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Scope: To bring the families of von Düring, Düring, Doehring, During, Duering, and other relatives together. I will note here that y-chromosome DNA testing of 1 von Düring with ties to Germany showed that the von Düring clan is not closely related to Duerinck and Durinck. Again, that is based on 1 male y-DNA sample.


The von Düring clan originates early on from the towns of Düring (Duringen) and Loxstedt, Germany, way up in northern Germany, just south of Bremerhaven. It is my intention to post some of the family tree here because it is not on the internet anywhere else. The following stammbaum was obtained from the book "Die stammtafeln der Familie von Düring", originally by Kurt von Düring (1920), supplemented by Hendrik von Düring (1997).

Question: Is my family part of this clan? First look at the index (anhang) here: Index (Anhang)-- Von Düring's 1920 - 1997

Here is the beginning of this clan:

Theodoricus de Diurenge, 1140 according to a document in the Hamburg Archives, and Kersten von Duringen, from Duringen, Loxstedt 1350, n. 1357.
Johannes von Düring, b. circa 1386-1390 Duringen (Düring)
Hermann von Düring, b. circa 1430 Duringen (Düring)
Otto von Düring, b. 1445, d. 1510 Duringen (Düring)
Johannes von Düring, b. 1503, d. 1560 Duringen (Düring)


The von Düring Family starting in the 1500's is broken down into these divisions:

Otto's Tree (Holenwisch and Belum branches)

Otto von Düring (a "Dean" at the Cathedral), born 1532, died 6.1.1598, buried in the Cathedral at Bremen, married (1) Gertud (Garbrig) von Cappeln who was born at Bremen in 1540, died 22.3.1585; married (2) Abel Wesselhoft in 1586.

[Holenwisch/Belum Branches]

Children of the first marriage:
1. Wolbrecht von Düring, born 1570, died at Bremen in 6.5.1630; married in Bremen 10.12.1588 to Bernhard Speckham who was born in Bremen in 1522, died in 1597.

Holenwisch Branch

2. Otto von Düring, died August 1616 in auf Holenwisch II, married Sophie von der Decken who died in 1622. Nine children:
1. Otto von Düring (student) 1622
2. Sophia Dorothea von Düring christened at St. Petri in Hamburg on 19.5.1608 and died soon thereafter.
3. Sophia Garbich von Düring, christened at St. Petri in Hamburg on 21.3.1609, died 26.10.1670.
4. Anna Maria von Düring, christened at St. Petri in Hamburg 3.10.1610, died at Harburg on 7.7.1657, buried in der Stader Kirche 20.10.1657.
5. Otto Diedrich von Düring (Dirck), christened at St. Petri in Hamburg 7.12.1611, died in Stade 11.1.1668, buried in der Stader Kirche Saints Cosmus and Damian on 13.1.1668; married Christina Maria von Koenigsmarck on 8.6.1652, lebt noch 1680. Eleven children:
1. Sophia Christina von Düring, born 1652, died in Freiburg on 3.9.1722, buried at Oederquart (Oelbild von ihr ehemals in Oerichsheil); married in 1682 to Burchard von der Decken who was born in 1646 and died 21.10.1717.
2. Maria Agathe von Düring, born 19.5.1653, died 15.9.1657, buried at der Wilhadi-Kirche in Stade, on 20.10.1657.
3. Otto Diedrich von Düring, died 1677.
4. Beata Lucia von Düring, died 1677.
5. Maria Agathe von Düring, died 30.11.1666.
6. Otto Diedrich von Düring, buried in der Stader Kirche of Saints Cosmus and Damian on 12.4.1697; married Judith Dorothea von Offen who was buried on 9.7.1704. Three children:
1. Diedrich Johann von Düring, born Sept. 1692, buried in Hamelwoerden 17.8.1733.
2. Beata Dorothea von Düring, christened in Holenwisch 25.3.1696.
3. Ottilia Diedericia von Düring, christened in Holenwisch 22.5.1697.
7. Louisa Caecilia von Düring, born 1660, buried 26.9.1727, married Otto Diedrich von der Decken who died 1707.
8. Anna Eleonore von Düring, died 14.12.1666.
9. Hans Christoph von Düring, died 1677.
10. Wilhelm Guenther von Düring, auf Holenwisch II, officer in Sweden. Two children:
1. Johann Friedrich von Düring, auf Holenwisch II, am 16.11.1717 aufnahme in die Rrschaft, letzter seines Astes.
2. Christine Marie von Düring, born 18.12.1691, died in Holenwisch 18.7.1768, married 2.4.1734 to Christian Ludwig von der Knesebeck, born Wittingen 31.5.1691, died Holenwisch on 1.7.1777, auf Wittingen in Lueneburg, Rittmstr.
11. Eva Juliane von Düring, died January 1668.
6. Caecillia von Düring, died 1649.
7. Wolberich von Düring (Wolbrig), born at St. Petri in Hamburg on 11.9.1613, married Johann Albrecht von der Decken on 2.9.1649, died 1693 auf Bruchhof.
8. Margaretha von Düring, born at St. Petri in Hamburg on 20.9.1614, Konventualin von Neukloster 1634.
9. Gertrud von Düring (Garberich), married 1653 to Claus von der Mehden auf Bentwisch.

Belum Branch

3. Diedrich von Düring, born circa 1575 in Belum, married ____ von der Decken. Children:
1. a daughter ___ von Düring, who married Christoph Friedrich Schletzer 1656
2. Hermann von Düring, born Dec. 1613, buried 6.6.1667, married 1643 to Caecilia Barbara von der Deken who was born on 1617 and buried 1681. Children:
1. Judith Sophia von Düring, born 2.10.1644 in Belum, died 5.10.1691, buried 13.11.1691.
2. Claus Christian von Düring, born 23.10.1645 buried in Belum on 19.10.1703, married at Westerndorf b. Belum on 14.10.1692 to Anna Maria von der Decken, and she was born in Wechtern V on 25.7.1666, buried in Belum on 18.8.1706. Children:
1. A daughter, ____ von Düring, born 23.7.1694.
2. Hermann Christian von Düring, christened at Belum on 10.4.1696, married at Wittmund on 28.10.1717 to Elisabeth Catharina von Specht. Children:
1. Anna Maria Dorothea von Düring, born 1718 in Wittmund Okt., buried at Belum on 8.6.1720.
2. Ludwig Edzard von Düring, christened 31.8.1719, buried 13.6.1720.
3. Claus Christian von Düring, christened at Belum on 28.2.1721.
4. Dorthea Margarethe Wolbrecht von Düring, christened at Belum on 5.3.1723.
5. Ludwig Edzard von Düring, christened 18.10.1724.
6. Friedrich Ernst von Düring, christened at Belum on 10.2.1725, died 24.3.1800 in Mellendorf; married (1) Christiane von Dudden, born 31.3.1729, and she died 3.5.1805 in Mellendorf. Friedrich also married (2) Margarethe Dorothea Maskan, widow of Colonel Eberhard Hase. The following are the daughters from Friedrich's first marriage with Christiane—Children:
1. Hermine Luise Ferdinande von Düring, died at Bothmermuehe on 6.1.1830; Chanoinesse des Rrschaftl. Klosters zu Neuenwalde 7.11.1819.
2. Magdalena Margarethe Christiana von Düring (Xiane), born at Ilten on 1.2.1755.
3. Sophie Melusine Henriette von Düring, born at Ilten on 3.10.1756, died 4.9.1813 at Horneburg.
4. Caroline Philippine Gerhardine von Düring, born 1769, died 11.4.1800 at Klein-Haeuslingen, buried at Wittlohe; married at Mellendorf on 13.11.1798 to Christian August Ludwig Adolf von Behr (born 1755, died 1815).
7. Adelheid Sophie von Düring, christened 2.12.1727 at Belum.
3. Ilse Maria von Düring, born 6.9.1697, died at Wittmund in 1729, buried at the Church at Buttfohrde ("begr. i.d.") on 8.8.1729; married (1) Otto Melchior von der Decken on 26.7.1715 at Krummendeich. (born 1686, died 1717). Married (2) Ludwig Gerhard von Specht in Belum on 31.5.1718, born Wittmund 26.10.1692, died 13.12.1735.
4. a daughter ____ von Düring married Brenneisen, Reg.-Rat in Aurich.
3. Maria Elisabeth von Düring, born 1646, buried 12.5.1664 at Belum.
4. Otto Hermann von Düring, in 1663 to 1668 was Fähnrich im Königsmarck-Infanterieregt.
5. Nicolaus Heinrich von Düring.
6. Anna Elisabeth von Düring, born 1654 at Belum, buried 25.9.1716.
7. Dorothea Margaretha von Düring, died at Osten on 28.4.1729, buried 11.5.1729; married 7.7.1697 at Belum to Johann Friedrich von Korff.
8. Johann Otto von Düring, christened 9.7.1661 at Belum, buried 13.9.1662.
9. Garbricht von Düring, died 7.9.1712 in Bremen, buried at Osten on 14.7.1713; married 26.4.1699 to Lt. Burchard Roenne, who was buried at Osten on 27.10.1710, auf Altendorf.
4. Johann von Düring, died 5.2.1592. Johann Simon from Bremervoerde, the coachman of Johann v.D.'s father, murdered Johann von Düring; the murderer Johann Simon was beheaded on 11.2.1592 in Bremen.
Children of the second marriage (between Otto b.1532 and Abel):
5. Arp von Düring (on the Register of Knights "RitterRolle"from 1638 Axel genannt), auf Hamelvoerden I (=Altendorf); married (1) ____ von der Decken, and married (2) Adelheid von Roenne in 1633, she died in 1639, heiress von Does, widow of Augustin Drewes. Daughters of the first marriage:
1. Anna Jutta von Düring, married Melchior Luetcken who died 1669, auf Holenwisch, Wischhafen usw.
2. Adelheid Maria von Düring, heiress von Does; married Claus von Plate, auf Balje.
6. Sophia von Düring born 1593, buried 4.4.1661, married ____
7. Maria von Düring widowed in 1632, died on 3.2.1642; married Parm Drewes, auf Nueckel, von 1621 – 1625.



Diedrich's Tree

Diedrich von Düringen, born circa 1540, died 22.3.1602, buried in the Church at Horneburg 30.3.1602; married Catharina von Issendorff, daughter of Christoph von Issendorff, born 1529, died 19.2.1586 auf Oese u. Poggenmuehlen u. seiner ersten Gemahlin Anna von der Wisch. Eight children:

Horneburg/Marssel/Francop Branches

1. Wolbrecht von Düring, died before 1643, bequeathed 50 Tlr. to the poor of Horneburg.
2. Christoph von Düring, buried at Horneburg 23.10.1656, married Catharina von Behr who was born in 1606, died Cluvenhagen July 1701, buried at Daverden 13.7.1701. Nine children:
1.) Arp von Düring, born 1630, died Horneburg on 20.4.1687, married at Oberndorf on 5.9.1665 to Maria Sylluke von Brobergen (she died 18.12.1674, buried Horneburg 12.5.1675). Five children:
1. Catharina Sophia von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 12.4.1668, died at Braak i. Kirchspiel Oberndorf a. d. Oste, buried Oberndorf 21.7.1732; married 7.7.1689 als dessen 2. Gemahlin Hermann Christian von Issendorff, born 1649, died at Braak 29.10.1731, buried Oberndorf 20.11.1731 aug Braak II.
2. Augusta Hedwig von Düring, christened at Horneburg 24.6. 1669, died at Bremen 10.12.1715, buried 20.12.1715, Convent of Rrschaftlichen Cloisters Neuenwalde 3.11.1701.
3. Christoph von Düring, christened at Horneburg 28.8.1670, died at Hagen on 19.5.1710, auf Düring; married at Cadenberge on 9.2.1704 to Anna Elisabeth Bremer (Abel), born 14.7.1684, buried at Loxstedt on 7.5.1716. Five children:
1.) Maria Elisabeth von Düring, born 1704, died at Estebruegge on 7.2.1744, heiress from Cluvenhagen, married on 22.10.1723 to Diedrich Schulte von der Luehe, who was born 19.7.1696 and died at Hamburg on 21.10.l757, buried at Esteburg, auf Horneburg II u. IV as well as auf Esteburg.
2.) Axel von Düring, buried at Cadenberge on 2.6.1706, 24 Std. alt.
3.) Sophie Charlotte von Düring, born 1708, died at Francop on 23.8.1745, buried in Erbbegrebnis zu Neuenfelde 2.9.1745; married Christian Ulrich Hartwig von Düring who was born 20.11.1700 and died at Horneburg on 6.12.1764, buried in Erbbegraebnis zu Neuenfelde on 14.12.1764.
4.) Diedrich von Düring, born 20.2.1709, died 16.2.1710.
5.) Christoph von Düring, died 1712.
4. Arp von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 15.4.1672, died on 12.12.1732 at Düring.
5. Gertrud Anna von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 9.4.1674, buried at Lesum on 22.4.1723; married at Oberndorf on 22.6.1704 to Johann Volmer von der Lieth, who was born in 1675, died by drowning at Ritterhude on 19.1.1722, buried at Lesum on 6.2.1722.
2.) Catharina von Düring, born 1632, buried at Daverden on 16.7.1695; married after 1655 to Hans Ulrich von Buchwald who died 1692.
3.) Philipp von Düring, died on 25.3.1658.
4.) Maria Sophia von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 19.2.1634, died on 14.4.1664 after a stillbirth ("einer Totgeburt"); married at Horneburg on 6.7.1662 to Johann Heinrich von Brobergen (born 2.2.1624, died 26.11.1671, buried in ("begraven in") the Church at Horneburg).
5.) Jacob von Düring, christened Horneburg 5.8.1636, died at Horneburg on 30.10.1701, buried at Daverden 16.2.1702, auf Francop I.
6.) Diedrich von Düring, christened Horneburg on 2.5.1639, died on 31.1.1690, buried at Daverden on 9.7.1690, auf Francop I.
7.) Johann von Düring, christened Horneburg on 29.9.1641, buried 5.11.1666, auf Francop I.
8.) Gertrud Ilse von Düring, married at Horneburg on 4.10.1665 to Jacob von Behr, died at Klein-Haeuslingen in 1696, auf Klein-Haeuslingen.
9.) Catharine Marie von Düring, married at Horneburg on 12.1.1670 to Dirk Vagt.
3. Johann Adolf von Düring, died Philipp Jacobi(???) in 1643, buried at Horneburg on 8.6.1643; married (1) Maria Bremer, died 8.10.1635, buried Horneburg 29.10.1635; married (2) 1635 to 1640 Agnes Sophie von Schoenebeck, died Horneburg 25.3.1669. From the first marriage with Maria, children:

Horneburg Branch

1.) Diedrich von Düring, born 1619, died at Horneburg on 14.2.1686, buried there on 30.3.1686. Stammvater des Astes Horneburg. He married around 1650 Gertrud von Brobergen who was born 1628, buried at Horneburg on 14.7.1687. Eleven children:
1. Adolf Friedrich von Düring, christened 15.10.1654 at Horneburg, died at Stade on 11.9.1711.
2. Maria Gertrud von Düring, married at Horneburg on 7.7.1681 to Johann Conrad Frese.
3. Agnese Elisabeth von Düring, born 1653, buried at Kuhmühlen on 14.2.1716, married at Horneburg on 29.1.1682 to Caspar Friedrich Schulte von der Lühe, who was born 1661, died 6.5.1694 auf Kuhmühlen.
4. Ilse Anna von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 7.2.1657, buried at Honreburg on 23.9.1681; Stiftsdame zu Bassum.
5. Johann Christoph von Düring, born at Horneburg 26.2.1658, died at Roermond im nederlandisch Brabant in 1697, buried at Horneburg 17.10.1697 and then buried in the Cathedral at Schleswig on 7.3.1698. See the 2 coat of arms "tables" ("wappentafeln") at the Cathedral at Schleswig for Johann Christoph von Düring. One coat of arms for his paternal ancestors, one for his maternal ancestors. Johann married on 25.2.1688 to Anna Sabina Frn. von Grotthus, who was born in Riga/Curland on 6.6.1665, died Hamburg 1718. Five children:
1.) Margaretha von Düring, christened at Tönning 8.7.1691, buried there on 26.6.1692.
2.) Diedrich von Düring, died about 1692.
3.) Otto Friedrich von Düring, christened at Tönning 30.1.1694, gefallen beim Ausfall vor Stalsund on 18.12.1715.
4.) Johann Christoph von Düring, born at Horneburg on 22.7.1695, christened at Tönning on 26.7.1695, died at Stockholm, Sweden on 5.1.1759, buried as a knight of the Swedish King Seraphinen-Ordens in the kingly grave at the Ritterholmskirche in Stockholm, Sweden, auf Tyresö in Södermanland/Sweden.... He married in Tyresö on 2.2.1720 to Catharina Margaretha Gfin. Bonde af Björnö, who was born 16.6.1697, died at Stockholm on 9.7.1755. They had three children:
1. Gustafva Sabina Countess von Düring, born 21.6.1721, died at Tyresö in 1757; married Carl Friedrich Count Scheffer, born Nykoping 28.3.1715, died at Trolleholm in Schonen on 27.8.1786.
2. Charlotte Maria Elisabeth Baroness von Düring, born 22.11.1722, died 23.3.1723.
3. Ulrica Eleonore Countess von Düring, born 4.12.1728, died at Tyresö on 20.12.1793, auf Tyresö.
5.) Carl von Düring, christened at Tonning on 21.12.1696, buried there on 27.4.1697.
6. Catharina Hedwig von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 25.9.1659, buried there on 30.9.1660.
7. Dietrich Wilhelm von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 31.10.1660, died in Ungarn.
8. Gustav Otto von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 21.4.1662, buried there on 22.2.1684.
9. Mette Sophie von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 1.12.1663.
10. Hedwig Eleonora Catharina von Düring, christened at Horneburg on 8.5.1666, died at Kuhmühlen on 16.12.1701, buried at Horneburg on 3.1.1702.
11. Henke Lüer von Düring, born at Horneburg on 22.4.1668, buried there on 25.5.1669.

Marssel Branch

2.) Christoph von Düring, born Horneburg on 14.8.1625, died before 1678, Stammvater des Astes Marssel.
3.) Gertrud Sophie von Düring, married (1) Jobst von Brobergen auf Basbeck, married (2) Claus von Zesterfleth at Steinkirchen on 23.5.1656, who was born at Flessau in 1602, died in Bergfried (Friday following New Year's Day) on 4.1.1661, buried at Steinkirchen on 27.6.1661, married (3) Detlef Schulte von der Luehe auf Holtenklinken at Steinkirchen on 25.11.1663.
4.) Johann Friedrich von Düring, buried at Horneburg on 27.11.1649.
5.) Catharina Maria von Düring, died at Lamstedt on 9.11.1714; married at Horneburg on 11.4.1651 to Borcherd von Brobergen who died on 4.8.1681, buried at Estebruegge on 13.9.1681 (KB Lamstedt), auf Abbenseth, Estebruegge u. Grimmenstein.
6.) Elisabeth Anna von Düring, born 6.7.1633, died 4.1.1686, buried 2.3.1686; married at Horneburg on 4.11.1660 ("ehevertrag"marriage contract 19.11.1660) to Arend Juergen von Brobergen, born 1639, died Basbeck 14.7.1705 (KB Lamstedt).
From the second marriage of Johann with Agnes, Children:

Francop Branch

7.) Johann von Düring, died before 15.9.1682, Stammvater des Astes Francop.
8.) Benedict von Düring, died after 1683, auf Francop III (Weyhescher Hof = Brackenburg); married in Aurich to Justina Armgard von Stechow, born Aurich 28.8.1659. Children:
1. Johann Caspar von Düring, died 1708 in Poland.
2. Elisabeth Justina von Düring, erhielt 1710 von ihrem Vetter Arp 2000 Tlr. geschenkt.
3. Agnese Sophie von Düring, married at Lamstedt on 28.1.1731 to Diedrich Friedrich von Issendorff.
9.) Johanne Sophie von Düring, died Oese on 3.5.1720; married about 1680 to Johann Christoph von Issendorf, who was born 27.3.1641, died at Oese on 10.11.1717, buried 11.1.1718, auf Oese.
4. Ivo von Düring, born 6.1.1589, died 24.1.1620, buried in the Cathedral at Verden.
5. Arp von Düring, died 1628.
6. Anna von Düring, married 1623 to Christoph Jürgen Lütcken, died at Altluneberg in 1648.
7. Ilsabe von Düring, married 1611 to Jacob von Behr, died before 1633, buried at Stotel, auf Hethorn.
8. Elisabeth von Düring, died 1626, married at Jacobi in 1621 to Franz Clüver, who died in Bremen in Sept. 1627.


Arp's Tree

Arp von Duringen, born 10.8.1543, died 30.11.1591 at Schloss Vörde (now Bremervörde), buried on 7.12.1591 in the Church at Loxstedt. Arp is the Stammvater der Äste zu Embsen u. Ruschbaden; married to Mette von der Lieth on 24.11.1575 at Duringen, Germany; Mette died after 1624. Seven children:

1. Wolbrecht von Düring, married 1603 to Detleff von der Hude, died 1610
2. Mette von Düring, married 1)circa 1600 to Johann von der Decken; married 2) 20.9.1612 to Ernst v. Mandelsloh
3. Eberhard von Düring, died at Schwegen on 23.3.1640, married Anna von Wersebe who was born 1605, died 1687.
4. Johann von Düring, died 25.6.1640, from Düring, also lived in Bockel (~1614) and in Brobergen; married 1) Anna von Brobergen at Basbeck on 30.8.1609; married 2) Maria von der Kuhla. Total of 6 children. Children of the first marriage:
1). Arp von Düring
2). Johann von Düring, married 1) Becke Schroeder at Cadenebrge 1669.
3). Mette von Düring, died 1685 in Bremen, married Lambert Gragenholt in Bremen.
4). Hinrich von Düring. Had 2 sons:
1. Arp von Düring, married 1) unknown woman; married 2) Daniel Rogge. Five children:
1.) Johann von Düring
2.) Adelheit von Düring
3.) Anna von Düring
4.) Henning von Düring
5.) Maria von Düring
2. Hennecke Luder von Düring, christened at Hechthausen on Easter Sunday ("Dom. Estomihi") 1659.
5). Ilse-Sophie von Düring, born 3.2.1618, died in Basbeck on 13.2.1693
Children of the second marriage:
6). Levin von Düring, born 1631, buried in Ruschbaden 25.4.1688, married Elisabeth Margaretha Bremer who was born 1640, buried at Ruschbaden on 4.2.1697. Seven children:
1. Johann Hinrich von Düring, fell in battle at Neerwinden on 29.7.1693 (War of Palatine Succession, also known as ("aka") the War of the League of Augsburg, aka the Nine Years War, aka the War of the Grand Alliance Palatinate-French War of Succession).
2. Hinrich Adolf von Düring, born after 8.9.1660, died 6.6.1724 at Ruschbaden, buried 7.7.1724 in the Church at Achim; married at Daverden on 25.5.1706 to Katharina Maria von der Kuhla. Five children:
1. Hermann Christoph von Düring, christened in Ruschbaden 11.3.1707, and died there on 11.1.1712.
2. Julius Heinrich von Düring, christened in Ruschbaden 23.4.1708, died there on 1.3.1729.
3. Bartold Clemens von Düring, christened in Ruschbaden 28.10.1709, died there on 12.3.1723

Embsen Branch

4. Johann Otto von Düring, christened in Ruschbaden 26.8.1711, died at Embsen on 10.9.1782. Johann was the Stammvater des Astes Embsen. He married (1) at Daverden in 1732 to Hedwig Maria von Arentschild; married (2) at Hieme to Marie Elisabeth von Skölin. 2 children of the first marriage, 11 children from the second marriage:
1.) Erike Henriette Magdalene von Düring, b. 1733
2.) Maria Justine von Düring, b. 1734 Cluvenhagen, d. 1744 Embsen
3.) Amalie Adelheid Charlotte von Düring, b. 1743 Embsen
4.) Sophia Elisabeth Augusta von Düring, b. 1744 Embsen, d. 1747 Embsen
5.) Franziscana Hedwig Friederika von Düring, b. 1745 Embsen, d. 1781 Verden, married twice: (1) (1777 Embsen) Jermias von Hassell, (2) Hedwig Charlotte Christen von Gruben
6.) Charlotte Christiane von Düring, b. 1746 Embsen, d. 1806 Verden, m. (1775 Embsen) Franz von Koehnen
7.)Adolf Gerlach von Düring, b. 1748 Embsen, d. 1800 Embsen, m. (1) (1786 Embsen) Marianne Catharine Sophie von Müller (2) (1792 Mandelsenborstel) Sophie Charlotte von Issendorff
8.) Franz Julius von Düring, b. 1749 Embsen, d. 1806 Verden, m. (1795 Verden) Agnes Dorothea von Schlepegrell
9.) Maria Amalie Wilhelmine von Düring, b. 1751 Embsen, d. 1751
10.) Helene Maria Caroline von Düring, b. 1752 Embsen, d. 1782
11.) Christof Ernst Otto von Düring, b. 1754 Embsen, died in battle 1794 by Hooglede
12.) Ludwig Wilhelm Friedrich von Düring, b. 1756 Embsen, d. 1777
13.) Heinrich Melchior Friedrich von Düring, b. 1759 Embsen, d. 1764

Ruschbaden Branch

5. Hermann Christoph von Düring, christened at Daverden in 19.3.1713, died at Ruschbaden on 23.5.1758. Hermann was the Stammvater des Astes Ruschbaden. He married at Achim in 1732 to Sophia Justine Charlotte von Arentschild. 14 children:
1. Daughter von Düring, b. and d. 1733 Ruschbaden
2. Maria Charlotte von Düring, b. 1734 Ruschbaden
3. Adolf Christoph Ludwig von Düring, b. 1735 Ruschbaden, d. 1777 Harburg
4. Johann Wilhelm Friedrich von Düring, b. 1736 Ruschbaden, d. 1784
5. Garlef Christoph Friedrich von Düring, b. 1737 Ruschbaden
6. Sophie Hedwig Elisabeth von Düring, b. 1738 Ruschbaden, d. 1779 Geesthof
7. Christian Friedrich von Düring, d. 1801 Hessisch-Oldendorf
8. Franz Carl Heinrich von Düring, b. 1741 Ruschbaden, d. 1747
9. Charlotte Margarethe Caroline von Düring, b. 1743 Ruschbaden, d. 1804 Neuhaus
10. Daniel Ernst Julius Carl von Düring, b. 1746 Ruschbaden
11. Son von Düring, d. 1747 Ruschbaden
12. Maria Amalie Wilhelmine von Düring, b. 1750 Ruschbaden, d. 1792 Bremerlehe
13. Louise Henriette Magdalene von Düring, b. 1751 Ruschbaden, d. 1773 Morsum
14. Georg Ludwig Anton Wilhelm von Düring, b. 1755 Ruschbaden, d. 1797 Achim
3. Margaretha Clara von Düring, christened at Mandelsenborstel, 21.8.1671, buried there on 28.11.1677.
4. Mette Catharina Sophia von Düring, christened at Mandelsenborstel on 3.5.1675, died there on 14.5.1675.
5. Johann Otto von Düring, christened at Holzbaden on 6.5.1676, buried there on 3.7.1676.
6. Arp Levin von Düring, christened at Holzbaden on 5.6.1677, buried there on 28.11.1677.
7. Elisabeth Margaretha von Düring, died 13.1.1704; married at Achim on 17.1.1703 to Ernst Wilhelm von Bothmer.
7. Armgard Margaretha von Düring, born 1633, buried at Elsdorf on 5.8.1715, Heiress of Burg-Elsdorf (bei 7); married at Bockel on 28.12.1669 to Hans Christoph von Wohlfeld who was born in 1644 and is buried at Burg-Elsdorf on 18.11.1716.
8. Otto von Düring, died at Bockel on 20.8.1687, from Bockel; married at Horneburg on 26.5.1676 to Margarete Adelheid von Brobergen, who was born at Horneburg on 6.5.1655, died on 26.11.1671, buried in the Church at Horneburg on 10.1.1672.
1. Maria Christina von Düring, born at Bockel on 2.3.1678, died 1689
2. Anna Catharina von Düring, born at Bockel on 1.10.1679, died 1684
3. Sophie Margaretha von Düring, born at Bockel on 3.12.1681, died at Geesthof on 16.6.1758, Heiress of Bockel; married at Bockel on 30.5.1724 to Johann Freidrich Marschalck von Bachtenbrock.
4. Johann Hinrich von Düring, born at Bockel on 14.1.1684, died 1684
5. Christian Freidrich von Düring, born at Bockel on 1685 (am Tage Mariae Reinigung), buried at Gyhum on 11.12.1722. Married ____? He had a son:
Christian Ferdinand von Düring 6. Otte-Dorothea von Düring, born 28.12.1687, died there on 2.3.1755
5. Melchior von Düring, born at Bockel circa1585, auf Holte, died 1.8.1652; married at Meyenburg on 5.8.1610 to Gertud von Wersebe, who died 22.2.1659, sister of Anna von Wersebe. Six children:
1. Arpold von Düring, born 1612, died after 1625.
2. Bernhard von Düring, died 17.8.1679 auf Holte.
3. Johann von Düring, born before 1619, died 28.7.1683, auf Holte.
4. Ido Melchior von Düring.
5. Catharina von Düring.
6. Hedewig von Düring, buried at Holte (Stotel) on 10.11.1682.
6. Johann Adolf von Düring, died 1.7.1670, auf Düring, married at Düring on 16.9.1621 to Anna von Behr. Six children:
1. Mette von Düring
2. Bartholda Anna von Düring, auf Düring
3. Maria von Düring, still living on 10.10.1687, the family estate went to Christoph and Arp von Düring.
4. Lucia Gertrud von Düring, Exspektantin des Klosters Osterholz, als am 19.1.1650 in Anwesenheit sämtlicher Klosterfrauen (u.a. "Gerdrut Lucke von Düringen").
5. Wolbrecht Olearia von Düring, married Zeiger Jobst zu der Brücken.
6. Jacob von Düring, born after 1631, died after 17.10.1690
7. Maria von Düring, died 1622, married in 1617 to Johann von Brobergen auf Oberndorf.



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