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Announcement: Mr. Ronald Wauters of Vogelwaarde, The Netherlands, has shown that three familie stambooms (family trees) are all related. They are:
Puivelde/Belsele Duerinck Clan
Kloosterzande Duerinck Clan
Clinge Duerinck Clan
The "key" is that they are all related through Andreas Duerinck, b. 26 sep 1697, Puivelde, Belsele, BE (found on the Belsele Duerinck Clan page). Thank you Ronald!

Research below by: Davy Duerinck, supplemented by Kevin Duerinck
Source: Zeeuws Archief for Clinge, Netherlands records as well as microfilm indices and records of the parish of Clinge, BEL (De Klinge) through the Mormon Church. This is NOT Davy Duerinck's family, which is in a URL directly below. These are Duerinck's that needed a home--this page is theirs. Davy hopes to see if he can link it to his family tree, currently traced to Clinge, Netherlands. I have also taken the same data from the Zeeuws Archief and made genealogy databases, also called "data dumps". The links to my databases are at the bottom of the page. The reader may search these databases, which are artificially constructed according to the spelling of the surname. A BIG thank you to Davy for his work!

Petrus Joannes Duerinck (Pieter Durinck), born ~1790-1800 (not born in Clinge, Belgium before 1796 because not in the parish records), married to Theresia Vermeulen. From this marriage:

1. Angelina Duerinck, born on 1822 in Clinge, BEL. Married on 23-06-1849 in Graauw, NL to Cornelis Jansen, born 1819 in Boschkapelle.
2. Joannes Dionisius Duerinck(s), born 1824 in Clinge, BEL. Married (1) on 12-08-1849 in Graauw en Langendam to Christina Truijman, born 1828 in Stoppeldijk.
Married (2) on 12-05-1960 in Hontenisse to Apolonia Leenknegt (Leenknecht), born 1830 in Graauw.
From first marriage:
1. Seraphina Duerinck, born on 1850 in Ossenisse or Graauw.
Married (1) on 31-08-1872 in Ossenisse to Pieter Stobbelaar, born on 1846 in Boschkapelle.
Married (2) on 05-11-1878 in Stoppeldijk to Joannes Vernimmen, born on 1822 in Sint Nicolaes (BE).
From first marriage:
1. Levenloos Stobbelaar, born in Boschkapelle, died on 27-12-1872 in Boschkapelle.
From second marriage:
2. Johannes Aloijsius Duerinck, born on 1837 in Ossenisse. Married on 17-01-1908 in Hengstdijk to Maria Elisa de Rooij, born on 1877 in Stoppeldijk.
3. Judoca Duerinck, born on 1861 in Hontenisse.
Married on 15-05-1896 in Ossenisse to Jacobus Verrassel, born on 1867 in Ossenisse.
4. Judocus Duerinck(s), born on 1863 in Ossenisse.
Married (1) on 07-05-1897 in Ossenisse to Anna Maria Crombeen, born on 1863 in Ossenisse.
Married (2) on 01-02-1901 in Ossenisse to Philomena Goossen, born on 1868 in Hontenisse.
5. Pieter Francies Duerinck, born on 1864 in Ossenisse.
Married on 09-07-1898 in Hontenisse to Mathilda Klaassen, born on 1872 in Boschkapelle.
6. Maria Louiza Duerinck, born on 1867 in Ossenisse.
Married on 06-05-1892 in Ossenisse to Camille Adolphe van Damme, born on 1869 in Boschkapelle. From this marriage:
1. Maria Johanna Louisa van Damme, born on 1893 in Boschkapelle. Married on 17-08-1921 in Hulst to Augustinus Ludovicus Eduardus van den Branden, born on 1889 in Stoppeldijk.
2. Julianus Eduardus van Damme, born in Boschkapelle, died on 01-06-1895, 6 months old.
3. Pius van Damme, born in Boschkapelle, died on 09-06-1902 in Boschkapelle, 5 months old.
4. Levenloos van Damme, born in Boschkapelle, died on 06-11-1902 in Boschkapelle (Male).
5. Levenloos van Damme, born in Boschkapelle, died on 23-11-1903 in Boschkapelle (Female).
6. Levenloos van Damme, born in Boschkapelle, died on 24-01-1905 in Boschkapelle (Male).
7. Martha van Damme, born on 24-09-1908 in Boschkapelle, died on 28-09-1908 in Boschkapelle, 4 days old.
8. Mathilda van Damme, born on 17-07-1912 in Boschkapelle, died on 18-07-1912 in Boschkapelle, 1 day old.
7. Rozalia Duerinck, born on 1870 in Ossenisse. Married on 26-04-1901 in Ossenisse to Alphonsus Jacobus de Vree, born on 1870 in Ossenisse.
3. Eligius Jacobus Duerinck, (Durinck), born on 1827 in Clinge, died on 22-7-1900 in Hontenisse. Married on 26-02-1859 in Ossenisse to Judoca van Troost (Proost), born on 1828 in Hontenisse. From this marriage:
1. Maria Duerinck, born on 1860 in Hontenisse. Married on 18-11-1882 in Hontenisse to Francies Neve, born on 1857 in Hontenisse.
1. Maria Louisa Neve, born on 1884 in Hontenisse. Married on 10-09-1910 in Hontenisse to Jan Francies Kints, born on 1882 in Hontenisse.
2. Petrus Eligius Neve, born on 1883 in Hontenisse. Married on 20-06-1908 in Hontenisse to Leonie Bogaert, born on 1884 in Hontenisse.
2. Petrus Johannes Duerinck, born 1863 in Hontenisse. Married on 10-07-1889 in Hontenisse to Rosalia Steevens, born on 1845 in Hontenisse.
3. Apolonia Duerinck, born on 1867 in Hontenisse. Married on 09-05-1894 in Hontenisse to Cornelis Maas, born on 1866 in Hontenisse. From this marriage:
1. Paulina Rosalia Maas, born on 1898 in Hontenisse. Married on 24-08-1920 in Hontenisse to Leonardus Francies de Smit, born on 1897 in Hontenisse. 4. Catharina Duerinck, born on 1873 in Hontenisse. Married on 15-05-1897 in Hontenisse to Johannes Francies Krieckaart, born 1863 in Hengstdijk.


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