Announcement: Mr. Ronald Wauters of Vogelwaarde, The Netherlands, has shown that three familie stambooms (family trees) are all related. They are:
Puivelde/Belsele Duerinck Clan
Kloosterzande Duerinck Clan
Clinge Duerinck Clan
The "key" is that they are all related through Andreas Duerinck, b. 26 sep 1697, Puivelde, Belsele, BE (found on the Belsele Duerinck Clan page). Thank you Ronald!

Data below from: Davy Duerinck, 21 June 1999
Data below last revised:
17 July 2005

Note from Kevin: This page was sent to me by Davy Duerinck, Kloosterzande, Netherlands. This clan is from Clinge, Belgium in the late 1700's.

I.1    Gillis DUERINCK ("Egidius Duerinck"), apparently born in or around 1763 because when his daughter Seraphine Duerinck died in 1813, Gillis Duerinck was 50 years old. Both Gillis and wife Michielsens were already deceased when their son Petrus Johannes Duerinck got married in 1837. Further, an Egidius Dierinck was baptized in Clinge, Belgium on 8 February 1763, son of Petrus Dierinck and Joanna Braeck. No town or age information for Petrus or Joanna in the baptism record.
Married to Maria Agnes MICHIELSENS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Pieter (Petrus) Johannes DUERINCK (see also II.1).
   2.  Johanna DUERINCK, born 1794 in Clinge.
Married on 13-11-1814 in Clinge (NL) to Elisius Jacobus BOLSENS, born 1791 in Clinge, son of Josephus BOLSENS and Dorothea de KLERF.
   3.  Seraphine DUERINCK, born 1797 in Clinge, died on 15-05-1813 in Clinge.
   4.  Lodevicus DUERINCK, born 09-1799 in Clinge, died on 08-10-1801 in Clinge.

II.1    Pieter (Petrus) Johannes DUERINCK, born 1794 in Clinge (B), died on 07-03-1853 in Stoppeldijk.
Married (1) to Anna Elisabeth van BRUSSEL, born 1792, died on 03-03-1837 in Stoppeldijk, daughter of Cecilianus van BRUSSEL and Amelberga van LAAR.
Married (2) on 24-11-1837 in Stoppeldijk to Petronella de RIJCK, born 1814 in Graauw en Langendam, died on 23-08-1875 in Stoppeldijk, daughter of Johannes de RIJCK and Maria Jacoba de BAKKER.
From the second marriage:
   1.  Jacobus DUERINCK (see also III.1).
   2.  Jan Francies DURINCK, born 08-1845 in Stoppeldijk, died on 01-03-1846 in Stoppeldijk.
   3.  Petrus DURING, born 05-1847 in Stoppeldijk, died on 09-08-1848 in Stoppeldijk.
   4.  Maria DURING (see also III.6).
   5.  Eligius Jacobus DUERINCK (see also III.7).

III.1    Jacobus DUERINCK, born 1842 in Stoppeldijk, died on 10-09-1911 in Stoppeldijk.
Married on 21-04-1880 in Stoppeldijk to Anna Maria POLFLIET, born 1850 in Stoppeldijk, died on 30-01-1934 in Sas van Gent, daughter of Mattheus POLFLIET and Johanna Francisca VERHOEVEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Alphonsus DUERINCK, born 1882 in Stoppeldijk, died on 07-02-1895 in Stoppeldijk.
   2.  Petrus Johannes DUERINCK (see also IV.2).
   3.  Desiré DUERINCK (see also IV.4).
   4.  Elisabeth Maria DUERINCK, born 1893 in Stoppeldijk, died 1990.
Married on 27-04-1912 in Stoppeldijk to Petrus BAART, born 1893 in Stoppeldijk, son of Jacobus BAART and Anna Catharina KROES.

IV.2    Petrus Johannes DUERINCK, born on 28-10-1883 in Stoppeldijk, died on 03-06-1977 in Hulst at the age of 93, buried on 07-06-1977 in Stoppeldijk.
Married at the age of 25 on 09-06-1909 in Stoppeldijk to Leonie de POORTER, 25 years old, born on 19-10-1883 in Hontenisse, died on 23-07-1967 in Stoppeldijk at the age of 83, daughter of Pieter de POORTER and Philomena Jacoba HENDRIKS.
From this marriage:

Joos DUERINCK, born on 30-12-1909 in Stoppeldijk, died on 06-07-2003 in Kloosterzande at the age of 93, buried in Stoppeldijk.
Married to Amelie LUIJCKS, born on 06-09-1919 in Stoppeldijk, died on 01-08-1995 in Terneuzen at the age of 75, buried on 05-08-1995.
(6 children ?)

   2.  Elisa Philomena Zuster Manuël DUERINCK, born on 26-11-1911 in Stoppeldijk, died on 22-12-1978 at the age of 67.
   3.  René DUERINCK, born on 13-12-1912 in Stoppeldijk, died on 01-06-1998 in Kloosterzande at the age of 85, buried on 04-06-1998 in Stoppeldijk.
Married to Philomena Petronella de MAAGT, born on 12-07-1910 in Hontenisse, died on 02-10-2000 in Kloosterzande at the age of 90, buried on 05-10-2000 in Stoppeldijk.
(4 children ?)
   4.  Petrus Augustinus DUERINCK, born 1914 in Stoppeldijk, died on 02-06-1915 in Stoppeldijk at the age of 1.
   5.  Alphonsus DUERINCK, born on 03-03-1915, died on 31-05-2003 in Uithoorn at the age of 88, buried on 05-06-2003 in Uithoorn.
Married to Madelene de SCHRIJVER.
(childeren ?)
   6.  Christina DUERINCK, born 03-1916 in Stoppeldijk, died on 24-05-1916 in Stoppeldijk at the age of 2 months.
   7.  Albertus Antonius DUERINCK (see also V.10).
   8.  Martha DUERINCK, born on 19-02-1919 in Stoppeldijk, died on 17-12-1971 in Bavel at the age of 52.
   9.  Josephine DUERINCK, born 04-1921 in Stoppeldijk, died on 26-09-1921 in Stoppeldijk at the age of 5 months.
   10.  Gerard DUERINCK, born on 31-10-1922 in Stoppeldijk, died on 08-12-2004in Sint Jansteen at the age of 82, burried on 13-12-2004 in Sint Jansteen.
Married to Greet SWINNE.
(no children)
   11.  Arthur Pieter DUERINCK, born on 05-10-1923 in Stoppeldijk, died on 25-04-1944 in Kiel (DE) at the age of 20, buried on 16-11-1951 in Stoppeldijk.
   12.  Emanuel DUERINCK, born on 22-10-1925, died on 05-03-2005 at the age of 79, burried on 10-03-2005 in Vogelwaarde (Stoppeldijk).
Married to Rosa ASSELMAN, born on 02-10-1927, died on 10-12-2004 at the age of 77, burried on 15-12-2004 in Vogelwaarde (Stoppeldijk).
(2 children ?)
   13.  Alouisius DUERINCK, born on 25-08-1927 in Stoppeldijk, died on 18-09-1995 in Terneuzen at the age of 68, buried on 23-09-1995.
Married to Juliette Maria LUIJCKS.

V.10    Albertus Antonius DUERINCK, born on 21-08-1917 in Stoppeldijk, died on 01-10-1995 in Hulst at the age of 78, buried on 05-10-1995 in Kloosterzande.
Married to Lucia de ROOS, born on 29-12-1921.
From this marriage:
   1.  Petrus Alphonsus DUERINCK.
   2.  Louisa Leonie DUERINCK.
   3.  Maria Elisabeth DUERINCK.
   4.  Josephus Jacobus DUERINCK.
   5.  René Albertus DUERINCK.
   6.  Gerardus Antonius DUERINCK.
   7.  Hermanus Emanuel DUERINCK.
   8.  Lizette DUERINCK.
   9.  George Petrus DUERINCK.

IV.4    Desiré DUERINCK, born on 13-09-1885 in Stoppeldijk, died on 08-11-1957 in Sluiskil at the age of 72, buried in Stoppeldijk.
Married at the age of 26 on 26-04-1912 in Boschkapelle to Johanna Coleta van VOOREN, 23 years old, born on 26-02-1889 in Boschkapelle, died on 22-06-1961 in Sluiskil at the age of 72, buried in Stoppeldijk, daughter of Alphonsius Josephus van VOOREN and Ludovica van de WEIJER. We do know from the Ellis Island immigration records of the United States of America (see this site at ellis.html) that "Desere Duerinck", from Stoppeldijk, Holland, arrived on the ship Lapland out of Antwerp on 13 May 1912 at the age of 26 years. We do know that Desiré did return to the Netherlands, although not sure of the year. Where did he live during World War I?
From this marriage:
   1.  Alma Elodia Coleta DUERINCK, born on 25-01-1913 in Stoppeldijk, died on 06-02-1913 in Stoppeldijk, 12 days old.
   2.  Emanuel DUERINCK, born 1916 in Stoppeldijk, died on 05-02-1917 in Stoppeldijk.
   3.  Oranda Eduarda DUERINCK, born 1916 in Stoppeldijk, died on 21-05-1917 in Stoppeldijk.
   4.  Louis DUERINCK.

III.6    Maria DURING, born 1849 in Stoppeldijk, died on 20-08-1901 in Stoppeldijk.
Married on 28-06-1876 in Stoppeldijk to Joseph VERSCHUREN, born 1842 in Hontenisse, died on 20-04-1889 in Stoppeldijk, son of Joseph VERSCHUREN and Johanna van KRUIJSSEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Cornelia VERSCHUREN, born 1877 in Stoppeldijk, died on 12-09-1889 in Stoppeldijk.
   2.  Melanie VERSCHUREN, born 1879 in Stoppeldijk, died 1969, buried in Stoppeldijk.
Married on 16-05-1911 in Stoppeldijk to Anthonius MANGNUS, born 1881 in Stoppeldijk, died 1968, buried in Stoppeldijk, son of Johannes MANGNUS and Dina HAMELINCK.

III.7    Eligius Jacobus DUERINCK, born 1853 in Stoppeldijk, died on 13-01-1933 in Stoppeldijk.
Married to Catharina GOORIS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Petrus Jacobus DUERINGS, born 1886 in Hillegersberg.
Married on 24-04-1913 in Axel to Clotilde Marie van den BERG, born 1888 in Axel, daughter of Edmond Albertus Johannes van den BERG and Anna Maria de MEIJER.

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!!! Marriage in Vrasene, Belgium: Egidius Dierinck x Agnes Michielsens, 10 Apr 1793. The marriage record is not on the microfilmed records available through the Mormon Church. I need someone in Belgium or Netherlands to get a copy of the record. Looking for the town Egidius ("Gillis") is from. !!!

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