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Scope: To bring the families of Düring, Von Düring, Doehring, Dieringer, Dueringer, During, Duering, and other relatives together. The material below is courtesy of Erlend Düring, Norway. This family has its roots in Germany. I will note here that y-chromosome DNA testing showed that Düring and Duerinck/Durinck families are not closely related, but that was based on only 1 sample from Düring and 1 from Von Düring--not from this family.

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Note from Kevin: Be aware that a lot of Düring and Von Düring families came from the Lüneburg, Germany area. Be sure to see the links below.

From Erlend Düring : "My relative Johan Henrich Ludvig Düring did not use "von" in Norway. He was born 31 January 1808 in Lüneburg, Niedersachsen in Germany. He married Elisabeth Magdalene Höhne in Christiania (Oslo), Norway on 5 April 1831."

Wappen der familie Düring, Norway. This coat of arms was first obtained by this Düring family (Norway) approximately in the 1930's. The same coat of arms has been seen with a relative of the same family, but with the name von Düring as well.



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