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Scope: To bring the families of Düring, Von Düring, Doehring, Dieringer, Dueringer, During, Duering, and other relatives together. The material below is courtesy of Robert Düring, Salzgitter, Germany. Did you know there is a club named “von Düringscher Familienverband” in Stade, Germany that meets every three years? The committee last time I heard (1995) was Klaus von Düring, 2861 Stendorf, Germany AND Christian Freiherr von Düring-Ulmenstein, Köln, Germany. Lastly, I will note here that y-chromosome DNA testing showed that Düring and Duerinck/Durinck families are not closely related. This, however, was based only on 1 Düring and 1 Von Düring samples. DNA Results

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Johannes Düring, born 1766, died 04.11.1852 in Helmstedt, Germany. In the church death register in Helmstedt, it says that he was supposedly 86 years old and was born in Windhausen (Hessen -Darmstadt). In the Windhausen church register, however, there is no Düring. Johannes married (question as to whether there was a marriage) Henriette Boße (widow of Andreas Jacobs), born 05.09.1781 died 15.06.1830. Johannes and Henriette supposedly had 7 children. Johannes then married Johanna Sophie Hartwig born 14.05.1804, and they supposedly had 3 children. Here are the 8 children that we have:

1. Johanna Düring, born 1808, married 18.08.1833 to Johann Eli Wilhelm Schlucken
2. Dorothea Caroline Henriette Düring, born 19.07.1812 w 18.12.1843 Heinrich Julins Pizer
3. Philippina Sophie Friederike Düring, born 24.02.1815. Married twice: 17.12.1845 Johann Moritz Gottfried; and in 1857 to Heinrich Julius Hermann Hoppe, died 04.08.1863. 2 children:
Carl August Hermann Düring, born 14.04.1854 died 07.1854
Maria Dorothea Johanna Hoppe, born 06.07.1855
4. Johanna Elisabeth Henriette Düring, born 17.03.1817, died 1879, w 06.01.1850 to Johann Heinrich Friedrich Schulze, born 07.10.1817 1 child:
Henriette Kamilia Düring 1844 5. Carl Heinrich Julius Düring, born 19.03.1819 died 09.04.1821
6. Johann August Friedrich Wilhelm Düring, born 01.06.1821 died 18.06.1862; married 28.11.1847 to Johanna Schüller born 27.06.1814 died __. 3 children:
1. Wilhelm Düring, born 10.08.1850 married on 01.02.1874 to Sophie Haiwass, born 27.06.1845. 2 children:
1. Wilhelm Düring, born 15.11.1874 w unbekannt. 1 child:
Franz Düring married Elfriede Schwaldt. 2 children:
1. Horst Düring w Brigitte. 2 children:
Mathias Düring
Carsten Düring
2. Helga Düring married Hans Bergmann. One child:
Petra Bergmann. Petra married Heinz Hildebrand in 1988. Two children:
Nils Hildebrand
Hendrik Hildebrand
Thomas Bergmann, married Katrin Wehrhahn. 1 child: Felix Peter Wehrhahn
2. Franz Düring, married __. 1 child:
Grete Düring 3. Adolf Düring, born 23.10.1889 died 01.10.1977 OD 04.11.1917 Gertrud Weiß, born 18.02.1891 died 24.06.1967. 2 children:
1. Hans Düring, born 21.12.1919 died veruißt 1945, married 10.08.1943 Ursula König * 27.01.1923 X*. 1 child:
Marianne Düring, born 06.09.1944 w 24.03.1966 Wolfgang Kein, born 28.07.1942. 1 child:
Andrea Hein, born 19.12.1972
2. Kurt Düring, born 23.10.1921 w Gisela Hartung, born 03.1925
4. Minna Düring
2. Robert August Hermann Düring, born 25.07.1852 OD 26.11.1878 Auguste Wilhelmine Caroline Plosk, born 30.08.1858. 3 children:
Sohn 1, born 06.05.1879 died 22.05.1879
Tochter 1, born 05.12.1883 died 05.02.1884
Sohn 2, born 24.01.1885 died 13.03.1885
3. Anna Maria Wilhelmine Elisabeth Düring, born 25.07.1854
7. Johanna Caroline Henriette Düring, born 11.09.1823
8. Friederika Düring, born 20.10.1844 OD NEIN unbekannt
Friederika Luisa Düring w NEIN Robert Albrecht
Robert Ludwig Friedrich Düring, married Minna Fahlbusch. At least 1 child:
Otto Düring OD
Ingrid Düring, born February 193_.
Brigitte Düring, born July 1936
Eva Düring, born November 1941
Peter Düring, born 1948
Arndt-Uwe Düring (Zwilling=twin with Robert), born September 1949 in Helmstedt, Germany, married Ursula Urbaniak. One child born, Christina Düring.
Robert-Michael Düring (Zwilling=twin with Arndt), born September 1949 in Helmstedt, Germany, married Heidemarie Ziemke. 3 children:
Meike Düring, born October 1976
Stefanie Düring, born May 1980
Julian Benjamin Düring, born September 1987



"The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Volume X" by Charles M. Hall and Alice Woods Schiesswohl of Salt Lake City, published in 1999 by Mondo Genealoga Ligo, Salt Lake City, Utah. To help find a location of origin in this part of Germany for each Geminde and Kries listed, such as Düring (Duering / During), Wesermünde (Wesermuende / Wesermunde). See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA).

"General Index zu den Siebmacher'schen Wappenbüchern 1605-1957" (GISW). General Index authored by Hanns Jäger-Sunstenau, published and copyrighted 1984 by Akademische Druck und Verlagsanstalt, Graz - Austria. It is an excellent index to the large multi-volume set of Siebmacher's works concerning what is now Germany, plus Austria, Switzerland and much of Eastern Europe. It contains 586 pages and an estimated 10,000 surnames with wappens recorded by Siebmacher. It includes parts of Siebmacher volumes 3, 15 and 31 that were omitted from the preceding index volume (published in 1967?). Contains names like Düring (Duering / During); Düringer (Dueringer / Duringer); Düringsfeld (Dueringsfeld / Duringsfeld); Düringshofen (Dueringshofen / Duringshofen); Düringshoffen (Dueringshoffen / Duringshoffen). See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA).

"Leipzig Genealogies" - DZG Mappenstücke Collection. Surnames "C - E" of 7,125 Family Surname Histories with Locality and FHL Microfilm Number. 149 microfilm reel collection found at the LDS Family History Library at Salt Lake City, Utah. These microfilms are available to you (on loan at an inexpensive cost) for viewing at your nearest Family History Center worldwide. The original collection was microfilmed in 1994. It is located, and is available for research, at the Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie (DZG) at Leipzig. Shown on the FHL Catalog [FHLC] under the correct microfilm number is the DZG "A" (Ahnentaflen = genealogy) Number. To effectively use this finding aid, you should take you surname and film number and access the FHLC (FHL Catalog) to determine the correct "A" number and its location on that microfilm. The "A" number serves as a surrogate to the "item number" for this collection. Listed in "Leipzig Genealogies" is Düring, von (von Duering / von During) from Dillenburg, FHL microfilm number 1945860. See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA).

The "Schlesisches Namenbuch" by Hans Bahlow was published in 1953 by Holzner Verlag of Kitzengen am. Main (148 pages). This book is a definitive source of where and when the first use of a given surname is found in Schlesien (Silesia). These names are in the book: Dühring (Duehring / Duhring); Düring (Duering / During). See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA). See also "Deutsches Namenlexikon" by Hans Bahlow.

Fürstentum Schwarzburg-Sondershausen by Bernhard Möller (1995, Verlag Degener, Neustadt an der Aisch) (see Band 2 (29)) contains a family lineage book from the principality of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, located in the Thüringen region of Germany. In this book are the surnames: Düring (Duering / During). See Continental European Family History Association (CEFHA).

IMAR "Mecklenburg Emigrant Database". The Institute for Migration and Ancestral Research (IMAR) was founded at Warnemünde / Rostock Germany after the reunification of Germany. Their purpose is to study and preserve records of Mecklenburg emigration and to assist descendants of Mecklenburg emigrants in discovering and visiting their ancestor's place of origin. See first CEFHA--Mecklenburg Emigrant Database Background and Index. For surnames Düring (Duering / During) listed in database A-K, see CEFHA--Mecklenburg Emigrant Database A-K.

"Die Kartei Quassowski" (KQ). The original Die Kartei Quassowski was authored by Hans-Wolfgang Quassowski of Hamburg Germany. It was published and copyrighted 1977 by Verein für Familienforschung in Ost und Westpreußen. "Die Kartei Quassowski" is an extensive collection of genealogy of east German families. It is a part of the "Quellen, Materialien und Sammlungen zur altpreußischen Familienforschung (QMS) ; Nr. 1" series. The index volume of 385 pages is one of about 20 volumes of this collection and contains the genealogy of an estimated 350,000 persons. Surnames found in the index: Dorinck, Doring, Doring, Doringe, Doringk, Dühring (Duehring / Duhring), Düring (Duering / During) von Düringen (von Dueringen / von Duringen), Düringer (Dueringer / Duringer). An important source of East and West Preuessen genealogy, it is known to contain Pommern genealogy and appears to have Posen and Silesien genealogy as well. See CEFHA--KQ--D Surnames.

Leipzig Melderegister (City Population Register) (1890-1949) (3,706 Microfilm Reels). This register for Leipzig covers the 60 years from 1890-1949 and was filmed at the Sächisches Staatsarchiv in Leipzig in 1991. Surnames found (looks like 1 entry): Düring (Duering / During), K. FHL microfilm numbers 1767310, 1767311. See CEFHA Leipzig City Population Registers -- A-D Surnames.

"Die Vorfahren Database" ("The Ancestors"). Full Name Pommern Database. Examples of surname information found: DUEHRING; DUERING...Carl.....AFRICA.....1355; DUERINGER...Zaezilda.....4293.....2235. See CEFHA--Die Vorfahren Database.

Ahnentafeln (AL) Numbers 08001 through 09000 vs. Microfilm number and Family Surname. Based on "Every AL Number" list by John Movius. Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes. Found here: Ahnentafeln (AL) Number 08640, FHL Microfilm Number 1809328, item 21, 22: Düring (Duering / During). See CEFHA--Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes -- Teil II Revision.

Surname list from Germanic books published by Picton Press. This online index is "PP1", List D-8. Picton Press [P.O.Box 250, Rockport, Maine 04856-, USA tel (207) 236-6565; FAX (207) 236-6713] is a publisher of many important genealogy books, including the surnames listed below from 13 selected Germanic books. This list displays surnames, given names and the "PP Number" of the book. Düring is found in book numbers 1113 [Palatine Families of New York by Henry Z Jones Jr. (1995)], 1550 [Broad Bay Pioneers by Horlacher & Whitaker (1998)]. See CEFHA--Surname list from Germanic Books by Picton Press. The books are then listed at: CEFHA--Germanic Books from the Surname List by Picton Press. Picton Press is at: Picton Press.



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