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Thank you for the assistance of Jacqueline Duerinck, Davy Duerinck, Douwe van der Meer, and Carlo Buysrogge. A lot of data was found using databases found at Zeeuwsarchief and Genlias. To send corrections, send them to the web master, Kevin.

NOTE: Previously I had heard from 2 different sources that around 1900 the church in Boskapelle, Netherlands burned down, with all the birth and death records. My Nederland contact states that "this is untrue. The church of Boschkapelle never burned down. The churchbooks are still available to read; the books until 1800 are in the archives of Middelburg and those after 1800 are either still at the church, or were recently brought to Middelburg as well." In any event, however, we have found that the ancestor Ambrosius Duerinck was baptized in Meerdonk, Belgium in 1744, died in Clinge 13 March 1794, and his parents are now known. His dad, Joannes, was not born in Meerdonk, and does not appear to have been born in Vrasene, and was married in neither town. So we will have to search for the town of Joannes Durinck's birth. I did not order the index/tafel of deaths for Meerdonk/Vracene.

Joannes Durinck, married Isabella Theresia Decauwer ("Cauwels", also "Caere") in Clinge, Belgium on 8 August 1734. 10 children:

Joanna Durinck, baptized 24 Oct 1735, Meerdonk, Belgium
Anna Catharina Durinck, baptized 20 Nov 1737, Meerdonk, Belgium
Joannes Durinck, baptized 12 Feb 1740, Meerdonk, Belgium
Josephus Durinck, baptized 14 Apr 1742, Meerdonk, Belgium
Ambrosius Fredericus Durinck, see below.
Franciscus Durinck, baptized 27 Oct 1746, Meerdonk, Belgium
Georgius Durinck, baptized 3 Nov 1748, Meerdonk, Belgium
Anna Catharina Durinck, baptized 19 Feb 1751, Meerdonk, Belgium
Cornelius Durinck, baptized 2 Feb 1753, Meerdonk, Belgium
Judoca Durinck, baptized 17 Aug 1754, Meerdonk, Belgium
Ambrosius Fredericus Duerinck, baptized 7 Dec 1744 Meerdonk, Belgium (7 Xber 1744, page 3599 of the Register--information from the klapper/tafel. The baptismal record was not on the microfilm.), was buried 13 March 1794 in Clinge, Belgium; m. Pieternella Henderikx. Children:
Johanna Franciesca Durinck (also Jean Francoise Durinck), born ~1785, married (1)Antonius Thijssens Aug 18, 1813; then at the age of 53 married (2)Jan Francies de Cock, age 41, from St. Gillis Nov 21, 1838.
Johannes Duerinck, b.~1774 Meerdonk, Belgium, m. (1) Clasina Catharina van Loo ("Clasina Dorothea van Loij") (2) Oct. 12, 1830 Ijzendijke, NL Albertina Catharina Janssen, b. ~1798 Sint Margarite, NL. Children:
1a. ??Rosalia Duerinck, b. 1813 Westdorpe, m. July 16, 1842 Ossenisse to Johannes Verdurmen. [Note: maybe her father Johannes Duerinck was a different Johannes?] Anyway, they had a daughter Maria Verdurmen (born approx. 1850), who at the age of 22 years old married in Ossenisse, Netherlands to Petrus Franciscus Fruijtier (20 years old) on 1 October 1872. [Father of the bridegroom Pieter Francies Fruijtier and mother of the bridegroom Anna Maria Adriaansens.] Maria Verdurmen died at 60 years of age on 18 May 1911 in Hontenisse, Netherlands.
1b. Christina Duerinck, b. 23 Februari 1838 in Ossenisse, NL, died 03 Oktober 1866 in Hontenisse, NL. Married 16 Januari 1863 in Ossenisse to Josephus Buysrogge (from Hontenisse). Vader Johannes Duerinck, moeder Albertina Catharina Janssens.
1c. Amelia Catharina Duerinck, b. 1834 Boskapelle, d. june 20, 1890 Boskapelle. Married January 13, 1859 Terneuzen to Paulitus de Moor.
1d. Jacobus Bernardus Duerinck, born Boskapelle, NL 9-8-1831, died Boskapelle/Hontenisse 28-6-1918, horlogemaker (tevoren brood- en banketbakker). Married (1) June 14, 1853 Hontenisse, to Louisa Deijer, b. 1833 Hontenisse. Remarried May 15, 1858 Hontenisse, to (2) Francisca Barbara Verhagen, b. 25-8-1833 Hontenisse, NL, d. 9-12-1902 Hontenisse. 9 kinderen.
Kinderen uit eerste huwelijk:
1. Johannes Jacobus Duerinck (mom Louisa Deijer), b. 20-2-1854 Hontenisse, NL. [data from Carlo Buysrogge of Hulst]
2. Anna Maria Duerinck, b. 11-1-1855 Hontenisse (mom Louisa Deijer), m. Nov 22, 1879 Hontenisse, to Carolus Ludovicus van de Velde (born St.Jansteen 15-2-1856). 12 kinderen:
1. Desiré Jacobus van de Velde (* H. 18-9-1880 † H. 19-7-1902)
2. Louisa Maria van de Velde (* H. 16-12-1881)
3. Leonie Louisa van de Velde (* H. 3-12-1882) (> Hulst, 1905)
4. Joseph Johannes van de Velde (* H. 23-3-1887)
5. Rosalia Marie van de Velde (* H. 22-9-1888)
6. Hypolitus Christianus van de Velde (* H. 24-12-1889 † H. 22-8-1907)
7. Amelia Maria van de Velde (* H. 15-2-1891 † H. 16-10-1891)
8. René August van de Velde (* H. 3-3-1892)
9. Petrus Charles van de Velde (* H. 16-9-1893 † H. 16-1-1894)
10. Maria Louisa van de Velde (* H. 21-7-1895 † H. 18-6-1896)
11. Petrus Johannes van de Velde (* H. 12-3-1897)
12. Bertha Maria van de Velde (* H. 10-1-1901) (> Hoge en Lage Zwaluw, 1913)
Kinderen uit tweede huwelijk:
3. Adelaide Christina Albertina Duerinck (mom Verhagen), b. 1859 Hontenisse, m. Sep 3, 1887 Hontenisse, to Alphonsus Josephus du Bois.
4. Hipolitus Cristian Duerinck (or Hippolitus), b. 1860, not married. From Ellis Island immigration records in Verenigen Staten: Hippolitus Cristian Duerinck, from Vlissingen, Holland (record says "Vlesinger"), arrived on the ship Majestic out of Southampton, Southamptonshire, England, UK on 19 June 1923 at the age of 63 years. That means that he was born in 1860.
5. Petrus Gijsbertus Duerinck, born September 11, 1862, died from bladder cancer in Chicago, Illinois on 24 Aug 1928, buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Worth, Cook County, Illinois. Entered the USA on 22-8-1894, 31 years old--but Netherlands records state the first time he emigrated was 1887. [see Ellis Island records for Petrus at the bottom of page]. Pieter married Maria Philomena Hoefeyzers in Belgium. More info, store photo They had 1 child:
Peter John Duerinck, emigrated at the age of 5 from Netherlands to Chicago, IL with his parents, so he was born ~1889. Died single (ongehuwd) in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois in ____.6. Rozalia Duerinck born 4-9-1866 Hontenisse, died in Hontenisse, Netherlands on 2 February 1931 at the age of 64 years.
7. Amelia Louisa Duerinck born 6-1-1870 Hontenisse
8. Sophia Duerinck born 7-4-1873 Hontenisse, died 22-6-1894 Hontenisse
9. Jacobus Duerinck, b. Stoppeldijk, 9-9-1877, drukker, d. Sint Niklaas, 13-7-1966. Married in Utrecht on Nov. 5, 1908 to Anna Margaritha Kragten (also "Krachten"). Anna was born in Utrecht 30-5-1883. One son and one daughter:
1. Hermina Johanna Maria Duerinck (Hermien or Mien), born Kloosterzande-Hontenisse 27-5-1915, died Terneuzen, 3-12-1978
Married 16-2-1943 to Douwe Leendert van der Meer (born Rotterdam 19-7-1918, ancestors from Friesland). They have eight children:
1. Jacobus Johannes Maria van der Meer, born Kloosterzande 21-12-1943 (Jac)
Married 13-4-1966 to Cornelia Johanna Maria Josepha Gubbens, born Breda 28-2-1943(Corrie). They have 2 children:
a. Carolina Adriana Hermina Maria van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 8-5-1967 (Carolien)
b. Marcus Douwe Johannes Norbertus van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 29-3-1969 (Marc). Married to Mireille Vaal, born Axel 31-10-1969. They have one son: Lucas van der Meer, born Nijmegen, 2-1-1999
2. Anna Johanna Jacqueline Maria van der Meer, born Kloosterzande, 4-12-1944 (Anneke), died 27-3-2007 New Jersey. Married 31-10-1966 to Benjamin Raleigh Bright (born Indiana Aug 1936). Lived in Lakewood, New Jersey.
He had already a son John Bright from first marriage, and they had a daughter:
Karen-Ann Bright, born Plainfield, New Jersey, Aug 1967, christened in Terneuzen, NL. She married and divorced Roger Papeo, and they have one son: Mario Papeo, born November 1998 in Toms River, NJ.
3. Johannes Hendrikus Cornelis van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 27-9-1946 (Hans). Married 8-2-1974 to Ella Dooms, born Terneuzen, 16-8-1946, they live in Terneuzen.
4. Wilhelmus Emile Maria van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 16-10-1947 (Wim). Married 2-4-1971 to Elenora Meert (Nora), born 29-10-1947. They have one daughter:
a. Marjolein van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 10-12-1976. Married 28-4-2000 to Aardjan van Duuren (born 25-7-1975).5. Douwe Leendert van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 15-10-1948 (Douwe). Married 25-7-1975 to Marleen Borm, born Hulst, 28-10-1949. They live in Terneuzen and have three sons:
a. Douwe George van der Meer, born Sluiskil, 2-8-1977 (Douwe)
b. Petrus Johannes van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 16-11-1978 (Pieter). Lives in Arnhem with Jorien Ossen (Krommenie).
c. Johannes Paulus van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 15-1-1984 (Paul). Lives in Breda.
6. Maria-Louise Petronella van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 1-4-1950 (Marie-Louise). Married 12-7-1985 to Pancras van Kralingen, born 23-6-1940. They live in Scharendijke (Zeeland).
7. Hendrik Joseph van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 3-9-1953 (Henk). Married 12-7-1985 to Suzanne Kindt, born Terhole, 22-5-1956. They live in Amsterdam and have 2 sons:
a. Paul-Jacques van der Meer, born Amsterdam, 27-2-1984.
b. Tim van der Meer, born Amsterdam, 21-12-1987.
8. Cornelis Johannes van der Meer, born Terneuzen, 19-8-1956 (Kees). Married 18-11-1983 to Martine Devos, born St-Niklaas, 18-11-1962. They live in Belsele and have 2 children:
a. Alexander van der Meer, born St-Niklaas, 30-11-1990
b. Francesca van der Meer, born St-Niklaas, 25-2-1993
2. Jacobus Bernardus Duerinck (Jacques)
Born: Kloosterzande, 9-11-1909
Died: Kloosterzande?, 31-12-1970
Married to: Theresia Hendrika Story, born Rhenoy, NL 27-10-1908, died 28-03-2001, buried Kloosterzande, NL 02-04-2001
Seven children:
1. Jacques Hubertus Bernardus Duerinck (Jac)
Born: Kloosterzande 2-6-1935
Died: Amsterdam, 4-8-1992
Married to Rennie D’Hont, divorced
Married to Mab Stuffers
Two children from Rennie:
a. Jacques Duerinck, born Hulst, 1961
Married to: Ingrid de Maaijer
Child: Mike Duerinck, born March 1, 1998
Lives in Hulst
b. Nicole Duerinck, born 1963
Married to: Armin Zahner (Swiss)
They have two sons and live in Switzerland
Jacques two children from Mab:
a. Jean-Jacques Duerinck, born Amsterdam, 1984
Lives in Amsterdam
b. Therese Duerinck, born Amsterdam 1990
Lives in Amsterdam
2. Elisabeth Anna Theresia Duerinck (Betty), born Kloosterzande 26-4-1936
3. Hubertus Franciscus Alphonsus Maria Duerinck (Huub), born Kloosterzande 11-12-1937
Married to Karlien Gheysen (born Kortrijk, Belgium)
Three daughters:
a. Katelijne Duerinck, born 1974 St. Niklaas, Belgium, m. Maarten Louage. One child:
daughter Rune Louage, born in Ghent, Belgium on 10/10/2003.b. Hilde Duerinck, born St. Niklaas, Belgium, 1979, partner Sven Mouton.
c. Kristien Duerinck, born St. Niklaas, Belgium, 1976. Partner Stefaan Wicke, in Aalst, Belgium.
4. Johannes Wilhelmus Hermanus Duerinck (John), born Kloosterzande 23-2-1939
Married to: Victoire Neelemans (Hulst). Three children:
a. Jacqueline Victorine Claire Duerinck, born Hulst, 1968
Married to: Paul van Deursen (born 1966)
Live in Utrecht. 2 girls:
Charlie van Deursen, born 2000
Loes van Deursen, born 2002
b. Martine Duerinck, born Hulst, 1970
Married to Stephan van Rijsse (born 1965)
Lives in Uithoorn.
Three children:
Nanja van Rijsse, born Uithoorn, 1996
Tim van Rijsse, born Uithoorn, 1998
Anne van Rijsse, born 2004 in Uithoorn
c. Arnold Duerinck, born Hulst, 1973
Lives in Tholen
5. Henricus Herbertus Maria Duerinck ("Harry"), born Kloosterzande, 11-7-1942 (deceased).
Married to and divorced from: Corry Pollemans
Live in Eindhoven and have three children:
Ronald Duerinck, born 1970, Hoogeveen
Maurits Duerinck, born 1973, Hoogeveen
Frederick Duerinck, born 1975, Hoogeveen
6. Anna Theresia Hendrica Jacqueline Duerinck, born Kloosterzande 20-2-1941, died Kloosterzande 13-3-1941
7. Henkie Henricus Jacobus Maria Duerinck (Henk)
Born and died Kloosterzande, 5-10-1947, 1988



Ellis Island Records:

--Pieter Duerinck, to Norway, Michigan, arrived on the ship Southwark out of Antwerp on 27 August 1901 at the age of 38 years. The record says that he was a USA citizen and was married.
--P.G. Duerinck, arrived on the ship Noordland out of Antwerp on 22 August 1894 at the age of 31 years. The record says that he was a USA citizen. Marital status was left blank.
--Mrs. P.G. Duerinck, Chicago, Illinois, arrived on the ship Zeeland out of Antwerp on 2 October 1906 at the age of 43 years. The record says that she was a USA resident who resided in Chicago, Illinois.
--Peter Duerinck, Chicago, Illinois, arrived on the ship Zeeland on 2 October 1906 at the age of 44 years. The record, for ethnicity, states U.S. citizen and place of residence Chicago, Illinois. He was married.
--Petrus Duerinck, Chicago, Illinois, arrived on the ship Zeeland on 2 October 1906 at the age of 5 years. The record, for ethnicity, states U.S.A. and place of residence as Chicago, Illinois.
--Hippolitus Cristian Duerinck, from Vlissingen, Holland (record says "Vlesinger"), arrived on the ship Majestic out of Southampton, Southamptonshire, England, UK on 19 June 1923 at the age of 63 years.

Netherlands records online (GenLias NL Archive) states:
Petrus Gijsbertus Durinck
Emigrant in 1887 from Hontenisse
Bijzonderheden (details): __
Woonplaats (domicile): Hontenisse
Jaar van vertrek (departure): 1887
Genealogische Afschriften nr. 810/4
Pagina (page): 49
Source: Landverhuizers 1839-1900
Archive: Landverhuizers inventarisnummer Gen. Afschriften 810
Genealogische Afschriften 810

From Passport Applications on
Peter G Duerinck
Birth Date: 11 Sep 1862
Birth Place: Hontenisse, Holland
Gender: Male
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Passport Issue Date: 11 Jun 1906
Spouse Name: Mary Ph. (presumably for Philomena)
Minor child: Pieter J.J. Duerinck, born Chicago, Cook County, Illinois on 3 December 1900
Emigrated: from Antwerp, Belgium on 9 September 1887
Naturalized citizen: on 26 September 1892 before the Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago, Illinois
Residence: 2605 111th Street, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Occupation: Merchant

Another Duerinck Kloosterzande, NL Clan--Davy Duerinck




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