 13

JOHN HUSTON (see "On the Trail of John Huston" research notes), born April 26, 1799 somewhere in Pennsylvania. We definitely know that he married Mary who was born approx 1804 in Pennsylvania, but what her surname is, I have heard Mary Taylor and Mary Hersh (or Mary Harsh, but I believe Mary Hersh or Hersch was the wife in a different family), the latter being born December 5, 1805 somewhere in Pennsylvania, that they were married on May 25, 1824. I need to see the birth record of Hiram Huston. "They" were in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio for the birth of their son Hiram HUSTON, born April 25, 1846. Note: The ONLY record of John is an 1850 census, Richland Co., Ohio, Butler Twp: 1850 Census Index for Richland County, Ohio John Huston is page 249A of the official census. (be careful, there are many John Huston’s in Richland Co., Ohio and even two in Butler township. There is no John Huston or Houston in the census index to the Bloomingrove township, Richland Co. Ohio, but there is a Kersey Huston.). Anyway, John and Mary had 11 children:

1. Rebecca HUSTON born 4 APR 1825
1.1. Note: another researcher states that there was an Abigail born to John and Mary--this is not true of this family. There was an Abigail born to Thomas and Mary Huston (see 1850 census, Centre, Columbiana Co., Ohio).
2. Peter HUSTON born 1 JAN 1828 somewhere in Ohio
3. Jesse HUSTON born 8 DEC 1828 somewhere in Ohio; died November 5, 1905 in La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin; buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Webster Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin. Jesse married Mary Jane HECKENDORN (born October 23, 1828 in Perry County, Pennsylvania) on March 28, 1850 in Richland County, Ohio. They had 9 children:
1. George Washington HUSTON born 22 FEB 1851 somewhere in Ohio; died May 14, 1920 in Sheffield, Alabama; married Harriet Bender. They had 2 children:
1. Ellsworth HUSTON, born July 3, 1879 in Webster Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin.
2. Arthur B. HOUSTON (note the spelling Arthur used for his last name), born on January 29, 1887 in Richland County, Wisconsin. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving from August, 1907 thru August, 1911 aboard the U.S.S. Glacier. He died in 1919 (thanks Craig Olsen!)
2. Isaiah Taylor HUSTON born 27 MAR 1854 somewhere in Ohio, died February 6, 1933 in La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin, buried on February 10, 1933 at Bear Creek Cemetery, La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin. He married Hannah Jane ORRISON (ORESON) (born November 7, 1855 in Vernon County, Wisconsin; died March 24, 1932) on November 13, 1873 in Webster Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin. They had 7 children:
1. Willis Elmer HUSTON, born 29 MAY 1877 in Webster Township (Webster, Burnett), Vernon County, Wisconsin and died Oct 20, 1949 in Rockton, Illinois. He married (1) Dora Telia PARTRIDGE on 2 MAR 1903 in Vernon County, Wisconsin and (2) Edna ___. 9 children of the first marriage (Dora):
1. Stanley Taylor HUSTON, b. Feb 18, 1905, La Farge, WI; d. Jan 27, 2004 Avon Park, FL; m. Myrtle Wisehart. Preceded in death by Myrtle and a stepdaughter, Aloha Quaak. Stan owned several electrical appliance stores in Louisville, KY and Florida. He was a short wave radio operator.
2. Gertrude HUSTON, b. May 4, 1907 in Bowman, ND; d. Mar 2, 1983, Tomah, Monroe Co., WI; m. Ellsworth Smith (Bill)
3. Alberta Matilda HUSTON, born Feb. 4, 1909 in Bowman, N.D. and died in La Crosse, La Crosse Co., Wisconsin (from obituary) on Dec. 18, 2003. She was married to Valdo Tryggestad (d.1977) on Oct. 9, 1926 in Winona, MN. They owned farms in Viroqua and La Crosse before moving in the late 1940's to Tomah, WI to farm. Alberta spent 10 years working at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Tomah, WI. Alberta and Valdo had at least 5 children:
Bonita Tryggestad, m. ___ Butler, now of La Crosse, WI. At least 1 child:
Kurt Butler Patricia Althea Tryggestad, m. John Richards, of Coon Valley, WI. At least 1 child:
Shelley Richards Verla Christine Tryggestad, m. ___ Jacques, now of Yuma, AZ.
Valice Dora Tryggestad, m. ___ Potter, now of Yuma, AZ.
Lavon Tryggestad, m. Blanche ___, now of West Salem, WI
4. Wilma HUSTON, b. Feb 26 1911, Bowman, ND; d. Nov 1, 1998, La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI; m. Charles France. 2 children:
1. Charles FRANCE, m. Pat ___.
2. Judy FRANCE, m. Kevin FALLOMA.
5. Wilmer HUSTON (Sam Huston), b. Oct 11, 1912, Victory, Vernon Co., WI; married (1)Marine HEATHER [voted the coolest name by this website operator--it is actually a color], (2) Mary ___, and (3) Winifred ___ (died 1993). 2 children of first marriage (Marine):
1.Jean HUSTON, married Clayton Wiggert. Jean was Miss LaCrosse, then became Miss Wisconsin in 1952. That same year, as Miss Wisconsin, she was a delegate to the 1953 Miss America pageant (held late 1952; the pageants were not televised until 1955). She was on the cover of Life Magazine (November 10, 1952) because of her notoriety as Miss Wisconsin, as a delegate to the Miss USA pageant, and for the fact that she was a darn good duck hunter and a crack shot to boot!
2. Joanie HUSTON
6. Charles Albert HUSTON, b. Aug 3, 1916, Wheatland Twp., Vernon Co., WI; d.Nov 26, 1979, La Crosse, La Crosse, WI; married Edna Valborg Tolvstad May 18, 1937 in Waukon, Allamakee, Iowa. She was born Oct 7, 1917 in Holmen, La Crosse Co., WI. 4 children:
1. Richard Charles HUSTON, b. Oct 1945, m. Ruth Berg in 1965. 2 children:
1. Scott Allen HUSTON, b. Feb 1965, m. ___. One child:
Emanuel HUSTON, b. Oct 2001 2. Curtis Lee HUSTON, b. May 1966, m. Rose Tseng. 2 children:
1. Andrew Charles HUSTON, b. Sep 2002
2. Ryan Curtis HUSTON, b. Nov 2004
2. Steven Kent HUSTON, b. Jan. 1949, Tomah, Monroe Co., WI; married Karla Mae Selbrede (b. Feb 1949) on Apr 12 1969 in San Diego, CA. 2 children:
1. Rebecca Jo HUSTON, b. Feb 1980, La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI
2. Kimberly Anne HUSTON, b. Aug 1983, La Crosse, La Crosse Co., WI
3. John Reed HUSTON (twin), b. Nov 1952; m. Rylla Holte. 3 children:
1. Ian HUSTON, b. Aug 1971, m. ___, two children:
Tyler HUSTON, b. March 1993.
2. Isaac Alan HUSTON, b. Sep 1976, m. ___, one child Michael HUSTON, b. Aug 1995.
3. Jacob Charles HUSTON, b. Dec 1978
4. Robert Miles HUSTON (twin), b. Nov 1952, m. Jane Shakelford on June 12, 1978. 2 children:
1. Amber Sunshine HUSTON, b. Jan 1977
2. Brianne Violet HUSTON, b. Apr 1983
7. Richard HUSTON, b. July 16, 1919, Victory, Vernon Co., WI; d. Dec 16, 1922 of diphtheria, Victory, Vernon Co., WI
8. Darlene Althea HUSTON, b. Mar 16, 1921 (previous error of 1925), Victory, Vernon Co., WI; d. May 12, 1989, Miami, Dade Co., FL; m. 10 january 1941 in Winona, MN to Melvyn STREIFF. 2 children:
1. Jan STREIFF, b. end of July 1943 in La Crosse, WI (no children)
2. Jim STREIFF, b. end of November 1951 in Rochester, MN; married Catherine. 3 children:
1. Sara A. Streiff, born Dec. 1981
2. Jill S. Streiff, born April 1984
3. Timothy J. Streiff, born May 1988
9. Willis Huston (Billy Huston), b. Mar 10, 1924 (date from obituary), Victory, Vernon Co., WI; d. Feb 3, 1997.
2. Clarence HUSTON, born 20 Feb 1878, died 29 Dec 1879, buried Mt. Zion Cemetery, Vernon County, Wisconsin.
3. Anna May HUSTON, born ABT 1879 somewhere in Wisconsin; m. ___ West?
4. Lloyd C. HUSTON, born OCT 1880 in Webster, Vernon County, Wisconsin, died 1954, buried in Bowman,Bowman County, North Dakota; married Ethel May KELLICUT (born in 1880. She died in 1951) on October 3, 1901 in Vernon County, Wisconsin. They had 4 children:
1. Reginald Huston was born 24 May 1902 in Webster Twp,Vernon County,Wisconsin, died in 1964, buried in Bowman, Bowman County, North Dakota.
2. ___ Huston was born 21 Aug 1904 in La Farge,Vernon County,Wisconsin.
3. Earnest Glenn Huston was born 8 Jun 1906 in La Farge,Vernon County, Wisconsin, died in 1963, buried in Bowman, Bowman County, North Dakota.
4. Gordon Carl Huston was born 27 May 1908 in Liberty, Vernon County, Wisconsin.
5. Minnie HUSTON, born APR 1883 somewhere in Wisconsin, married ____ Galyen.
6. Emma HUSTON, born 29 Jul 1887, Wisconsin, died 7 Sep 1915.
7. Jenny HUSTON, died in infancy.
3. Walter Neil HUSTON born 7 NOV 1855 somewhere in Ohio, died 29 MAR 1938 in La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin; buried 1 APR 1938 at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Webster Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin. He married Catherine "Cassie" LYONS (born 20 SEP 1861 in Vernon County, Wisconsin) on 25 DEC 1881 in Vernon County, Wisconsin. They had 10 children:
1. Levina HUSTON (or Lavinia?)
2. Unknown HUSTON
3. Daisy HUSTON b: 30 OCT 1882, died 10 AUG 1912, buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Webster Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin. Married Alva E. STRAIT (born 1878 in Wisconsin). They had 1 child, name unknown.
4. Albon Theodore HUSTON was born 21 Feb 1886 in Viola, Vernon County, Wisconsin, and died 17 Mar 1952 in Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana. On 8 Mar 1916 he married Bessie Edith ATKINSON (b.12 DEC 1899 in Wyoming--1930 fed census says born WY) in Baker, Fallon County, Montana. 5 children:
1. Laura Huston, b. North Dakota ~ 1918 (1930 fed census), d. 12 Oct 1979 in Tijuana, Mexico, buried in Montana, m. ____ Hodson.
2. Richard Neal Huston, b. 1919 in Wyoming (1930 fed census), never married, d. 3 Jun 1982 in Polson, Lake County, Montana. Richard was a World War II prisoner of war - was captured at the Battle of the Bulge.
3. Walter Huston (twin), b. 2 May 1921 Wyoming, d.~1937 Gillette, Campbell County, Wyoming.
4. Alta Huston (twin), b. 2 May 1921 Wyoming, d. 8 Apr 1972 in Gillette, Campbell County, Wyoming, m. ____ Ritter.
5. Mary Ellen Huston, b. __, married (1) David Wayne Martin and (2) Capt. Robert L. Landers (Ret.). 3 children from the first marriage:
1. Bruce Richard Martin
2. Victor Mark Martin
3. Catherine Mary Martin, m. ____ Silano
5. Infant HUSTON b: 1887 in Vernon Cty, WI d: 1887 in Vernon Cty, WI
6. Otto E. HUSTON b: 1888 in Vernon Cty, WI d: 1943
7. Lano E. HUSTON b: 1890 in Vernon Cty, WI d: 1895 in Webster, Vernon, WI
8. Regina M. HUSTON ("Gena") b: 20 Jun 1892 in Webster Twp., Vernon Cty, WI d: 17 Mar 1952 in Billings, MT (1900 census says that there were 9 children and 6 living--Gena and Regina the same.)
9. Walter L. HUSTON b: 22 May 1895 in Webster Twp., Vernon Cty, WI d: 1901 in Webster, Vernon, WI
10. Leroy Arthur HUSTON b: 07 Nov 1897 d: 22 Jun 1969 in Milwaukee, WI. Married Genevieve Eloise Peck b: 1905 d: 1980; one child:
Betty Lou HUSTON ( 4 Jun 1925-20 Apr 1990), m.Charles George PRICE (14 Jun 1924-25 Nov 1995). One child:
Dale E. Price
4. Mary Ann HUSTON born 27 NOV 1858 in Williams County, Ohio
5. Sarah Jane HUSTON born 2 OCT 1860 in Williams County, Ohio, died 27 FEB 1950 in La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin, buried on 2 MAR 1950 at Brush Hollow Cemetery, Vernon County, Wisconsin. She married Robert S. MCCOLLOUGH (born 4 MAY 1858 in Vernon County, Wisconsin) on 16 FEB 1879. They had 2 children:
1. Jesse Wilmer MCCOLLOUGH, born 21 MAY 1885 in Monroe County, Wisconsin, died 26 DEC 1963 in Lancaster, Grant County, Wisconsin, buried on 28 DEC 1963 at Bagley Cemetery, Bagley, Grant County, Wisconsin. He married Iva Crystal GELSTRUP (born 6 JUL 1891 in Viroqua, Vernon County, Wisconsin) on 1 AUG 1909 in Viroqua, Vernon County, Wisconsin. They had 6 children:
1. Roma Irene McCollough b. 23 Dec 1909, died 7 April 2005 in Lancaster WI; married 02 Feb 1928 to Edward Candler. Had 4 daughters.
2. Marguerite Hope McCollough b. 16 Sep 1911, died 29 Nov 2004 in Dubuque,Iowa; married 29 Aug 1941 to George T. Martin, no children.
3. Robert Leroy MCCOLLOUGH, born 1 NOV 1914 in Webster Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin; died 22 Jan 1943 in North Africa, World War II.
4. Lasca Faye MCCOLLOUGH, born 7 JUL 1917 in Wilton, Monroe County, Wisconsin; died 16 Nov 1974; married to William Edwin Marsh. Four children:
Don MCCOLLOUGH, m. ____. Children...
____? MCCOLLOUGH, m. ____. Had a daughter.
5. Max Gale MCCOLLOUGH, born 13 JUN 1919 in Wilton, Monroe County, Wisconsin; died 22 Apr 1987; married (1) 29 March 1947 to Lois Arlene Lunde (14 Aug 1927 to 01 Feb 1988) to whom 4 children were born; married (2) Beverly Lindner. 4 children:
1. Robert Michael McCollough, born Oct 1947; married (1) 30 Jan 1971 to Katheryn Elaine Simmons, 1 child Christopher Lee McCollough; married (2) 01 Aug 1977 to Christine Marie Marquardt to whom 3 children were born:
1. Michael Robert McCollough born Nov 1980
2. Jennifer Rebecca McCollough born Jul 1983
3. Erin Marie McCollough born Aug 1984
2. Patrick Gale McCollough, born 8 Jul 1949, died 28 Mar 2003; married on 16 Mar 1976 to Hendrina (Rina) Jantina Kor. No children.
3. Nancy Jo McCollough, born Jun 1951; married 2 Jul 1971 to Kim Santo Daniel Guzzino. Had one son.
4. Jody Ray McCollough, born Sep 1955; married 12 May 1978 to Janet Buettner. No children.
6. Norma Luella McCollough, born 16 Sep 1922; married 17 Jun 1939 to Delbert Hammond Brown. Had 4 children.
2. LeRoy MCCOLLOUGH, d. before 1900 as an infant?
6. Emma HUSTON born 8 OCT 1862 somewhere in Ohio
7. Jesse McClellan Huston Jr born Sep 25, 1865 in Bryon, Williams County, Ohio, died Dec 13, 1965. Married twice. His first wife was Maude M. Cowan (1870 - 1895). Together they had 1 son:
Eber "Jack" Henry Houston (note surname spelling) (Dec 30, 1892 - May 29, 1980), married Hedwig (Hattie) Louise "Peggy" Falk. 3 children:
1. June Houston & Fred Jesse Olsen (May 7, 1911 - Jul 27, 1974). 3 children:
1. Gary Olsen (Apr 1944) & Kathy. 2 children:
1. Marc Gregory Olsen (Dec 1978)
2. Michael Sean Olsen (Jul 1981)
2. Mary Olsen (Oct 1946) & Keith Robert Pierce (Oct 1943). 10 children:
1. Jessica Marie Pierce (Dec 1972) & Ross Almlie. 1 child:
1. Greta June Almlie (Mar 2002) 2. Claudia Diane Pierce (Apr 1975). One daughter:
Maya Jessie Pierce (May 1999) 3. Eva Coleen Pierce (Feb 1977)
4. Karina Lee Pierce (Jun 1978)
5. David Chong Pierce (May 1981)
6. Thomas Seong Pierce (Jun 1984)
7. Eli Fredrick Pierce (May 1990)
8. Micah Anthony Tyrell Pierce (Jul 1992)
9. Noah Obenson Pierce (Sep 1993)
10. Veliana Pierce (Oct 1993)
3. Craig Olsen (Jun 1949) & Susan Kay Wavra (Feb 1951). 2 children:
1. Scott Robert Olsen (Oct 1978) & Angela
2. Sarah Kay Olsen (Sep 1980)
2. Jacqueline "Jackie" Houston & Wayne Gitchel. 2 children:
1. Jay Gitchel (b. Nov 1944, d. Aug 2004) & Judy. 2 children:
1. Jeffry Stewart Gitchel, b. Nov 1971, m. Kristi Carr Sep 2000. One child:
Gabriel Gitchel, b. July 2002. 2. Carl F. Gitchel, b. May 1967, m. Sue Brassington 2002. Sue has one son (Garrett) from a previous marrage.
2. Roberta Gitchel (Apr 1949)
3. Carl "Bud" E. Houston (1924 - Mar 3, 1945)
Jesse McClellan Huston then married his second wife Millie Elizabeth Stone born Aug 25, 1878, died May 29, 1945. 8 children:
1. Theresa M. Huston (born Jul 18, 1901 Stark, Vernon County, Wisconsin, died Feb 1, 1998 La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin) m. 28 Sep 1920 to Emil Fred Guderian (b. ~1884 Minnesota, d. Apr 8, 1977). 2 children:
1. Leo Guderian, b. Mar 26, 1926 Delaware (from 1930 census); m. Ramona Duncan. Last heard, Leo was living in Bastrop, TX.
2. Lester F. Guderian, b. Dec 20, 1922 Montana (from 1930 census), d. Oct 27, 1991 Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin; m. Vivian. 2 children:
1. Steven Guderian
2. Sharon Guderian, guess: b. ~1955, m. Edward Hicks on 31 Aug 1974 Rock County, Wisconsin
2. Ruth Jeanette Huston* (born Wisconsin Mar 30, 1903, died Oct 11, 1996) married (1) Hazael Wilson (1898 - Jul 29, 1933) (2) Vincent Barber ( - Dec 10, 1972). 1 child:
Elizabeth "Betty" Wilson (b. May 1926) & Lynn Eastman (1922 - 1986). 4 children:
1. Loretta Eastman (b. Apr 1944) & (1) Richard Verbsky (2) m. 1981 Dale Storkson (d. Mar 1984), (3) m. 1985 Alan Landerman. 4 children from first marriage:
1. Anna Verbsky (b. 1963) & Ronald Sagami. 2 children:
1. Garet Sagami
2. MaKayla Sagami
2. Richard (Rick) Verbsky Jr (b. 1965) & (1) Zandra (2)Lori. 2 children from first marriage:
1. Megan Verbsky (b. 1990)
2. Amanda Verbsky (b. 1995)
3. James Verbsky (b. Jul 1969) & Esther Shin
4. John Verbsky (b. Jul 1969) & (1) Michelle Schultz (2) Carla Lima. 2 children from first marriage:
1. Andrew James Verbsky (b. May, 2001)
2. Christopher Verbsky (b. Jul 2003)
2. Ruth Eastman & Edward Lye. 2 children:
1. Andrew Lye & Alvina
2. Christopher Lye, m. Beth ___.
3. Cecilia Eastman & Greenhalgh. 1 child:
1. Amy Greenhalgh & Zuhlke. 2 children:
1. Jacob Zuhlke
2. Abagail Zuhlke
4. Mary Elizabeth Eastman, born August 30, 1960 in Hillsboro, Wisconsin, passed away Tuesday September 28, 2010 at the Colorado Plains Medical Center, Fort Morgan, CO
3. Mary Huston (born Montana Aug 7, 1905 - Sep 7, 1905)
4. Esther Elizabeth Huston* (born Montana Mar 3, 1911 - Mar 5, 1997) married (1) William St John, (2) Ray Gerred (1899 - 1942), (3) Russell Ziebell (1907 - May 1976)
5. Walter Augustus Huston* (born Westmore (?), Fallon County (?), Montana Oct 1914 - ) married (1) Evelyn Richard (1915 - 1970). 2 children:
1. Duane "Dewey" Huston (Apr 1940 - ) & Rose. 3 children:
1. Michelle Huston & Jeffrey Schumacher
2. Kimberly Huston
3. Shannon Huston
2. Ruth Ann Huston b. Oct 13, ~1950, m. 23 Oct 1976 Milwaukee, Richland County, Wisconsin to Mark A. Kintop (b. ~1943)
Walter Augustus Huston married (2) Clarice Kenyon (Oct 3, 1912 - Feb 10, 1992) and (3) Florence (1910 - Mar 28, 2002)
6. Olive H. Huston (born Montana Apr 28, 1917 - Jun 14, 2002 La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin) & Charles Arthur Nelson (Aug 4, 1914 - Apr 10, 1996). 4 children:
1. Vernon Nelson (Mar 1936 - ) & Sharon Spry. 4 children:
1. Dawn Nelson. 1 child:
1. Heather Nelson (Apr 1978 - ) & Shane Siedschlag. 3 children:
1. Canon William Siedschlag - (born Nov 2003)
2. Huston Joseph Seidschlag - (born Nov 2005)
3. Lincoln Rayann Seidschlag - (born May 2010)
2. Kevin Nelson & Laura Reese. 2 children:
1. Kyle Nelson, m. ?
2. Kurtis Nelson, m. ?
3. Dan Nelson b.October 1958 & Brenda Gjermo b.December 1959, Anniversary April 1978. 3 children:
1. Joshua Nelson & Teri Galbraith - Anniversary October 2004. 2 children:
1. Cora Nelson b. June 2007
2. Lila Nelson b. October 2009
2. Becky Nelson married Joe Kiefer – baby Olivia Kiefer born February 2008.
3. Sarah Nelson married Tom Tallman on July 31, 2010
4. Jim Nelson (Mar 1964) & Lisa Woerpel (Jul 1966). 2 children:
1. Zachary Nelson (Jul 1989 - )
2. Mercedes (Sadie) Nelson (Aug 1995 - )
2. Freddie Nelson* (Apr 1940 - ) & (1) Janis Clark. 2 children:
1. Greg Nelson, b. WI February 1961, m. Betsy. 3 children:
1. Jim Nelson
2. Paul Nelson
3. Luke Nelson
2. Terri Nelson*, b. WI March 1963, m. (1) Richard Miller. 1 child:
1. Kacie Miller, b. WI March 1996 Terri Nelson*, m.(2) David Scott. 1 child:
Grace Scott, b. WI April 2003
Freddie Nelson* & (2) Carol
3. Earl Nelson & Debbie Parr (Apr 23, - ). 2 children:
1. Ryan Nelson & Tamela (Tammy) Daines (?). 2 children:
1. Maverick Nelson (Apr 2002 - )
2. Shelby Nelson, b. March 2005
2. Reggie Nelson
4. Joyce Nelson (Jul 1941) & Kent Steinmetz. 2 children:
1. Brian Steinmetz & Dorothy Dozel. 2 children:
1. Brandon Steinmetz
2. Keith Steinmetz
2. Tracy Steinmetz (Feb 9, - ) & Christopher Gran. 1 child:
1. Emery Paul Gran
7. Gale Huston (born Montana Nov 2, 1918 - Mar 28, 1997 La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin) & Kathryn Richard (1919 - 1980). 3 children:
1. Gordon Lee Huston (1941 - Dec 13, 1944)
2. Mary Lou Huston (Nov 1945 - ) & Gary Daines. 2 children:
1. Greg Daines (Dec 1967 - ) & Jennifer Shuts. 1 child:
1. Chelsea Daines (Sep 1994) 2. Brenda Daines (Feb 1969) & David Maxwell. 2 children:
1. Rachel Maxwell (Feb 1995)
2. Rebecca Maxwell (Oct 1996)
3. Dale Richard Huston* (Jan 1949) & (1) Janice Markee (Straits?), (2) Clara Jane Stuckey (Nov 1954). 2 children:
1. Lisa Ann Huston (Aug 1973) (from 1st marriage)
2. Sarah Rebecca Huston (Jul 1973) (from 2nd marriage)
8. Leo Jesse Huston* (b. Dec 14, 1921 Montana, d. Dec 9, 1998 Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin), a Sergeant in the US Army during World War II--he enlisted in Milwaukee as a Private on 30 Sep 1942; married (1) Bernadine McCumber (Dec 27, 1926). 2 children from first marriage:
1. Arwin Sherrill Huston (b. Jun 3, 1947 - Sep 26, 1947)(Richland Co. Death Index says 26 Sept, not 25 Sept.)
2. Cherlyn Dawn Huston (b. Oct 1948) & James L. Wontor (Feb 1950). 3 children:
1. Teresa Marie Wontor (b. Sep 1972) m. 17 Oct 1998 to Robert William Blake. 1 child:
1. Taylor Blake, (b. Nov 2000) 2. Pamela Marie Wontor (b. Mar 1976) & Derek Strohl. 2 children:
1. Emma Strohl (b. May 2000)
2. Samuel James Strohl (b. Oct 2003)
3. Jay William Wontor (b. Apr 1979), m. Alesa Saltz (b. Nov 1977, Janesville, WI) on April 3, 2004, Janesville, WI. One child:
Anne Katherine Wontor, b. May 2007
Leo Jesse Huston* married (2) Ariel Helen Hanzel (Dec 6, 1928 - May 20, 1999). 2 children: Raymond Jesse Huston (Jun 1964) & Sandra Lee Krueger (Dec 1961)
Renae Ariel Huston (Feb 1966) & David Lee Rosscup (May 1960). 2 children:
1. Cody Allen Rosscup (Nov 1989)
2. Kimberly Alice Ariel Rosscup (Mar 1992)
8. Eli L. HUSTON born 23 SEP 1867 in Williams County, Ohio, died 7 NOV 1936 in Otter Creek, Vernon County, Wisconsin, buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin. He married Lottie E. SMALL (born July 1883 in Wisconsin, d. 1945) on 7 APR 1900 in Otter Vale, Vernon County, Wisconsin. They had 2 children:
1. Violet Bessie Huston born 8 Aug 1902 m. Carl F. Peterson; 2 children:
1. Vera Peterson m. Duane Chroninger - 3 children:
1. Kevin Chroninger m. ____, 2 children:
1. Kelly Chroninger
2. Ryan Chroninger
2. Dan Chroninger m. ____, 1 child:
1. - Jamie Chroninger born April 1990 3. Kenneth Chroninger, m. ____, had children.
2. Lula Belle Peterson m. Clarence V. Jeffers; 2 children:
1. Linda Jeffers m. (1)Michael R. Thomas (divorced); (2)Rick Thomas
Michael R. Thomas, II - born Sept 1987 2. Vickie Jeffers m. Timothy Van Blarcom. 2 children:
1. Katie A. Van Blarcom, born March 1996
2. Jacob A. Van Blarcom, born October 1997
2. Sherrill Finley HUSTON, born 13 DEC 1905 in Webster Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin, buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, La Farge, Vernon County, Wisconsin. He married Verda MARKLEYBUER (born 1914, died April 1986). They had 5 children (5, from her obituary):
1. Alberta Huston, m. Gale Alderman
2. Laverne Huston
3. Verlin "Sam" Huston
4. Arlene Velma HUSTON, b. 13 Jan 1936 Wisconsin, USA, d. 8 Feb 1936 - Stark, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA.
5. ??Missing?? Huston
9. Alice Fidila HUSTON, born 10 SEP 1875 in Webster, Vernon County, Wisconsin, died 10 MAR 1952 in Viroqua, Vernon County, Wisconsin, buried on 13 MAR 1952 at Star Cemetery, Stark Township, Vernon County, Wisconsin. She married Charles H. ROBERTS (born 14 SEP 1874 in Webster, Vernon County, Wisconsin) on 12 JUN 1897. They had 6 children:
1. Gracie Roberts b. Jul 1897
2. Floyd "Arther" ROBERTS b. June 16, 1899 (draft card registration) in Wisconsin
3. Don Otto ROBERTS, born 18 MAR 1901 in Webster, Vernon County, Wisconsin. On 8 Sep 1942 he enlisted as a private in the US Army at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the time the draft registration says he was single. His younger brother Cleo enlisted with him on the same date.
4. Cleo H. ROBERTS, born 30 JUL 1902 in Webster, Vernon County, Wisconsin. On 8 Sep 1942 he enlisted with his brother Don as a private in the US Army at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the time the draft registration says he was single. Cleo died 2 Jan 1993 in Viroqua, Vernon County, Wisconsin.
5. Gladys ROBERTS, born approx. 1912 in Wisconsin
6. Ruth ROBERTS, born approx. June 1919 in Wisconsin
4. Cersa HUSTON (aka Cersey Huston) born 16 NOV 1830, [note from Kevin: is Adaline marriage correct:?? married Adaline __ (born circa 1843 in Ohio). They had 1 child. Note from researcher Nancy "Pf": Cersey married Anna Steffy on 24 April 1856 in Richland County. Cersey and Anna had two children - Joseph in 1859, Indiana listed as place of birth, and Rosan in 1861 with Ohio as place of birth. In 1868 Cersey remarried to Mrs. Evaline Chilton in Williams County, Ohio. The 1870 census is the the last I find of Cersey and the children, Evaline is a widow in 1880. Note from Kevin 1-27-2007: Looking at the original image of the 1870 federal census for Florence, Williams County, Ohio, it shows her name as "Emiline". A misspelling by the census taker?
5. Andrew HUSTON born 3 JUL 1832. Obituary from the STEUBEN REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1900, pg. 4, col. 3: ANDREW HUSTON, 03 Jul 1832 - 12 Mar 1900. Died at his home near Angola, Steuben County, Indiana, on March 12, 1900, Andrew Huston, aged 67 years, 8 months and 9 days. Deceased was born in Richland County, Ohio, July 3, 1832. He was united in marriage with Mary F. Stafford, in York Township, Steuben County, Indiana, June 3, 1861 [Source: Steuben County, Indiana, Marriage Records Book A No. 1 - 6 1837 - 1899, Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County 1969], and moved to Angola in 1864. He was the father of six children. One died at the age of four years, and five with the wife survive him. Funeral services will be held at the Christian church today at 1:30. Evangelist J. K. Hester, of Cincinnati, Ohio, officiating.
Four of the six children are from the 1870 Census for Pleasant Twp., Steuben Co, Indiana taken 17 June 1870 (although the image I am looking at right now has either "18" or "8" as the day). The descendants of Martin Van Buren Huston were posted on GenForum by cousin Mark Cravens:
1. Martin Van Buren HUSTON b. April 5, 1862 in Indiana; m. Mary Gertrude Hyatt in Angola, Steuben County, Indiana. Martin and Mary both died in Burr Oak, St. Joseph County, Michigan. They are, however, buried in Jackson Prairie Cemetery, Steuben County, Indiana. At least 2 children:
1. Burdina Huston, b. Sep 1889 Indiana (1900 federal census, Steuben County, Pleasant Twp, District 102)
2. Ethel Mae HUSTON b. June 9, 1900 Indiana, m. Charles Dewey Craven (b. Ohio). At least 4 children:
1. Gerald H. CRAVEN b. April 15, 1918 in Michigan, m. Helen Lee Taylor. At least one child:
1. Larry Gene CRAVENS b. May 1938 m. Suellyn Jones. At least one child:
1. Mark Lawrence CRAVENS, b. June 1961, m. Rachael A. (b. April 1972)
2. Gwenevere Craven, b. 1922 Michigan.
3. Baradine G. Craven, b. 1924 Michigan.
4. Charles T. Craven, b. 3 Jan 1929 Burr Oak, St. Joseph County, Michigan. Married J. ____, b. 1934.
3??. Myrtle HUSTON b. __; m. __ Bush. ?? [Bush/Hill branch]. At least 1 child:
____ Bush, m. ____ Hill. At least 1 child:
Todd Hill (Goshen, IN)
2. Nancy HUSTON b. ~1864 Indiana
3. Lyman HUSTON b. Dec 1866 Indiana
4. Elmer HUSTON b. Apr 1869 Pleasant Township (Angola post office), Steuben County, Indiana (1870 federal census), m. Emma ____, b. Dec 1863 (his wife on 1900 federal census, Steuben County, Pleasant Twp, District 102)
5. Ira HUSTON, b. Jan 1884 (1900 federal census, Steuben County, Pleasant Twp, District 102)
6. ___ HUSTON
6. Mary HUSTON born 28 FEB 1834
7. John HUSTON born 5 JUL 1836 somewhere in Ohio. Census Note: his Brother Andrew, above, was born in Richland County, Ohio.
8. Elizabeth HUSTON born 30 MAR 1838 somewhere in Ohio
9. Joseph HUSTON born 11 OCT 1840
10. Levi HUSTON born 7 SEP 1842 somewhere in Ohio
11. Hiram HUSTON, born April 25, 1846 in Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio; died June 16, 1924 in Silver Creek Township, Cass County, Michigan. He was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Silvercreek Township, Cass County, Michigan. He married Mary Albertson, who was born October 20, 1866, died Jan 18, 1931. Note: rumor that maybe Hiram Huston first married Nancy J. Deck on Dec. 1, 1867. Sources: Marriage Records for Steuben County, Indiana 1832-1890, Compiled by Audree Seibel Lewis, Fort Wayne Public Library 1967.
Source: Marriage Records Steuben County, Indiana Book A No. 1-6 1832-1899, copied by Hazel Kirk, Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County 1969.
Hiram had 7 children with Mary Albertson:
1. Clyde Huston, b. Indiana Dec 2, 1879 (WWI draft registration card says Dec 2, 1878), d. May 27, 1947; married Jessie May Reynolds (born Michigan ~1885) according to the 1920 census for Michigan, Cass County, Silver Creek Township, E.D. 139. No children listed. The Social Security Death Index has Jessie Huston (her married name) of Dowagiac, Michigan as being born April 15, 1881, died March 1973 in Dowagiac, Michigan. She was married at least twice, her second husband being Clyde Huston. Jessie's first marriage, according to the 1900 census for Cass County, Silver Creek Township, Michigan, was for 4 years, (1896) to Lowell Reed (born Oct. 1879 in Iowa). Lowell was a moulder. They had 2 children. The son, Forest Reed, was born January 1897 and was 3 years old at census time. The daughter, Mabel Reed, was born October 1899 and was thus 1 year old at census time. Records went cold for a time these two children according to the researcher Lynn Jackson. She picked up their trace again in the 1920 federal census, finding Forest Reed "in Berrien Michigan as a roomer, working in a foundry. Same birth year 1897. In 1930, I found him in Toledo Lucas Ohio, District 94, 844 Central Avenue. Same birth year, father born in Iowa, mom Michigan, etc. Forest Reed was a restaurant proprietor, if I read the handwriting correctly. Forest Reed was 33 and married to Mary, age 30 and had a son, it says "Foster Jr.", but it must be Forest Jr. I think I found a lead on Mabel too. Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996: Mabel F. Hayes born October 15, 1899. Death Date: March 3, 1990. Resided in Cassopolis Cass Michigan, died in Dowagiac, Cass Michigan. Lived in Ohio before 1951 according to the SSDI."
According to the Michigan Death Records, Jessie Reynolds Huston died March 18, 1973 in Dowagiac, Michigan--Death Certificate #15216. Her parents were Albert Reynolds and Emma D. Whitmore--they are listed in the Federal Census, June 25 1880 living in the Village of Cassopolis, Michigan. Albert was a 29 year old house painter and Emma was a 16 year old housekeeper. Here is a picture of Jessie Reynolds Huston thanks to Lynn Jackson of Indiana (thanks for the info on Jessie!): Jessie Reynolds Huston

2. Harvey Huston (1880 - 1888)
3. Lee Roy Huston (1882 - 1884)
4. Howard Huston (Feb 24, 1885 - Jun 28, 1944), & wife Maude M. (born ~1888 in Michigan). 4 children:
1. Ruth Huston born ~1908 Michigan (1920 census)
2. Paul H. Huston born 28 March 1910 (age 9 during 1920 census), died 30 July 1978 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, married Eliza E.
3. Harold Huston born 1912 (1920 census), died 1984 Michigan, married M. Thelma.
4. Archie Huston born 1918 (1920 census), died 1960, married to Norma J. Fenner
5. Clifford Huston, born November 5, 1893, Pipestone, Berrien County, Michigan, died March 21, 1955 in Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan. He married (1) Lelah O'Brien age 24 (1930 census says her first marriage was at the age of 19) (in 1920 census she was living with her mother Luella O'Brien age "54" with both Lelah's children, Frank Huston and Hazel Huston). 2 children:
Hazel Huston, born 7 May 1915 (who was not living with her mom and future stepdad in the 1930 census, rather, she was living with her grandmother Luella O'Brien.). She married ____ Terracino and lived in Cicero, Illinois. She died Feb 1978 in Cicero, Cook County, Illinois.
Frank C. Huston, born 22 July 1918, lived with stepdad "Frost" Schuyler (Schuyler Frost?) and mom in 1930 census (but not his sister Hazel), died at home of a heart attack on 14 Apr 1971 Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan. In Frank Huston's obituary in the Dowagiac Daily News dated 14 April 1971, it states his mom as Lelah "Schuyler-Frost". Frank married Lorraine E. Schur (b.October 16, 1921 in St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan) on 4 October 1941, she died at Niles, Berrien County, Michigan on March 15, 2008. Had 3 children:
Michael Huston [Michael Leo Huston? b. January 1953 Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan], m. Kandy ____.
Wanda L. Huston, b. June 1943, m. Joseph Bournay (b. 1937), at least one child, Steven Michael Bournay, b. 1967.
Linda Huston, m. Dean Valdes
Clifford Huston later married in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas on Sep 17, 1917 to (2) Coma Irene Lee ("Coma"), who was born October 30, 1898 in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas [from the Dowagiac Daily News obit dated Nov 11, 1979]. Prior to seeing the obituary, the rumor was that she was from Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. I spoke to officials at Parker County and the state, and they stated that they only have birth records from 1903. Robert Ted Huston, in a posting on GenForum Lee site, states that Coma was married previously to a (1) Mr. Schoff and to (2) Mr. Miller. Coma had 2 step-sisters from Battlecreek, Calhoun County, Michigan by the names of Madiline Schuler of Battle Creek, Michigan, and Eleanor Beckner of Belleview (sic.) (Bellevue, Eaton County?), Michigan (from Coma's obituary). Coma was the daughter of Issac Lee and Alice Phillips (source Robert Ted Huston, in a posting on GenForum Lee site). Coma was living in Cassopolis, Cass County, Michigan, and died in Lee Memorial Hospital in Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan on 9 Nov 1977. Coma was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan. Cliff and Coma had 7 children:
1. Minnie Marguerite Huston, born Mar 31, 1917, died February 28, 1983; married (1) _____ Bradford, (2) John Martin, no children.
2. Donald J. Huston, born September 5, 1918 at Bellevue, Eaton County, Michigan, died November 31, 1979 at Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan. He married (1) Florence Marguerite Weber on July 7, 1943 in Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL, divorced 1948; (2) married Lorraine Mary Joachim, born December 1927 (living) at South Bend, Indiana. Donald and Lorraine had 3 children:
1. Dennis Huston, born February 1950, Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan. Married twice:
Married Dora Hankins, had one child Joe Huston who married ? and they had one child ?.
Married Kelly from Texas, had two children, Rebecca Huston and Michael Huston.
2. Terri Huston, born July 1954 Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan. Married (1)Roland Michael Schram and (2)Kevin Duerinck (born June 1956). Children of the first marriage:
Jamie Schram, b. Sep 1973 in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan, m. Oct. 2004 to Amy Seigler in Geneva, Kane Co., IL.
Jeffrey Schram, b. Nov. 1977 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.
Douglas Schram, b. Oct. 1979 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan; married Laura Konnis September 2003, Las Vegas, NV. One child:
Amelia Konischram, May 2006, Maricopa, Pinal County, Arizona
3. Gail Huston, born March 1959, Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan
3. Glenn C. Huston, b. May 12, 1923, d. 10 Apr 2001 in Decatur, Van Buren County, Michigan; married (1) Betty __; (2) Wilma Lou Schoff, November 07, 1969 (see #7 Gordon below) (After Glenn Wilma was married to Marvin Buchanan). During World War II Glenn enlisted on 26 Jan 1943 at Kalamazoo, Michigan--branch was "Warrant Officers, USA". Buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Decatur, Van Buren County, Michigan. Glenn and Betty had two children:
Sandra Huston (lives in Texas)
Terry Huston (no information available)
4. Clarence F. Huston ("Ted") b. 1920. During World War II he enlisted at Kalamazoo, Michigan in the Air Corps as a Private on 22 Sep 1942. He was promoted to the ranks of Staff Sergeant. He was assigned to the Eighth Air Force at Wendling Air Base in East Anglia, England, and belonged to the 392nd Bomber Group. He was a Tailgunner in a bomber, part of the 577th Squadron, aircraft #42-50323 ("A/C 323"), and was killed on 2 December 1944 during mission #207 to bomb the railroad marshalling yards at Bingen, Germany, located on the Rhine some 30 miles southwest of Frankfurt. Clarence was killed near Rhaunen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (near Frankfort). The visibility was bad due to heavy cloud cover and the squadron was attacked by 50 German FW-109 fighters (FW=Focke-Wulf) between Bingen and Bad Kreuznach. The bomber was hit and exploded in the air. B24.Net . According to his U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Record, he was single without dependents. The B24 site, however, states that Clarence had a wife(?), Alice M., 305 Second Avenue, Dowagiac, Michigan. At least one child: Debbie Huston, born 1954, died 1970 or 1971.
5. Kenneth Huston ("Kenny"), born March 27, 1925, died October 14, 1974 (I had 1975 previously) Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan; married (1) Mary Ardell; (2) Kathryn Rose Gordon ("Kate"), September 29, 1946. With Kate had 6 children:
1. Helen Huston
2. Patricia Huston
3. Pamela Huston
4. Kathy Huston
5. Cindy Huston
6. Deana Huston
6. Betty Jean Huston ("Becki"), b. 14 Dec 1928, d. 16 April 2002 Dowagiac, Cass County, Michigan; married (1) William Merrill, (2) Jason McIntyre (d.). 4 children from first marriage:
1. Deborah Jean Merrill, was born 12 March 1953, died 7 May 2002. Her husbands were: Richard Bell, Ray Hemminger, Bobby Hemlinger, Dale Wade and William Tackitt. One child:
Jason Bell, m. (1)Shanna Tinkey, a child named Madalyn Bell; m. (2)Kerri Tormanen (maiden name Holbert) 2. Bruce Merrill (d.)
3. Doug Merrill
4. Glenna Marie Merrill, b.June 1, 1947, d.April 5, 2009; m. (1)Roy Johnson, (2)Bill Bennett (d.2006) on May 10, 1990 in Cassopolis, Cass County, Michigan. Three children:
Darren Johnson, m. Roxanne
Missey Johnson, m. (1)David Younger and had one child Brooke Younger; m. (2), then Mike Mather and m. (3)Lonnie Criffield
Steve Johnson, m. Julie
7. Gordon Huston ("Skip"), b. Apr 11, 1932, lived in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, d. Dec 5, 1993 Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada (last residence); m. Wilma Lou Schoff (see #3 Glenn above). 6 children:
1. Robert Ted Huston (Feb 1953) & (1)Paula Jo Avery, (2)Lenora Jean Johnson ("Jean") (b. Sep 1953)
2. Rebecca Tracy Huston (May 1956) & Richard Hubert Canard
3. Ruth Toney Huston (Sep 1957) & Darl Lee Platt
4. Robin Teria Huston (Dec 1960), m. (1)Richard Cushman, (2)Ernest Wesley and we have a son Nicholas Huston. I have another son, Mackenzie Huston.
5. Renee Teresa Huston (Jul 1962), m. James Daniel Scott (div.). They have four daughters:
Shasta Scott
Sierra Scott
Shiane Scott
Savannah Scott
6. Randa Huston (Oct 16, 1964) & Alan Jay Gruber
6. Floyd Huston, born 5 Aug 1896 in Angola, Steuben County, Indiana (WWI draft registration) died Feb 13, 1940; m. Gertrude R. __, born ~1900 in Michigan(1920 census)
7. Ray Huston (1902 - 1902)


1930 U.S. Federal Census > Wisconsin > Vernon > Stark > District 23 shows the following: Jesse M. Huston, age 64 and born in Ohio, head of household, he was a farmer; father born in Ohio, mother in Pennsylvania. Wife is Millie, age 52, born in Wisconsin. Kids: Esther E. age 19, Walter A. age 15, Olive age 12, Gale age 10, Leo age 8, all kids born in Montana. 1920 U.S. Census > Montana > Fallon County > Westmore • ED# 52 shows Jesse M. Huston as a farmer in Montana. Shows his wife Millie, and kids Theresa M. Huston age 18 born in Wisconsin, Ruth J. Huston age 16 born in Wisconsin, and the Montana born children Esther, Walter, Olive and Gale.

1930 U.S. Federal Census > Wisconsin > Vernon > Stark > District 19: On Elm Street lived Isiah T. Huston, age 77, born in Ohio, head of household, father born in Ohio, mother born in Pennsylvania. Wife is Hannah J., age 74 born in Wisconsin. Had an adopted daughter Irene E. Huston, age of 15, born in North Dakota, father and mother born in Wisconsin (her biological parents).

1930 U.S. Federal Census > Wisconsin > Vernon > Webster > District 34 shows: Eli C. Huston, age 62, head of household, farmer, wife Lottie E., age 46 and born in Wisconsin, son Sherill, age 23 and born in Wisconsin. Eli's father was born in Ohio, mother born in Pennsylvania.
Also Walter N. Huston, age 74, head of household, farmer, born in Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Pennsylvania, wife Catharine age 68 born in Wisconsin. Their son Otto E. Huston was age 48, farm laborer, born in Wisconsin.

Other 1930 census entries for Huston's in Phelps, Vilas, Wisconsin (from Indiana).

1920 U.S. Census • Michigan • Cass • Silver Creek • ED# 139 shows: Howard Huston age 34, head of household, worked as a moulder in a stove factory, born in Michigan, father born in Ohio and mother born in Indiana, wife Maud age 32 born in Michigan, Ruth age 12, Paul age 9, Harold age 7, Archie age 14 (so it seems). Another family was Hiram Huston age 74 (72 also written in), head of household, born in ____, wife Mary age 55 born in Indiana (her parents from Ireland), she was a laundress doing work at home. Another family was Floyd Huston age 23 head of household, laborer, born in Indiana, his father was born in Ohio and his mother in Indiana, and wife Gertrude age 20 born in Michigan.

1880 U.S. Federal Census (from Christopher Lye): Hiram Huston is listed in the 1880 Census, Indiana, Steuben Co, Fremont Twp. pg 350. Listed: Hiram Huston, Age 33, Mary Huston, Age 20, Clyde Huston, Age 1, Harvey Huston, Age 1/2.


Houstoune (Houston) family in Scotland in medieval times [messages between Jim Houston and Jim __ on, the Scotland Board (Medieval History), Feb. 2003]:
Three sources of information on this family. George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire, ?The Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia? (HarperCollins, 1994) lists this family on pp. 405-06 as a territorial name from an old barony of the same name in Lanarkshire. Hugh de Padinan is apparently the progenitor and was granted the lands of Kilpeter in the 1100s, later known as Huston. The article mentions a few notable individuals in the family, but no detailed genealogy is offered. Sir Bernard Burke, ?Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain & Ireland,? Volumes I & II (Harison, Pall Mall; 1882) has three Houston families listed in Volume I; Houston of Orngefield, Houston of Johnstone Castle, and Houston of Clerkington. The Johnstone Castle family seems to be the same as is listed in the Clan & Family Encyclopedia. ?The Scots Peerage, Founded on Wood's Edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland,? edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon King of Arms (Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1904-1914), contains several members of this family.

Notes from Eileen Buchanan:
"Houston is derived from Hu's town, named after the 11th century Hugo De Padvinan, Knight Templar who built his castle there- some say he was named after Hugh De Payens, leader of the Knights Templar, others that he was the same man!" For more from Eileen, including the 600 year old yew grove at Craigends, Houston in Renfrewshire, Scotland (and the cool-looking Craigends House), see her site at: Eileen Buchanan and Scottish surname Houston . According to Eileen, there was a 16th century Houston Castle site, but it is gone.


***Huston/Houston DNA Surname Project (come on, males, join the study and submit your y-chromosome DNA--two people in the study are proven relatives to the General--you may be as well!)

Walter, Angelica and John Huston -- Tobermore, Derry County, Ireland to Ontario, Canada

2 John Huston's, Cayuga Indians

Charle's Houston's Gigantic Houston Database (NOTE: all derivations of HOUSTON i.e. Houstoun, Huston, Houseton, etc. have been converted to HOUSTON)

Sam Huston Family by Richard Rice

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Jim Houston's tree from Cotreoch Manor, Whithorn Parish, Wigtownshire, Scotland->Delaware (Kent or New Castle County) about 1710

2 Huston brother's Scotland->Jamestown, VA in 1612->Kentucky (1 Huston, 1 Houston) and Robert HOUSESON born 1450 Dublin, Ireland ->Scotland->USA (2 brothers)

Kilbarchan, Scotland Houston Family (Thomas b.1873>Rhode Island 1920's?; James Houston b.1840>d. Massachusetts; William b.1911>Rhode Island) (actually the GenForum Houston page--search it)

Houstons of Londonderry, N. Eire to Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA in 1850

John Houston b.1728 in Co.Tyrone, Ireland, d.1808 in Newberry District, SC (moved into Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama)

Names and Families of Clan Donald (Clann Domhnaill) Houston 142: "Only those from Skye and must have originally been a MACHOUSTON/MACUISDEAN. Approx. 82% of all Houstons are of Scots ancestry. Scots Houstons not of Clan Donald may be from Lanarkshire, and later, Paisley, Glasgow, Caithness or Inverness." Huston 142: "Only those from Skye and must have originally been a MACHUSTON/MACUISDEAN. Approx. 7% of all Hustons are of Scots ancestry." The number 142 refers to the Gaelic root word, which is _____?.

GenForum Huston surname board

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Pay lists for Perry County, Ohio Civil War soldiers 1861-65 (and some other wars)

Houston Family Genealogy Forum (by Richard Rice)

Larry Hoefling's Houston/Huston Page

Clan Donald Castles

Daughters of the American Revolution--Search Library

Houston Brewing Company, Renfrewshire, Scotland (owned by Wengel family)

BOOKS--HUSTON/HOUSTON (I have none of these)

0. "Pennsylvania Marriages prior to 1810", Vol 1, pg 132 by Bill Huston [helpful for those PA to Ohio Huston families]
0.5. "Gateway to the West", Vol 2, Compiled by Ruth Bowers and Anita Short [the Index gives 30 references to different Hustons] [Also, volumes 1 and 2 are available on the Family Archive CD 7175 from Genealogical Publishing Company ($39 as of 12-2008)] [from 1967 to 1978, volumes 1 and 2 covered some of the least accessible yet most important genealogical records of 76 of Ohio's 88 counties. Includes marriage records, indexes to estates, will abstracts, death, cemetery, and divorce records, indenture and apprenticeship records, baptisms, land grants, ministers' licenses, minute books, deed abstracts, partition records, guardianships, and naturalization records. The majority of these materials cover the years 1800 to 1850.]
1. "History of the Huston families and their descendants 1450-1912; with an genealogical record", by E. Rankin Huston (277 pages, 1912). This has the Pennsylvania Huston families.
2. "Shafer - Huston - Huston Family History" by Francis M. Marvin (1951 and 1994, 470 pages).
3. "William Huston of Voluntown, Ct., ca. 1720-1777, and some of his descendants", by Aimee Houston Eck (113 pages, 1950).
4. History of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania by P.A. Durand.
5. "Bold Legacy; the Story of the Houston-Huston Ancestors, 1150 to 1800" by Cleburne Huston (Waco, Texas: Printed by Texian Press, 1968, 198 pages). Has coats of arms.
6. (Houston) "A Pedigree Of Descendants Of Samuel Huston (Houston) 1720-1776, Dunstable (Now Nashua) & Lyndeboro (Lynderorough) Hillsboro Co. NH & Related Families" by Erwin J. Otis (comp.) (Dearborn, MI 1965).
7. (Huston) "Virginians and Hoosiers" by William E. Pullen (Hollywood, FL, 1977), 34 pages on the Abshires, Hustons & Wrights of Bedford & Franklin Co., VA & Union & Hamilton Co., IN.
8. "Hustons: family of John C. and Ella Loder Huston: ancestors, descendants, and related lines/Hazel Huston Price (born 1891)" by Paul E. Tomshany (published 1996).
9. "Brief Biographical Accounts of the Many Members of the Houston Family Accompanied by a Genealogical Table" by Rev. Sam Rutherford Houston (Elm Street Publishing, Cincinnati, OH 1882).
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11. DAR book: "Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution" (Baltimore, MD: Geneal. Pub. 1972).
12. "We Galbraiths: Ancestors and Descendants of William and Nancy (Huston) Galbraith of Westmoreland County, PA", by Walter D. Galbraith.
13. "Sherifdoms of Lanark and Renfrew" by William Hamilton (compiled circa 1710, printed Glasgow 1831, see page 100).
13.5. "Kilbarchan - A Parish History", by Rev. Robert D. MacKenzie, B.D. (1902) [complete history of Kilbarchan, a parish in the county of Renfrewshire, Scotland].
13.6. "The Shire of Renfrew", by George Crawfurd (1710) & George Robertson (1818), two books in one, published in 1818 [includes an account of the noble and ancient families who from the earliest times have had property in that county and the most remarkable facts in the lives of distinguished individuals].
14. "The History of the Shire of Renfrew" by George Crawfurd (1710, Paisley, Scotland, Revised 1782 by William Semple, Paisley, Scotland). Speaks of the Houston Castle.
15. "Houstoniana" (J.C. Campbell, Houston, Scotland, printed Paisley, Scotland 1864), talks about the Houston Mill of George Houston Reid.
16. "Chasing the Frontier: Scotch-Irish Settlement in Early America" by Larry J. Hoefling (178pp.) hardbound and indexed, with photographs, maps and genealogical reference table. Follows several Ulster families, including the Huston/Houston families. Larry states that the book "has many references to early Houston and Hustons, as well as the Scotland -Ireland connection for most American Huston and Houston families".
17. "The Virginia Settlement or the Four Mile Church of the Brethren" by Rev. Merle C. Rummel (April 1998)
18. "History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana", by Otho Winger (1917, p59-62)
19. 1850 Huston Township census, Blair County, PA ... / compiled by the Blair County Genealogical Society (Altoona, PA : The Society, 1992).
20. The descendants of Captain Joseph Huston of ... Pennsylvania / by Margery Huston Freas (Felton, PA: The Compiler, 1991).
21. The history of John Huson from North Carolina to Alabama ... / by Margarette Hall Wood (Baltimore, MD : Gateway Press, 1990 335 pp., genealogy tables).
22. Minnesota DAR GRC report; s1 v049 : William Huston of Falmouth, Maine and a study of the genealogy of his descendants / by Philip Howard Harris (1950). Is this entitled "Hustons of New England" by Philip Howard Harris (1950)? Covers Hustons in York County, (Sanford -Wells) Maine. The other section covers Huston in NH.
23. The descendants of James Huston: with related families of de Berard, Johnson, Trowbridge, Rugg, Case, Brigham, Fiske, Newton and McKitrick / Edith H. Hurlbutt (S.I.: Hurlbutt, 1967? 120 pp., includes coats of arms).
24. Descendants of Robert Huston : Dr. Thomas Wynne and William Warner of Philadelphia and Chester Counties ... 1682 - 1900 / by Carol Watson (St. Peters, MO: The Author, c1994, 56 pp.).
25. Federal census, 1850 Washington County, Indiana ... / enumerators, B. F. Huston; James A. McPheeters (1971).
26. Genealogy of some branches of the families of Huston, Wilson, Wilkin, Holmes, Wells, Whitaker, Brown / by James Archibald Huston and Amanda Wilkin Huston (Sewickley, Penn.: 1914, 121 pp., including coat of arms).
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